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The New Era of Freshness Has Arrived: TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Inverter Air Conditioner Now on Sale!

TCL, a leading consumer electronics brand and one of the world's top two TV brands, is happy to announce that the TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool 'Inverter Air Conditioner is finally available. Get ready to experience the invigorating comfort of breathable freshness with the latest innovation.

Dubbed as the coolest and freshest innovation, the The TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool 'Inverter Air Conditioner is set to give you the clarity of comfort like never before.

The TCL FreshIn Series Inverter Air Conditioner offers a comprehensive and advanced solution compared to conventional air conditioners from other brands. It aims to enhance the brand's reputation by focusing on freshness, health and comfort in living spaces.

Healthy Air for Healthier Homes

The TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool 'Inverter Air Conditioner is designed to improve the freshness and atmosphere within the indoor environment, promoting healthier living conditions with its innovative features.

The Two-way Fresh Air feature is a temperature balancing technology between the intake of new air and the exhaled portion of old air that prevents unpleasant variation in temperature by reducing or increasing new air as it passes through the heat exchanger and returning it to the same temperature as the interior stays at its most effective and healthy. There are two varieties of this device that are replicated as Internal Air Purification and Fresh Air System.

While the QuadruPuri filters provide incredibly effective air filtration and a healthy supply of fresh air by passing fresh air through four distinct layers (preliminary filter, silver ion antibacterial layer, HEPA high-efficiency filter, and high-density filter) and have excellent quality.

The function, Visible Air Quality Display, gives an immediate awareness as it gives the real-time air quality display. Users can easily determine whether the air quality in your room is at its ideal level by using the color code.

The TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool 'Inverter Air Conditioner has also FreshIN + Function, an effective indoor air purifier that keeps your home or place at work feel great! With its four convenient modes namely Breathing Mode, Fresh Air Mode, Exhaust Mode, and Purification Mode this sort of device is an excellent choice to enjoy this coming summer season.

Don’t get worried with the air flowing out because the TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool 'Inverter Air Conditioner is also crafted with a Gentle Breeze feature that gives people the comfort of a mild, natural wind in addition to the cooling benefits of air conditioning.

The 4 - Step Auto Clean feature helps in efficiently cleaning away dust, dirt, and other impurities. The process from drewing, frosting, sterilizing to drying; this deep clean function utilizes water molecules in the air to clean away. Giving a superior way to enjoy cleaner air with just one hit of the button.

Meanwhile, the Indoor Temperature Control Expert makes the temperature in the room more manageable because of its consistency. Thus, the most efficient method to staying cool inside your room.

If you’re into smart appliances, then you’ll love the Smart Control feature that has the ability to remotely operate using an app or with basic voice commands. The fresh air volume in real time may also be shown to you by the TCL home app. With the electricity control feature, it effortlessly keeps an eye on your usage and gives you a clear picture of what you're using on AC. Additionally, alter Your Sleep Experience's settings to suit the requirements of various age groups, including adults, seniors and children.

The TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool Air Conditioner is now available in all authorized TCL Dealers nationwide. For more information, visit the TCL website at

Marc Logan Signs Up with TV5, Headlines New Show Titled "Top 5 Mga Kwentong Marc Logan"

Renowned broadcaster Marc Logan officially joined the roster of TV5 talents in a recent contract signing attended by the Kapatid Network’s top executives. The popular “Pambansang Pantanggal ng Umay” will soon be seen on TV5 via his new show "Top 5 Mga Kwentong Marc Logan" which will start airing on April 6.

Known for his wit, charm, and unique brand of humor, Marc Logan promises to deliver a program that will provide audiences with much-needed laughter and relief from the stresses of daily life.

In Top 5 Mga Kwentong Marc Logan, he will be taking viewers on an amusing journey from trending topics to interesting stories of people, places and events. This exciting new show offers a unique blend of humor, entertainment, and insightful storytelling, showcasing Marc Logan’s undeniable talent and charm to a wider audience.

Aside from the featured top 5 stories, the program will also have three special segments: “Taba ng U-Talk” Naisip mo pa yun? which highlights the Filipinos’ sense of humor, ManOpet! which showcases people or pets with extraordinary talents, and Pakitalk-kitalk which gives a rundown of social media’s weekly viral videos.

