Thursday, March 17, 2022

Francine Diaz Feeds the Heart of KD Estrada, Akira Morishita, and Ashton Salvador in "Bola Bola" Streaming for Free on iWantTFC

Is it true that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?

Francine Diaz will cook her way to her crush’s heart as she is paired with three up and coming leading men - BGYO’s Akira Morishita and The Squad Plus' KD Estrada and Ashton Salvador - in the iWantTFC original series “Bola Bola,” which streams for free in the Philippines this March 26.

Based on the best-selling romance novel by Anna Geronga, “Bola Bola” tells the story of Thea (Francine), a 220-pound high school student whose greatest love is food. Thea will experience the joys and pains of first love as she learns the importance of self-love and valuing one’s worth.

Ever since she was a child, Thea has been shamed by strangers due to her weight. Despite the harsh comments, she doesn’t let this affect her even if it pains her deep down inside.

Thea musters up the courage to overcome her insecurities by asking her lifelong crush and puppy love Lucas (Akira) to be her date for the ball. With the hopes of getting Lucas to like her back, Thea decides to put her good cooking skills to use by making it her mission to cook the most delicious meals for him.

Thea’s heart is crushed when Lucas tells her that he doesn’t date ‘big girls.’ Because of this, Thea makes a promise and life-changing commitment to herself - she will lose weight to prove to everyone that she is worthy and deserving of love just like any other person.

In her grueling road to a healthier lifestyle, Thea gets help from her best friend Julian (KD), who has always been her number one support system and who secretly still has the biggest crush on her.

Another person Thea comes across in her weight loss journey is Josh (Ashton), a soft-spoken fitness trainer who also used to be overweight. Because they are able to relate to each other’s struggles, Josh begins to fall for Thea as well.

With her newfound confidence and slimmer physique, Thea suddenly finds herself being chased by three young good looking boys - Lucas, Julian, and Josh.

Who among Lucas, Julian, and Josh will win Thea’s heart? Will Thea be able to fully embrace her insecurities from the past?

“Bola Bola,” directed by JP Habac and produced by iWantTFC, Dreamscape Entertainment, and KreativDen, also stars The Squad Plus' Analain Salvador and Danica Ontengco, Vance Larena, J-Mee Katanyag, and Arlene Muhlach

The series has six episodes and it begins streaming on the iWantTFC app (iOS and Android) and website ( on March 26. A new episode drops every weekend on March 27, April 2, April 3, April 9, and April 10 and viewers can get easy access to iWantTFC's content library with its "watch now, register later" feature.

Miss Philippines Kathleen Paton Wins Miss Eco International 2022

Kathleen Paton, the Philippines' representative for Miss Eco International 2022 held at the Triumph Luxury Hotel in Cairo, Egypt on Friday (Manila Time) has been crowned as the winner.

Paton impressed the judges with her response on the question, "As a title holder, you’re a public figure. Do you think it’s important to stay neutral on controversial social issues or to use your title to promote your own belief and why?"

I do believe as a leader and as someone who is very influential in society, we sometimes have to use our voice in a very neutral state of mind because we have a very influential position. But in doing so, we also need to use our voice in order to motivate other people to stand up for what is right and I think that takes a lot of good moral compass.” she said.

Other winners include:

1st Runner-up: Belgium
2nd Runner-up: USA
3rd Runner-up: Spain
4th Runner-up: Malaysia

Eco Asia: Vietnam
Eco Europe: Portugal
Eco America: Canada
Eco Latin: Paraguay
Eco Africa: Kenya

This is the second Miss Eco International title for the Philippines after Cynthia Thomalla brought home the crown in 2018.

Miss Eco International aims to promote the importance of environmental action as well as promote tourism across the world.

SPLAT Offers an All-Natural Toothpaste with Special Flavors Suited and Safe for Kids as Young as 0 Years old

Bringing children to the dentist as soon as they start growing teeth is an important routine for parents to keep children’s oral care and overall health safe, as untreated cavities can cause infections that may lead to problems with eating, speaking, playing, and learning. One of the best ways for parents to make their children’s dentist visit smooth and less scary is to teach them good dental habits. 

Parents shall encourage children to brush their teeth at least twice a day, particularly in the morning and before bedtime. To many kids, especially toddlers, brushing can be painful or intimidating as they don’t understand the importance of brushing their teeth.

