Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fernando Poe Jr.: The Fight Continues

Fernando Poe Jr.: The Fight Continues

The man who was “FPJ” is gone, but his legacy lives on. 

Fernando Poe Jr. is "Da King" of Philippine cinema. His life story, as well was the stories that he tells in his movies, inspire, not only because they tell of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, which are conquered by pure and honest intentions and unwavering hopefulness in the goodness of the Filipino hero.

At an early age, FPJ’s father passed away, which forced him to drop out of high school, and carry the responsibilities of the head of the family.  He started in the movies as a stuntman, and worked his way up to being the “bida,” and would eventually earn the title of being the undisputed  “King of Philippine Cinema” or “Da King.”

Throughout his struggles, he never forgot his humble beginnings.  He never forgot how it is to be poor and the poor always preoccupied his mind and ruled his heart.  He was naturally generous-hearted. He did not only give, he lived a life of giving.  He helped everyone, even those he barely knew.  Whenever he can help it, he would shy away from the camera.  This sincerity in giving a part of himself has endeared him to many, if not to all Filipinos.  He is not just a hero in the movies, he proved to be a bigger hero in real life.

He did not only give when it was convenient, he gave even when it hurt.  Even when he was living a comfortable life, the clamor of the people for him to lead was so resounding.  Driven by a higher purpose to bring his service to the highest office in the land, he embarked on the greatest journey of his life, armed only with his people’s hopes and dreams.

Unfortunately, “Da King” never saw the fulfillment of his dream of a new morning for the Filipino people.  But not everything is lost because Da King left the seeds of his legacy.

This inspiration is what burns in the heart of his daughter Grace Poe.  This is what prompted her to run for the Senate in 2013.  Grace Poe wishes to continue the legacy of her father, who once dreamed of making a real difference in the lives of the Filipino people.  

Grace Poe, FPJ’s daughter, believes that the new morning will not come unless we take up, where FPJ left off.  The fight continues.  "Hindi pa tapos ang laban. Ang bagong umaga ay darating kung sama-sama nating paghahandaan at pagsisikapan."


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