As a seasoned broadcaster and host, Marc Logan knows how to captivate viewers and keep them coming back for more. Whether he's interviewing celebrity guests, exploring quirky news stories, or engaging in hilarious skits, viewers can expect lots of laughter and fun-filled moments in every Marc Logan signature presentation.

Get ready for more hilarious stories in Top 5 Mga Kwentong Marc Logan which will premiere this coming April 6 on TV5! For more information and updates, follow the official social media pages of TV5 on Facebook, Instagram, X app, and YouTube, or visit their website at

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Puregold CinePanalo Film Festival 2024 Winners List

The first Puregold CinePanalo Film Festival, currently in exhibition at Gateway Cineplex in Cubao, Quezon City, held a very successful, star-studded awards night last Saturday, March 16.

In the full-length category, Kurt Soberano’s debut feature “Under a Piaya Moon” left the biggest impact as it bagged six awards including the coveted Panalong Aktor and Panalong Pangalawang Aktor. 

Close behind was Sigrid Andrea Bernardo’s “Pushcart Tales” which left with four awards including Panalong Direktor and Panalong Karangalan Mula sa Mga Hurado.

Meanwhile, among the student shorts, Ronjay-C Mendiola’s “Last Shift” achieved the most accolades, winning five awards through the night including Panalong Aktor and Panalong Pangalawang Aktor. 

Diezelle C. Masilungan’s “Kung Nag-aatubili” also impressed with a total of four awards including Panalong Direktor and a tie for Panalong Pangalawang Aktor.

Here is the complete list of winners:


Best Poster - 'Last Shift'
Best Sound Design - 'May Kulay Rosas ba sa Bahaghari'
Best Editing - 'Tiil ni Lola'
Best Musical Score - 'Smokey Journey'
Best Ensemble - 'Smokey Journey'
Best Original Theme Song - "Balik" for 'Tiil ni Lola'
Best Production Design - 'Remedy Soup'
Best Cinematography - 'Kung Nag-a-atubili'

MTRCB Responsableng Paglikha Award
3rd Place - 'Kung Nag-a-atubili'
2nd Place - 'Tiil ni Lola'
1st Place - 'Smokey Journey'

Best Screenplay - 'Last Shift'
Best Supporting Actor - Vince Macapobre for 'Last Shift' and Aiskhylos Akiyama 'Kung Nag-a-atubili'
Best Supporting Actress - Maila Rediang for 'Repeater si Peter'
Audience Choice Award - 'Saan Ako Pinaglihi'
Special Jury Prize - 'Text Find Dad and Send to 2366'
Best Actor - Jules Azaula for 'Last Shift' and Crismer Valencia for 'May Kulay Rosas ba sa Bahaghari'
Best Actress - Jade Mary Cornelia for 'Text Find Dad and Send to 2366'
Best Director - Dizelle C Masilungan for 'Kung Nag-a-atubili'
Puregold's Choice 'Always Panalo' Award - 'Smokey Journey'
Best Short Film - Last Shift


Best Poster - 'Boys at the Back'
Best Sound Design - 'Pushcart tales'
Best Editing - 'Under A Piaya Moon'
Best Musical Score - 'Boys at the Back'
Best Ensemble - 'Pushcart Tales'
Best Original Theme Song - "Mahal Kita" for 'Road To Happy'
Best Production Design - 'Under A Piaya Moon'
Best Cinematography - 'Under A Piaya Moon'
MTRCB Responsableng Paglikha Award - 'Under A Piaya Moon'
Best Screenplay - 'Boys at the Back'
Best Supporting Actor - Joel Torre for 'Under A Piaya Moon'
Best Supporting Actress - Nicole Omillo for 'Boys at the Back'
Audience Choice Award - 'A Lab Story'
Special Jury Prize - 'Pushcart Tales'
Best Actor - Jeff Moses for 'Under a Piaya Moon' and Carlos Siguion-Reyna for 'Pushcart Tales'
Best Actress - Shamaine Buencamino for 'Pushcart Tales'
Best Director - Sigrid Bernardo for 'Pushcart Tales'
Puregold's Choice 'Always Panalo' Award - 'A Lab Story'
Best Full Length Film - 'Under A Piaya Moon'

Award winners were selected by an esteemed jury of judges. Victor Villanueva, Emmanuel dela Cruz, Lito Zulueta, served as the jury for the short film category while Jeffery Jeturian, Mae Cruz-Alviar, and June Kim served for the full-length category. Festival directors Ivy Hayagan-Piedad and Chris Cahilig alongside Republic Creative’s Lyle Gonzales served on both juries.