To make the experience more fun, parents can choose toothpaste with special flavors known by every child. For example, SPLAT Kids Natural Toothpaste in Strawberry-Cherry and Fruit Ice-Cream flavors make brushing experience similar to having an ice- cream and at the same time takes care of the teeth. SPLAT KIDS toothpaste is safe for children even if they accidentally swallow it as the toothpastes are made from natural ingredients. The SPLAT toothpastes don’t contain artificial coloring agents, flavorings or preservatives. These natural toothpastes are also hypoallergenic.

Another way to encourage them is to make brushing a family activity. Let them see you brushing your teeth so they won’t feel it’s such a chore. As parents, you can also institute a rewards system, perhaps with stickers or stamps. Another way to make it fun is by letting the kids brush to their favorite song. Parents must be sure that the toothpaste they buy for their kids is safe and natural. 

SPLAT toothpastes don’t contain SLES, triclosan, chlorhexidine, aluminum lactate, peroxide, petroleum-derived products, synthetic antiseptic agents, sodium lauryl sulfate and saccharinate because these are ingredients that could potentially harm humans, animals and the planet.

SPLAT, a global pioneer in natural eco-friendly oral care, is present in 70 European and Asian countries. SPLAT products are manufactured from ingredients of leading global suppliers at the company's own ecoplant in Europe. SPLAT manufacture has CO2neutral status and has been certified for compliance with international standards of GMP Cosmetics and ISO 9001.

SPLAT is holding a special promo with up to 30% on all toothpastes at all Watsons stores, Shopee, Lazada and ShopSM. 

Included in the promo are SPLAT Kids Natural Toothpaste in Strawberry-Cherry and Fruit Ice-Cream (Php129.50 from Php185), SPLAT Professional White Plus, SPLAT Professional Sensitive White, SPLAT Professional Biocalcium, SPLAT Professional Medical Herbs, SPLAT Professional Green Tea, SPLAT Professional Maximum and SPLAT Professional Lavendersept (Php132.50 from Php189).

In the Philippines, SPLAT is exclusively distributed by ABGPH Corp. and is now available at selected Watsons online and offline stores, Lazada ( ageTypeId=2&spm=a2o4l.10450891.searchbar) and Shopee (


SPLAT is a registered trademark in the Philippines and is owned by SPLAT Global. ABGPH CORP. is a company incorporated in the Philippines, an affiliate of Asia Biotech Group headquartered in Singapore, that supplies European pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products, containing natural herbal extracts, vitamins and mineral elements, which have proved effectiveness in clinical trials and daily practice. All products are known by our consumers to be of high quality & manufactured with respect to the GMP, US FDA, ISO and FDA Philippines requirements.

Jona and Ariel Rivera Join TV5 "Sing Galing Nation" Year 2 as Newest Jukebosses

Following its successful comeback that marked many firsts for the country’s original and pioneering videoke TV program, "Sing Galing" announces a Year 2 that levels up in excitement and amusement with bigger prizes, new segments, new personalities to join the Kantawanan, and more surprising celebrations to watch out for.

In a record-breaking grand finale that garnered the largest audience share for TV5's Saturday primetime since 2016, Sing Galing recently made history by being the first TV show to air live from the newly-restored cultural treasure, The Metropolitan Theater. 

Mari Mar Tua of Pampanga, a record-holder BidaOke Star with eight wins in the show’s regular edition, was hailed as the first-ever Ultimate BidaOke Star during the Kantastic Finale. She won a Sing Galing trophy from renowned artist Toym Imao, a house and lot from Bria, and one million pesos cash. 

Actor Patrick Quiroz also won one million pesos cash plus P100,000 for his chosen Bidaficiary when he bagged the Ultimate Sing-lebrity BidaOke title in the Sing-lebrity Edition grand finals.

The Sing Galing family grows even bigger with the announcement of Diva-Oke Songstress Jona and Chief Sing-patiko Ariel Rivera as the newest Jukebosses to join the kantawanan. 

Sing-lebrity Edition Jukeboss Allan K will also be joining as official Jukeboss to delight the kaawitbahays more with his hilarious yet insightful comments every day. Moreover, viral TikTok cuties @Danejeshorun and @Dandanpadilla will also be joining as new Singtokers to showcase their Sing-giling moves. The Sing-galingan continues for the ten Team Galing members as they will now be joining the show’s weekly Kan2waan.

