Saturday, November 24, 2012

Share a Story, Share a Light with ABS-CBN's 'Kwento Ng Pasko'

Share a Story, Share a Light with ABS-CBN's 'Kwento Ng Pasko'

This Christmas season, ABS-CBN launches another campaign that will not only give inspiration to Filipinos all over the world but will also help our Kapamilyas who have been victims of calamities the past year.

With its new station ID "Lumiliwanag Ang Mundo Sa Kwento Ng Pasko," ABS-CBN encourages every Kapamilya to share a light and share their own stories of hope, resiliency, small acts of kindness, and everyday stories of heroism. We can share these stories with the hashtag #KwentoNgPasko to spread the light of hope and watch as our Kapamilyas do an act of kindness in return.

The parol, a Pinoy Christmas icon, is this year's Christmas SID centerpiece. Film director John-D Lazatin suggested the idea of having kids orphaned during Typhoon Sendong design a parol. This, in turn, is used as an instrument of light spreading around the world. When we own the Kapamilya parol, we're not only spreading the light, we're also being part of an effort to help our disaster affected Kapamilyas, as proceeds from the parol sales would be donated to Sagip Kapamilya, the ABS-CBN Foundation arm which provides relief to affected communities of disasters, as well as engage in rehabilitation and disaster risk reduction projects.

You can buy the Kapamilya Parol HERE and help spread the light of hope to our Kapamilyas. For more information about the campaign, log on to


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