Due to insistent public demand, the Puregold CinePanalo Film Festival 2024 will continue for one more week until March 26 at Gateway Cineplex 18.

Friday, March 15, 2024

Darren Espanto Takes Over Araneta Coliseum for His 10th Anniversary Concert "D10" on June 1

Asia’s Pop Heartthrob Darren Espanto is set to dominate the stage in his 10th anniversary concert dubbed “D10” happening on June 1 (Saturday) at the Araneta Coliseum.

The multi-awarded artist announced the project on “ASAP Natin ‘To” last Sunday after performing his latest single “Iyo” from the soundtrack of “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

Tickets to the much-awaited concert are available in Ticketnet outlets and priced at P8,004 (Platinum), P6,404 (VIP), P4,269 (Patron A), P2,668 (Patron B), P2,135 (Lower box), P1,068 (Upper box), and P427 (General admission).

Darren entered the industry after joining the first season of “The Voice Kids Philippines” where he finished as a runner-up under Sarah Geronimo’s team. With his wide range and unique vocal style, he has captivated listeners with a slew of hits such as “Dying Inside To Hold You,” “In Love Ako Sa’yo,” and “7 Minutes.” He has two platinum albums under his belt “Darren” and “Be With Me.” Last year, he released the track “Bibitaw Na” which marked his first single under Star Music.

He also dabbled into acting via the blockbuster film “The Hows of Us” and the iWantTFC series “Lyric and Beat.” Currently, he portrays the role of Stephen in ABS-CBN’s hit primetime series “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

Don’t miss Darren’s “D10” concert happening on June 1. For more details, follow Star Music on Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Seo In Guk and Francine Diaz Unveil Magical Song Collaboration "My Love"

In a serendipitous encounter during Seo In Guk's record-breaking fan meet in Manila last year, a unique collaboration was born. The K-drama sensation and multi-talented artist, Seo In Guk, expressed his desire to work with emerging Filipino talent Francine Diaz.

The catalyst for this collaboration was a casual dinner meeting between In Guk and Francine's manager, John Ling.

During the dinner, the multitalented South Korean actor was captivated by Francine's rendition of “Pag-Ibig,” which resonated deeply with him. Despite any initial doubts Francine may have had about her singing prowess in comparison to In Guk's 'magical' voice, the seasoned singer sensed a dynamic synergy between them.

It’s a grand collaboration that nobody saw coming. Seo In Guk shared his enthusiasm for it, saying, "The song's content is about love, so I worked on it, thinking, 'Wouldn't it be fun to make it like a conversation that talks about love and goes back and forth about love?' and that process was just so much fun… I'm very thankful that I got to do that with Francine," as reported by Metro.Style.

The result of this unexpected collaboration is the upcoming single "My Love," released on March 2, 2024 under Universal Records. The track promises a magical blend of Seo In-Guk's seasoned artistry and Francine Diaz's emerging talent, creating a melody that speaks directly to the heart.

Fans can anticipate a refreshing take on love as the song unfolds in a unique conversation-style format, offering a delightful twist to the traditional love song. It can even pass as a heartwarming and healing series OST.

In addition to his collaboration with Francine Diaz, Seo In Guk has recently achieved another milestone with his latest accolade in the K-drama series "Death's Game," where he takes the lead alongside a stellar cast. Furthermore, In Guk showcases his versatility as the lead actor, Edmond Dantes, in the Broadway musical "Monte Cristo," a production that can now be streamed on various digital platforms.

"My Love" is not just a musical collaboration but a testament to the unexpected beauty that can arise when artists from different corners of the world come together. Seo In-Guk and Francine Diaz invite fans to join them on March 2 magic of "My Love," a melody that indeed celebrates the universal theme of love and romance.

Stream it on your favorite digital streaming platforms now!

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Puregold CinePanalo Film Festival Showcases Stellar Upcoming and Veteran Actors in Featured Full-Length Films

Excitement is reaching an all-time high as the much-anticipated Puregold CinePanalo Film Festival draws near. With Puregold CinePanalo at the forefront of supporting the Philippine movie industry, the festival will spotlight emerging and established artists through its films.

With a theme centered on "Mga Kwentong Panalo ng Buhay," the festival promises to deliver powerful narratives celebrating Filipino strength, success, and joy in movies that aim to foster Filipino talent through filmmakers, actors, and actresses.