Sing Galing Year 2 unveils not just a new look for the show but bigger prizes and more chances of winning. Singtestants will get to win a total of P100,000 for the day if they achieve a perfect score in the Asingtado round. The return of Sing Galing’s iconic Pachinko Ball will also give a nostalgic twist for Ka-awitbahays across the country.

The Sing Galing Digiverse also explodes with new online shows that will also air as new weekly segments on the show: the weekly live audition show Sing Galing Bi-Da Star, the random street adventures of Team Galing members and Sing-lebrities in Sing Gala, and the weekly Sing Giling featuring TikTok dancers and guest Singtokers.

All these and more make up the Sing Galing Nation. Sing along and experience the Sing Galing fun every night at 6:30 PM, every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, only on TV5.

Mackie Empuerto of TNT Boys Goes Solo, Reimagines "Can This Be Love" for His Debut Single

Mackie Empuerto, one of the powerful trio comprising the TNT Boys, breathes new life into the Ryan Cayabyab classic “Can This Be Love,” his first single as a solo artist that is set to drop on digital platforms on Friday (March 18).

A Smokey Mountain original, “Can This Be Love” talks about young love particularly the magic of first love. Marvin Querido arranged and produced Mackie’s remake under TNT Records.

During the media launch for his song, Mackie shared that he was at first hesitant to explore a solo music career. “There was a time when I got scared to explore but I chose to believe in myself and in what I can do,” he shared.

The 16-year old Kapamilya talent also said that he personally believed that “Can This Be Love” is the perfect single for his age and he liked that it is relatable to everyone.

When asked if he ever experienced being in love as narrated in the song, he admitted to being inspired by his crushes when he recorded the remake. He said, “Yes, I think it’s normal to have a crush especially since I’m a teenager. Isa po ‘yun sa mga pinaghugutan ko po, ‘yung mga crush ko.”

Coinciding with the launch of his single, Mackie also signed a contract with ABS-CBN Music, TNT Records, and Polaris Entertainment.

ABS-CBN Music creative director Jonathan Manalo welcomed him to the ABS-CBN Music family. “We’re very excited because we believe in what you can do as a singer. With the talent that you have, we know that you will reach greater heights,” he told Mackie at the launch.

TNT Records and Polaris Entertainment head Reily Santiago also stressed they all recognized Mackie’s artistry, which they would like to share with more music fans. He said, “Alam naman natin ang achievements ni Mackie at ang talento niya and we just want to share that. Abangan niyo ang gift niya sa kanyang fans!

Known as not just a singer but also a dancer and an actor, Mackie was a finalist in “Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids,” which led to his amazing journey as a member of the world-class group TNT Boys. Aside from music, he also ventured into acting and won Best Child Actor of the Year at the Urduja Film Festival 2019 for the movie “Bakwit Boys.” He will also continue to be a member of TNT Boys.

Relive the feelings of first love in Mackie’s “Can This Be Love,” out on digital platforms on Friday (March 18). For more details, like Star Music on Facebook ( and follow it on Twitter and Instagram (@StarMusicPH).

Brother Helps You Express Your Creativity this International Women’s Month

March is International Women’s Month, and all women everywhere deserve to celebrate their strength, intelligence, and the creativity that they bring to the world.

If you’re a woman, it’s never a bad time to show everyone what you’ve got. But if you’re not yet sure how to express your creativity and talent, here are a few suggestions to get the juices flowing:

1. Start a small business

Women deserve to succeed! If you’ve got an entrepreneurial mind and spirit, now is a great time to start a small business, especially as people are staying home and ordering different products online. Maybe you’ve got a secret recipe that you want to share with the world, or a product you think people would love. Get it off the ground and show everyone that women can make waves!

2. Make inspiring arts and crafts

Another way to share the love and support this International Women’s Month is to make some great artwork that spreads the message of positivity toward women, especially if you’ve got some innate artistic talent. Whether it’s something physical or digital, art always stirs something in people, making it a great way to connect with others.

3. Cosplay as your favorite female icons

Want to embody the spirit of International Women’s Month? One great way to express yourself is to cosplay as one of your favorite female icons - whether they’re inspiring real-life women and historical figures or strong fictional characters, creating costumes and dressing up to be just like them.

One way to design and create good costumes is with a reliable sewing machine, such as the Brother JK17B Sewing Machine. You can consistently make stylish and awe-inspiring pieces with this compact and entry-level sewing machine, which has a wide range of available stitches and free-arm conversion, which makes it easy to use.

