Monday, February 06, 2012

Ahcee Flores "Mamatay ang Bisaya" FB Post Put His Own Life in Danger

Ahcee Flores, the 28-year-old guy from Caloocan City, who posted online his desire to hit the Visayas region with Tsunami following a 6.9-magnitude earthquake this afternoon, is fast becoming the latest celebrity to trend online - but for the wrong reason.

Flores posted on his Facebook account the message "let us all matuloy and tsunami para maraming bisaya ang mamatay, para mabawasan ang mga baduy sa pilipinas." making him the target of angry netizens particularly from Visayas region.

But contrary to what others believed to be a girl, Twitter user @itsmethereal_lj revealed that Ahcee is a guy from Caloocan City. And to prove his claim, he even posted the mobile number of Ahcee for netizens to verify.

As of this writing, numerous FB page like Kill Ahcee Flores Movement, Ahcee Flores Idiot, Ahcee Flores Is Such a Bitch, Ahcee Flores "shoot to KILL order", etc. has already been created to show sentiments on Ahcee's rude comment.


Anonymous said...

possible din na ito si Ahcee

Anonymous said...

Let's attack this biatch!

Anonymous said...

sana ma trace na kng cnu talaga ang my pakana n2,kc kawawa nman ang taong gngamt nya dhl tlagang hahantingin xa dhl sa glit ng mga visaya,

Anonymous said...

As far as we know,the person who made those filthy posts is Gladys Lumantes Delos Santos and she's just using the name Ahcee Flores as her alias..

Anonymous said...

as far as i know, those people who dragged gladys lumantes delos santos into this are all insane. they just saw a similar name (ahcee flores) in a fan page at facebook and they browsed through the pics of this page and they just assume that the girl(gladys) is "the" ahcee flores they're looking for on one of the pics. there are too many ahcee flores screen name on facebook. the page's fault was it shared the pic of what ahcee flores commented on yahoo.

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