Scheduled from March 15 to 19 at the Gateway Cineplex 18 in Araneta City, Cubao, the inaugural run of Puregold CinePanalo Film Festival will show six compelling full-length movies and 25 short films.

Each full-length film has a carefully selected cast that perfectly embodies the messages it wants to highlight. Here are the six Puregold CinePanalo full movies and the upcoming and well-known actors and actresses who form their ensemble.

1) "Pushcart Tales" (Director Sigrid Bernardo)

“Pushcart Tales” stars the iconic Nonie and Shamaine Buencamino, who are recognized for their stellar work in television, film, and theater. Nonie portrayed memorable roles in Philippine Cinema in movies like “Barber’s Tales” (2013) and “Heneral Luna” (2015), and Shamaine has appeared in more than 100 movies and television series, like “Niño” (2011), “Prinsesa” (2017), and “When the Waves are Gone” (2022).

Also in the film are Carlos Siguion-Reyna, a multi-talented actor and director, with notable movies like “Where I am King” (2014), “Azucena” (2000), and “Ikaw Pa Lang ang Minahal” (1992); the award-winning Therese Malvar who was also in Bernardo’s “Ang Huling Cha-Cha in Anita” (2013); Elora Españo, who starred in “Tandem” (2015), “Sea Serpent” (2017), “Love and Pain in Between Refrains” (2021), and in Puregold’s hit TikTok series, “My Plantito” (2023); and Harvey Bautista, son of former Quezon City mayor and actor Herbert Bautista.

2) “Boys at the Back” (Director Rayn Brizuela)

For “Boys at the Back”, director Rayn Brizuela takes on a role in the film, with Cinemalaya Best Actor Noel Comia Jr. (“Kiko Boksingero,” 2017) and Nicole Omillo, who was recently cast as Basha in the “One More Chance” musical.

The cast is completed by Bani Baldiserri, Michael Berces, Bob Jbeili, Merry Chris Rodriguez, and Nyle Libranza.

3) “Road to Happy” (Director Joel Ferrer)

In “Road to Happy,” actor VJ Mendoza, known for “Mano po Legacy: The Family Fortune” (2022), “Love vs. Stars” (2021), and “Last Fool Show” (2019), will play the lead role in his first full-length film.

Joining him is veteran comedian and actor Smokey Manoloto, who was in iconic shows and movies like “Magic Kombat” (1995), “Ang Probinsyano” (2015), and “Home Along da Riles” (1992). This film also stars It’s Showtime Mini Miss U’s former contestant, eight-year-old Darlyn Izabelle Salang, in her first lead role in a film.

4) “A Lab Story” (Director Carlo Obispo)

“A Lab Story” is headlined by Uzziel Delamide (“Here Comes the Groom,” 2023; “Mercury is Mine,” 2016) and Potchi Angeles (“Huling Sayaw,” 2023; “Dok,” 2022) in the lead roles; and stars Donna Cariaga, Ely Cellan, Barbara Miguel, and Krystle Valentino Air in supporting roles.

Arnold Reyes, an award-winning actor known for his performances in “Birdshot” (2016), “Condo” (2008), and “Astig” (2009), has a special participation in the movie.

5) “Under a Piaya Moon” (Director Kurt Soberano)

“Under a Piaya Moon” introduces up-and-coming actors Jeff Moses and Pau Dimaranan, alongside established actors Chart Motus (“Sonata,” 2013; “Oro, Plata, Mata,” 1992; “Ligaw Liham,” 2007); and Joel Torre (“Miracle in Cell No.7,” 2017; “On The Job,” 2013; “Third World Hero,” 2000).

6) “One Day League: Dead Mother, Dead All” (Director Eugene Torres)

Producer’s Choice “One Day League: Dead Mother, Dead All” stars a colorful ensemble: featuring Drag Race PH Season 1 Ms. Congeniality, Lady Morgana, stand-up comedian Negi Molina, influencer Macoy Dubs, drag queen Omiko “Barbie-Q” Madali, social media sensation Ryan “Matabang Setter” Revita, actor Tommy Alejandrino, and actress Via Antonio.

The film also has a special appearance from international drag queen and host of reality competition Drag Den, Manila Luzon.