The JK17B Sewing Machine is available for an SRP of P9,995, at authorized Brother dealers nationwide. To find out which stores have the machine, simply go to

Get your own Brother sewing machine today and start creating impressive and empowering cosplay and fashion looks!

To find out more details about Brother products, customers may visit our Facebook page You can also call the Brother Helpdesk Hotline at (02) 8 581-9898, or through the toll-free line at 1-10-BROTHER or send an email to You can also get the latest product updates on the following official accounts:

About Brother Philippines

Brother Philippines is a sales subsidiary of the Brother Group. Established in Japan in 1908, the Brother Group delivers products and services to customers all over the world, with manufacturing and sales facilities in 44 countries and regions. Brother Philippines offers products and services with Brother expertise in a wide range of fields such as printing and solutions, home and embroidery sewing machines, labelers, and scanners. Since its establishment in the Philippines in the year 2000, Brother has been placing its customers first everywhere, every time, and has been providing them with superior value with high quality products and services. Brother also prides itself with its sustainable business practices, taking responsibility, acting respectfully, and making a positive difference through Brother Earth. To learn more about the brand and its products, visit the Brother Philippines website at, like its Facebook page (, and follow it on Twitter (@BROTHERPhils) and Instagram (@BrotherPhils).

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

“Ang Babae Sa Likod Ng Face Mask” Unveiled! Watch the Romantic-Comedy Series on Puregold Channel

This summer, expect pure fun and entertainment from Puregold Channel with the much-anticipated release of its first ever romcom digital series “Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask” on March 26.

A 13-episode romantic comedy series conceptualized with Puregold, produced by award-winning filmmaker Chris Cahilig, and directed by critically-acclaimed Victor Villanueva, “Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask” marks the introduction of social media personality and comedienne Herlene Budol in her very first starring role.

Popularly known as “Hipon Girl,” Herlene’s wit and charm helped her get an initial break - regular exposure on the variety show ‘Wowowin’. Now she takes on a lead role in Puregold Channel’s second digital series, “Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask”.

Napaka-exciting na opportunity ang ibinigay ng Puregold sa akin,” Herlene gushes. “Nakilala ako bilang co-host at sa aking sariling YouTube show. Ngayon naman, gusto ko ipakita sa lahat ng followers at Hiponatic supporters ang kakayahan ko bilang isang leading lady.

“Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask” tells the story of Malta, played by Herlene Budol, a 25-year-old cashier. Malta works hard to support her mother, Madam Baby, portrayed by seasoned actress, Ms. Mickey Ferriols.

One day at work, Malta meets the handsome but unlucky in love Sieg, played by Kit Thompson. It’s love at first sight for Sieg, who is mesmerized by Malta’s eyes. What unfolds is the story of how Malta and Sieg find love and overcome their doubts and insecurities, and break the negative cycles of their past.

Kiray Celis also stars in this series.

“Ang Babae…” follows in the footsteps of Puregold Channel’s first series, “GVBOYS.” Both bring back warm feelings of nostalgia from the early years. Where “GVBOYS” is reminiscent of the 90s sitcom “Palibhasa Lalake,” this new series can be seen as the modern and comical “Blusang Itim” excluding the elements of fantasy.

Puregold marketing manager Ivy Piedad adds, “The ever-present face mask is now a symbol of hope and self-love for our lead in this new series. And we hope to entertain a large number of viewers online especially given the Pinoy’s fondness for light, romantic comedies.”

Expect laughter, tears, and the highs and lows of great romcoms from the “Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask”. Stream the digital series for free on YouTube Puregold Channel every Saturday, 6PM, beginning March 26, 2022.

For more updates, like on Facebook, follow @puregold_ph on Instagram and Twitter and subscribe to Puregold Channel on YouTube.

WellGreens Advocates for Self-Love By Going Beyond Natural Health Supplements

WellGreens, Pascual Laboratories Inc.’s premium and certified organic natural food supplement brand advocates self-love this pandemic by encouraging people to go beyond natural with healthier choices via its 2022 campaign “Go Beyond Natural! Choose Premium and Certified Organic​”.

Going Beyond Natural

In these times, self-love, specifically caring for one’s health has been key to surviving and thriving. Food supplements, such as vitamins and herbal products, have become the new must-haves in people’s daily nutrition. WellGreens doesn’t just believe in sourcing products naturally but in going certified organic. The PascualLab brand is not only natural, with ingredients found in the environment; WellGreens takes it further as it undergoes stringent processes that subscribe to industry-approved farming & production, and high manufacturing standards, making it certified organic.

