Monday, December 28, 2020

"Love of My Life" Returns to GMA Telebabad this Monday, December 28

Beginning Monday (December 28), GMA Network offers Kapuso viewers something to look forward to this new year with the much-awaited comeback of the highly-rated family drama series 'Love of My Life' to primetime. 

After several months of hiatus due to the pandemic, the star-studded cast is all set to gift their loyal fans with a recap of the heartwarming series which they have consistently followed since its pilot airing. 

Love of My Life dwells on the atypical relationship of the Gonzales family. Isabella (Coney Reyes), the matriarch, is a rich widow with high standards who would stop at nothing to get what's best for her sons - Nikolai (Mikael Daez), the youngest son who has grown into a rebellious man, and Stefano (Tom Rodriguez), the favorite son who also happens to father the child of his former lover, Kelly (Rhian Ramos). 

Amidst his mother's objection, Stefano pursues Adelle (Carla Abellana), a widow with a child who manages her own handicraft business. Their seemingly perfect life crumbles not only when Kelly barges into the picture along with the estranged Nikolai, but also when Stefano gets diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

Playing equally vital roles are Anna Marin as Siony, Adelle's doting and supportive mother; Vaness del Moral as Joyce, Adelle's strict but supportive friend who also helps run her handicraft business; Geleen Eugenio as Manang Eden, the Gonzales' family cook, and a warm-hearted spinster; Samantha Lopez as Janice, Isabella's fashionable and loyal personal assistant; Maey Bautista as Cha-mae, Adelle's humorous and kikay friend who works in her handicraft business; Angeli Bayani as Osang, Eden's niece who will take over her duties for the Gonzales family and become Kelly's friend; Ethan Hariot as Gideon, Kelly's charming son from Stefano whom he abandoned; Raphael Landicho as Andrei, Adelle's adorable son from her ex-boyfriend; Levi Ignacio as Mang Arsing, the Gonzales' trusted driver who is also a close friend of Isabella's sons; Carl Guevarra as Kiel, close confidante and business partner of Stefano; and Dino Pastrano as Elmer, Adelle's loving brother who manages their family farm. 

As the series airs anew, the cast members reveal how they feel about working in the new normal and alongside each other, their memorable experiences on set, and what's the most valuable lesson they learned this year. 

Coney took to Instagram to commend Carla and Rhian's utmost professionalism, "Happy to be working for the first time in a TV drama with Carla Abellana and Rhian Ramos. These two young actresses exhibit excellent work ethics and display remarkable acting skills. I would say they are underrated. Through time, I know they will get even better and shine even brighter! Such gems of GMA.” 

Carla, in turn, shares in one of her YouTube vlogs about her experiences on set, “So far, so great. Nag-eenjoy kaming lahat dito. We're very grateful for our work and for this place. Hindi lang kami makapag-usap-usap dahil concentrated talaga kami sa aming mga eksena lalo na sa mga linya namin given na for seven weeks ang hawak naming scripts.” 

Rhian also expresses her gratitude towards her co-stars and the production team after the success of their lock-in taping, “Our lock-in taping for Love of My Life has come to an end, and I'm leaving our bubble with memories I'll cherish. So many good times. In the end, it's those things I take with me. It's amazing what we were able to achieve despite all challenges. Ipinagmamalaki kong makasama sa isang palabas na gawa ninyo, thank you for having me in your team.” 

Meanwhile, Mikael imparts what this year has taught him, “In terms of the feelings of anxiety, helplessness, fear - they're all there. But I guess one thing I can focus on is that towards the end, noong natuloy 'yung lock-in taping namin for Love of My Life, I did see positive aspects of this year suddenly sprouting. Para sa akin, this new normal, as difficult as the adjustment may have been, it is bringing about different and new opportunities. I guess we just have to take it in stride.” 

Don't miss the highly-anticipated recap of 'Love of My Life - under the helm of esteemed director Don Michael Perez - beginning December 28, weeknights, only on GMA Network.


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