The feature-length and short films will be recognized at the prestigious Puregold CinePanalo Film Festival Awards Night on March 16, 7 p.m., at Cinema 5 of the Gateway Cineplex 18 in Araneta City, to be attended by actors, filmmakers, representatives from Puregold and notable personalities in the Philippine film industry.

For more updates, like on Facebook, follow @puregold_ph on Instagram and X (Formerly Twitter), and @puregoldph on TikTok.

Make Way for TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool Inverter Air Conditioner

Excitement fills the air as TCL,a leading consumer electronics brand and one of the world's top two TV brands, is set to introduce a new generation in air conditioning technology with TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool Inverter Air Conditioner

As the anticipation begins to soar, both industry experts and consumers eagerly await the revelation of TCL's newest addition to its already impressive set of home appliances.

TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool Inverter Air Conditioner is created with its latest innovation that promises to be a game-changer. The TCL FreshIn Series Inverter Air Conditioner offers a comprehensive and advanced solution compared to conventional air conditioners from other brands. It aims to enhance the brand's reputation by focusing on freshness, health and comfort in living spaces.

The Cool, Crisp Comfort

The TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool Inverter Air Conditioner is designed to improve the freshness and atmosphere within the indoor environment, promoting healthier living conditions with Two-way Fresh Air feature.It not only provides optimal cooling but also ensures a healthy and refreshing indoor environment.

What’s nice with TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool Inverter Air Conditioner is highlighted with the Smart Control feature that lets you be in control 24/7 with your AC. Use it via TCL Home App for smart devices. Remotely operate functions via the App, or control it via simple voice commands. The TCL home app could also display the real-time fresh air volume for you.

Indeed, the TCL FreshIn Series Inverter Air Conditioner offers a full solution for interior comfort. It solves major issues for many customers by giving equal weight to cooling as well as air quality and freshness.

The TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool Air Conditioner will be available soon at all authorized TCL Dealers nationwide. For more information, visit the TCL website at

Smart Subscribers Enjoy 'Perfect' Time at Ed Sheeran’s "Mathematics Tour" in Manila

Mobile services provider Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) made sure subscribers had fun at the the much-anticipated “+-= ÷x Tour” or the “Mathematics Tour” of global music icon Ed Sheeran at the SMDC Festival Grounds last Saturday, March 9.

Sheeran, who’s been rocking his tour since April 2022, performed songs from his latest album alongside his old chart-toppers like “Tides,” “I’m A Mess,” “Shivers,” “The A Team,” “Castle On The Hill,” “Perfect,” “Lego House,” “Shape Of You,” and “Thinking Out Loud,” among others.

As an added treat to fans, viral British singer Callum Scott and hit Filipino band Ben&Ben also performed at the Manila leg of the tour.

Smart Prepaid and Smart Postpaid subscribers were able to do the math last Saturday night by exchanging their points on the Smart App, which is downloadable on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Sheeran, who was last here for his “Divide” concert back in 2018, switched up the visual spectacle during the concert via larger-than-life LED setups.

Subscribers were able to rely on Smart network as they instantly post and share photos, videos, reels, and stories about their favorite moments in the concert with their friends and loved ones via their go-to apps.

Sheeran’s 2024 concert follows a string of world-class acts that Smart brought closer to subscribers, including the Asia Artist Awards 2023, TWICE 5th World Tour “Ready To Be,” and Harry Styles’ “Love on Tour.”

To stay updated about the latest exclusive perks and awesome experiences for Smart subscribers, follow Smart’s official accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

World-Class Actors Join Arjo Atayde, John Arcilla, and Judy Ann Santos in ABS-CBN's International Film "The Bagman"

ABS-CBN’s “The Bagman,” the 2024 action-packed drama series targeted for international release starring Arjo Atayde, John Arcilla, and Judy Ann Santos, is shaping up as one of the most awaited offerings of the company as several distinguished Filipino actors have been tapped to join the cast.

Besides the award-winning trio of Arjo, John, and Judy Ann, “The Bagman,” a premium spin-off of the iWant digital series “Bagman,” will also star Tirso Cruz III, Ryan Eigenmann, Charlie Dizon, Gela Atayde, Joem Bascon, Art Acuna, Chai Fonacier, Sheila Valderrama, Ana Abad Santos, Al Tantay, Nino Muhlach, Jeffrey Santos, and Ynez Veneracion.