Certified Organic

WellGreens’ ingredients are mostly derived from one of the largest organic-certified farms in the Philippines, Leonie Agri Corp. (LAC). With EU-based certifying organization Control Union’s stamp of approval, the farm has both EU and USDA organic certifications. Aside from these, LAC is also certified for Good Agricultural Practices by the Department of Agriculture.

Premium Food Supplements

WellGreens products which include Sinta, LagundiCuban Oregano, Malunggay, Mangosteen -Malunggay, and Ampalaya are harvested, processed, and manufactured through a stringent 13-step process.

WellGreens Organic Sinta

Sinta or Andrographis Paniculata is known in folklore as an herb that benefits type 2 diabetes¹ - the variant caused by lifestyle choices. Clinical studies attest to this and Sinta’s many health benefits – aside from helping reduce blood sugar,², ³ it also relieves upper respiratory tract infections.⁴ Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory properties that can help manage certain inflammatory conditions ⁵

WellGreens is Alice Dixson’s Healthy Choice

Alice Dixson, launched as WellGreens’ brand ambassador last year, reaffirms her commitment to loving oneself through healthy choices by going beyond her comfort zone. Known to live a healthy lifestyle, Dixson is not one to go easy on her routine, and with it she makes sure to incorporate preventive food supplements into her diet.

Dixson says: “I started living a healthier lifestyle as part of self-love so I can pursue more of my passions. At my age, I need to keep myself going by complementing my already healthy choices with food supplements that go beyond their natural goodness. WellGreens Sinta which is certified organic and premium, continues to be my choice since it helps keep my blood sugar in check”.

WellGreens is available in all Mercury Drug branches nationwide and in PascualLab’s flagship Lazada and Shopee Stores. Avail now of WellGreens with their Buy-One-Take-One promo! Join the FB community @WellGreens for updates on the latest in healthy choices.

Sources: ¹Okhuarobo A, Falodun J, Erharuyi O, et al. Harnessing the medicinal properties of Andrographis paniculata for diseases and beyond: a review of its phytochemistry and pharmacology. Asian Pac J Trop is. 2014 Jun; 4 (3):213-222. DOI: 10.1016/S222-1808 (14) 60509-0

²Ischak N, Botutihe D. Premiliminary Study of Clinical Antidiabetic Activity of Salam Leaves (Eugenua Polyantha) and Sambiloto Leaves (Andropgrahis Paniculata in Type 2 Diabetic Patients. IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Envronmental Science. 580 (2020) 0123034. Doi: 10. 1088/1755-1315/589/1/012034

³Alrich JR Hilario , et. al. “Evaluation and Characterization of Indigenous King of Bitters, Andrographis paniculata (Sinta) and Momordica Charantia (Ampalaya)”. September 2021

⁴Nizmawardini Y, Endang H, Djunaidi R, et al. The Effect of Andrographis paniculata Extract Capsules on Blood Glucose Level in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. International Journal of Current Research. 2013; 5(3): 578-581. ISSN: 0975-833X.

⁵Rahmi E, Kumolosasi E, Jalil J, et al. Extracts of Andrographis paniculata (Burm.f.) Nees Leaves Exert Anti-Gout Effects by Lowering Uric Acid Levels and Reducing Monosodium Urate Crystal-Induced Inflammation. Front Pharmacol. 2022; 12:787125. DOI: 10.3389/fphar.2021.787125

PLDT, Smart, TNT Customers Get Amazing Perks and Exclusive Rewards from PayMaya this March

Staying connected for family, work, and play is very important for us as we all navigate the New Normal. The good news is that PLDT and its wireless subsidiary Smart have ramped up the Philippines' internet to blazing speeds. What's also great is customers can enjoy the cashless experience and pay bills or buy mobile load from the comforts of their home via their PayMaya app.

The best part is that customers of PLDT, Smart, and TNT for the whole month of March can enjoy an entire range of perks and cashback rewards when they pay their bills or buy load from the PayMaya app.

Here’s what’s in store for PLDT, Smart, and TNT subscribers:

Exclusive Perks on PayMaya for New and Returning PLDT Home subscribers

All new PLDT Home subscribers can enjoy a P200 cashback when they pay their first PLDT Home Fiber or Asenso Fiber bill through the PayMaya app.

On top of that, All PLDT Home subscribers who will pay their bills for Plans 999 to 4099 until March 31, 2022 will also get a raffle entry for a chance to win 99% cashback of the amount they paid for - or a maximum of P4,058 for those paying for Plan 4099 in the weekly raffle draw.

Buy Smart Prepaid load and enjoy multiple cashback rewards and vouchers from PayMaya

Smart Prepaid subscribers can get a one-time 14% cashback when they buy Smart load for ALL DATA 299 and 199, MAGIC DATA 399 and 499, SULIT SURF PLUS 249, GIGA VIDEO+ 449, GIGA VIDEO 299, GIGA STORIES 299, or UNLI 5G DATA 599 and 299 in the PayMaya app from today until March 31, 2022.

There's more! On the upcoming paydays this March or from March 14 to 16 and from March 30 to April 1, 2022, Smart subscribers can enjoy a 20% cashback when they buy or send P300 worth of Smart/TNT regular load, Famload 599, and Famload 999 in the PayMaya app. Subscribers can avail themselves of the cashback reward twice for each payday period.

There are also Lazada vouchers up for grabs for Smart subscribers! On March 3-5, April 4-6, and May 5-7, Smart subscribers can get a free Lazada voucher worth P75 when they buy or send a P500 worth of Smart/TNT regular load. Subscribers can get a voucher for each promo period.

Special Smart data promos only in PayMaya

In addition to these rewards, Smart subscribers can also avail of the following PayMaya-exclusive data promos:

And, as always, customers can also register to these new data promos from Smart and TNT:

There are so many ways to enjoy cashless rewards while staying connected when you pay your PLDT Home bills or buy your Smart or TNT telco and mobile data on PayMaya. Pay your bills and avail of the data promos you need on PayMaya today! Download the app for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store if you don’t have an account yet. Basta staying connected, sulit and rewarding with PayMaya!

PayMaya is the only end-to-end digital payments ecosystem enabler in the Philippines, with platforms and services that cut across consumers, merchants, communities, and government. As of end-December 2021, PayMaya provides more than 44 million Filipinos access to financial services through its consumer platforms. Its Smart Padala by PayMaya network of over 63,000 partner agent touchpoints serves as last-mile digital financial hubs in communities, providing the unbanked and underserved access to digital services. Through its enterprise business, it is the largest digital payments processor for key industries in the country, including "every day" merchants such as the largest retail, food, gas, and eCommerce merchants, as well as government agencies and units.

To know more about PayMaya's products and services, visit or follow @PayMayaOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

ABS-CBN Search for the Next Online Singing Sensation in "Bida Star Singer" Begins

ABS-CBN's online talent competition, "Bida Star," begins its search for the next online singing sensation in "Bida Star Singer" with mainstay hosts Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza, who will be joined by “Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10" housemate Anji Salvacion.

Anji believes that her experience as a former "Idol Philippines" contestant will help her impart lessons to aspiring singers. "I experienced the same thing as they do. I'm grateful to be able to host a singing contest since this is where I started," she said.

It is the first singing edition for “Bida Star” wherein aspiring singers will showcase their talent in exciting challenges like "The Cover," a live singing showdown in front of their judges, "Online Gig," wherein the contestants take over Star Hunt's kumu account, and a "Bida Star Bagsakan."

"I'm excited to see how the contestants will give a new flavor to the songs that a lot of people have performed before,” shared Karina. "I'm excited about what new things will they offer to the Kapamilyas. We are all unique, so I expect to see it.”

For his part, Aljon shared how the online talent search has helped him hone his hosting skills. He shared, "I learned how to listen to the guest than focusing on the suggested questions. I learned that communication and connection are key to hosting."

The contestants are in for an exciting journey with their judges, which include ABS-CBN singing coach Anna Graham, head of "It's Showtime" and Polaris Reily Santiago, and a weekly celebrity guest judge from Polaris. The “Bida Star” winner will win an ABS-CBN management and recording contract, a special trophy, and a cash prize of P50,000.

Filipino citizens aged 18 years old and above, who have a talent for singing, can audition to become the next Bida Star Singer until March 18 (Friday) by visiting forms.abs-cbn/bidastarsinger for more information and fill out the audition form.