Produced by ABS-CBN International Productions, Dreamscape Entertainment, Rein Entertainment, and Nathan Studios Inc., “The Bagman” will have eight (8) one-hour episodes. The series also started its principal photography last February 25 and is now headed to this year’s FILMART, Asia’s biggest film and entertainment content marketplace, to actively seek co-production partners and pre-sales from March 11-14, 2024 in Hong Kong.

ABS-CBN’s track record as a storyteller and content creator is one of our key assets that makes us a solid partner in international co-productions, as seen in our growing slate of global titles. As a pioneer and leader in globalizing Filipino content, we are pleased to be offering The Bagman at this year’s FILMART as it further strengthens our position as advocating for Filipino representation in today’s global marketplace. With the phenomenal cast now complete, coupled with the recent start of production, we have no doubt The Bagman will be a hit among buyers and co-prod companies in Hong Kong,ABS-CBN head of International Productions Ruel S. Bayani said.

In “The Bagman,” Arjo reprises his role as Benjo Malaya, a neighborhood barber turned governor’s henchman who is now a convicted prisoner. When Benjo learns that his family has gone missing, he is left with no choice but to return to the criminal underworld he once left behind and take on a new mission as a bagman for the sitting president of the Philippines to stop an impending civil war.

Meanwhile, as part of ABS-CBN’s journey as a global storytelling company, ABS-CBN International Productions also wrapped up the first ABS-CBN Hollywood Bootcamp wherein select creatives from ABS-CBN Films, TV Production, and International Productions had eight-week online industry masterclasses that were facilitated by Los Angeles-based Development Executive for International Productions, Lea Dizon, featuring guest executives from Hollywood.

It was then followed by a five-month hybrid Project Incubator wherein the creatives got to work with Dizon to develop their personal passion projects that culminated in a Pitch Fest activity last February 22-23, 2024. A total of 26 original film and series projects were pitched to ABS-CBN chairman Mark Lopez, president and CEO Carlo Katigbak, COO for Broadcast Cory Vidanes, Development Executive for International Productions Lea Dizon, International Productions head Ruel Bayani, ABS-CBN Films head Kriz Gazmen, head of Digital Jamie Lopez, and head of Transformation and Innovation Mark Nepomuceno.

Monday, March 11, 2024

Get Ready for the TCL Anniversary Aircon Promo Just in Time for Summer

Summer is just around the corner and what a better way to usher in the hottest season than to indulge and give yourself a cool treat. TCL, a leading brand in consumer electronics, is kicking off the summer season with its Anniversary Promo for the air conditioning category. Oh yes, you heard it right! TCL is giving the biggest discounts on their range of AC units and it will surely shock you with the huge savings that you can get.

We are happy to give you this exciting anniversary treat for everyone. We’re giving a big slash off to our air conditioning units, as we aim to provide our customers with the ultimate cooling solutions for their homes.Mr. Loyal Cheng, TCL Chief Executive Officer shares.

Take note, TCL is giving significant discounts on two of their popular air conditioning units namely the CoolPro UV Connect+ and CoolPro Quiet+. Hold on to your seats and dig these irresistible deals on ACs.

For the CoolPro UV Connect+ Air Conditioners, TAC-10CSD/ME12 - 1.0 HP, from SRP of PHP 38,995 to discounted price of PHP 19,995; TAC- 13CSD/MEI2 - 1.5 HP from SRP of PHP 40,495 to discounted price of PHP 21,495; TAC-19CSD/MEI2 - 2.0 HP from SRP of PHP 55,495 to discounted price of PHP 30,995 and TAC-25CSD/ME12 - 2.5 HP from SRP of PHP 63,495 to discounted price of PHP 33,995.

For the CoolPro Quiet+ Air Conditioners, TAC-09CWI/UJE from SRP of PHP 29,995 to discounted price of PHP 18,995 and TAC-09CWI/UJE from SRP of PHP 32,995 to discounted price of PHP 20,995.

And that’s not all, get ready for the biggest AC launch this summer season. Make way for the CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Inverter Fresh Air Conditioner set to give revolutionizing comfort for your homes.

“In just a few days, we are launching our CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Inverter Fresh Air Conditioner. It has advanced features and benefits set to change the game in air conditioning units from its innovations and enhanced designs. We’re all excited for it!” as Mr. Joseph Cernitchez, TCL Brand Manager gave a teaser for the upcoming launch.

The TCL Anniversary Promo runs starting March 10 until May 31, 2024. For more information, please visit TCL’s official Facebook page or check out the TCL website at

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