“Bida Star” Star has fulfilled the dreams of young and talented Filipinos like Dustine Mayores, who is now a "PBB" kumunity teen housemate, and Ruth Paga, who is now a Star Hunt artist. Both Dustine and Ruth became the Ultimate Bida Stars in the past seasons after getting the highest votes from viewers and their mentor Direk Rahyan Carlos for the acting skills they showed in the competition.

To know more about “Bida Star Singer,” follow Star Hunt on Facebook (@starhuntabscbn), Kumu (@starhuntabscbn), Twitter (@starhuntabscbn), Instagram (@starhuntabscbn), and Tiktok (@starhuntabscbn).

Julia Barretto Gets Bullied by Awra Briguela and The Certifieds in "The Seniors"

Make way for the stars of Pacaque Rural High School: Jennifer (Ella Cruz), overachiever Student Council President; Nicole (Andrea Babierra), school “muse;” and Fifi (Awra Briguela), school Volleyball Team Captain.

Together they are “The Certifieds.”

Nobody dares to go against the trio, lording it over the school like it is their own kingdom. But as they face their senior year, a major change is about to happen. And the change will come in the form of Diana (Julia Barretto), a smart and pretty city girl.

With Diana’s arrival, The Certifieds’ world will turn upside down.

Get involved in the shenanigans in “The Seniors,” the latest youth drama series produced by Viva TV and Prioject 8 Projects for Vivamax.

This series is created and produced by box-office directors Dan Villegas and Antoinette Jadaone and directed by budding director Shaira Advincula-Antonio.

"The Seniors" is about four students in a provincial public high school, who must face life and love problems in their final year in high school. In Pacaque Rural High School, “The Certifieds” is the well-known it-trio. 

Jennifer (Ella Cruz) is the overachiever Student Council President who leads “The Certifieds,” along with the school’s “Muse” Nicole (Andrea Babierra) and the school Volleyball Team Captain Fifi (Awra Briguela). 

Being consistent in the star section, the three of them believe that they are elite students and that they should stick together no matter what. But as they face their senior year, major changes are about to happen. One of these changes is the arrival of Diana (Julia Barretto), a smart and pretty transferee from Manila. With Diana’s arrival, the four students’ final year in high school will be twice the fun and also twice the trouble as they struggle to juggle good grades, friendships and relationships.

Experience the highs and lows, the pains and joys of growing up in “The Seniors” starting March 20, only on Vivamax Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Macao, Vietnam, Brunei, Maldives, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, the Middle East and Europe.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Darna, Captain Barbell, Lastikman, and Other Ravelo Komiks Universe (RKU) Heroes Conquer Smartphones via Customized Themes

Pinoy komiks superheroes’ Captain Barbell, Darna, and Lastikman are spreading their superpowers on smartphones as the Ravelo Komiks Universe (RKU) themes are now up for grabs to spruce up and give mobile screens a boost.

Available on Huawei mobile phones, ABS-CBN’s RKU characters are featured in Huawei Themes app, which offers home screen theme wallpapers and stylish texts and icons for a personalized experience.

Mobile phone users can feast their eyes with the comics creations of the legendary Filipino artist, Mars Ravelo, through the customized themes that spotlight iconic superheroes Captain Barbell, Darna, and Lastikman.

Users can also avail of the ongoing 30% discount on RKU themes until April 3, with a chance to win exciting raffle prizes such as a smartphone, a smartwatch, and wireless headphones through the spin the wheel game.

Embellish your Huawei mobile phones with your preferred Ravelo Komiks Universe themes.

Issa Rodriguez and Kyle Juliano Collaborate for Emotion-Heavy Song “Silong”

Longing for someone you love dearly after you part ways is such a hard feeling. Your heart is still hoping that he/she will be back though your brain clearly knows that it’s not going to happen anymore.

That’s the central theme of Issa Rodriguez’s latest single “Silong” featuring Kyle Juliano released under Universal Records. This song is her follow-up to her five-track Ready EP released February of last year.

The lyric-driven musician amazingly painted the struggles of someone who’s holding on to someone who hurt him/her and expecting for things to go back the way it used to be. The singer-songwriter delivers a compellingly melodramatic rhythm in heart-wrenching lines “Kahit na alam ko na hindi na magbabago ang isip mong sumuko na / Bakit puso ko’y lumalaban pa?” the song’s chorus.

For her listeners to get to know more about the song’s meaning, Issa explains that “Silong” is basically about those who are alone in fighting the battles and pains of moving on. “Sa lahat ng lumalaban mag-isa, pakinggan n’yo ‘to tapos let go na ha? 1/2 joke,” she happily quips.

Truly, listening to this brand-new track will give you an outpour of emotions any time of day.

“Silong” by Issa Rodriguez featuring Kyle Juliano can be streamed on your favorite digital platforms under Universal Records. 

It’s also part of Spotify’s latest New Music Friday Philippines playlist.

(Music Video) Adam Levine's Original Song “Good Mood,” PAW Patrol: The Movie OST

Puppies and music - just the thing to put you in a “Good Mood.” 

Watch the lyric video of “Good Mood,” an original song written and performed by Adam Levine for PAW Patrol: The Movie.

The exciting, inspiring animated adventure from Paramount Pictures opens exclusively in cinemas across the Philippines on March 16.

The PAW Patrol is on a roll! When their biggest rival, Humdinger, becomes Mayor of nearby Adventure City and starts wreaking havoc, Ryder and everyone’s favorite heroic pups kick into high gear to face the challenge head on. While one pup must face his past in Adventure City, the team finds help from a new ally, the savvy dachshund Liberty. Together, armed with exciting new gadgets and gear, the PAW Patrol fights to save the citizens of Adventure City!

Joining the PAW Patrol in their thrilling first big screen adventure are members from the original series’ cast along with Iain Armitage, Marsai Martin, Yara Shahidi, Kim Kardashian West, Randall Park, Dax Shepard, with Tyler Perry and Jimmy Kimmel and introducing Will Brisbin.

Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies and Spin Master Entertainment Present A Spin Master Entertainment Production.

Directed by Cal Brunker, screenplay by Billy Frolick and Cal Brunker & Bob Barlen, story by Billy Frolick, based on the television series created by Keith Chapman

Produced by Jennifer Dodge, p.g.a.

Paw Patrol: The Movie is distributed in the Philippines by Paramount Pictures through Columbia Pictures. Follow us on Facebook at; Twitter at; Instagram at and YouTube at

Kit Thompson and Christine Bermas Star in Joel Lamangan's Sexy Drama Film "Moonlight Butterfly" Showing March 18 on Vivamax

She’s beautiful, she’s rare, and she’s strong. Christine Bermas is "Moonlight Butterfly". 

On March 18, exclusively on VIVAMAX, 3:16 Media Networks and Viva Films bring you a movie by Master Director Joel Lamangan, about a girl who has a mesmerizing charm and beauty.

This is the story of Eunice (Christine Bermas) a.k.a Moonlight Butterfly, the hottest GRO in Angeles, Pampanga who works hard to provide for her family, and to support her boyfriend Roy’s (Albie Casiño) education. In her line of work, she meets a lot of men, but only one stands out - Elliot (Kit Thompson), an American guy who actually gave Eunice the name Moonlight Butterfly. He is charmed by Eunice’s charm and sexiness, and he wants her all for himself. He asks her to live with him and stop her work as a GRO. In exchange, Elliot provides Eunice and her family’s needs. Meanwhile, things between Eunice and Roy start to get shaky.

Eunice focuses on pleasing Elliot in every way she can, while she lives with him, and Elliott makes sure Eunice’s needs are provided for. Until a time when Elliot has to leave the country for work and he suddenly stops providing for Eunice. This prompts her to go back to her job as a GRO, and she gets a new client: a mysterious Arab man who was also smitten by Eunice’s charm and sexiness. Coming back from his work abroad, Elliot would find Eunice with another man and all hell will start to break loose that could put Eunice’s life in danger.

After her notable roles in “Siklo” and “Sisid,” Christine Bermas is ready to shine in her first lead role in Moonlight Butterfly. With her sexy body and great acting, Christine easily got the approval of director Joel Lamangan. In an interview, Direk Joel proudly said that he discovered a new actress that will surely make waves in the movie industry for a long time.

Getting the approval of award-winning director Joel Lamangan is no small feat, as he has established himself as one of the most successful movie directors of Philippine Cinema. In most recent years, some of his well-known works are “Felix Manalo,” “Hindi Tayo Pwede” and “Rainbow’s Sunset.” He also directed the successful VIVAMAX Original movies “Silab,” “Bekis on the Run,” and “Deception.”

Be mesmerized with the beauty of the Moonlight Butterfly, streaming online on March 18 on VIVAMAX Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Macao, Vietnam, Brunei, Maldives, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, the Middle East and Europe. And get the best VIVAMAX viewing quality with TV casting.


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