Friday, October 29, 2021

Look: Liza Soberano's Action-Packed Jollibee Crisscut Fries Commercial

Filipino actress Liza Soberano has been a part of the Jollibee family since 2019, and since then, the strong and groundbreaking projects have been pouring for her left and right. With all the success she’s experienced, it’s no secret that Liza is truly someone who’s proved herself to be out of the ordinary.

Her out of the ordinary life and career carry on with her latest project - a brand-new advertisement for Jollibee’s new Crisscut Fries, for which Liza serves as the face. She is the central figure of the Crisscut Fries’ new exciting and action-packed video, which highlights its deliciously out of the ordinary experience.

In the ad, Liza is shown displaying amazing and out of the ordinary superpowers, slashing potatoes to create the unique and fun shape of the Crisscut Fries.

Much in the same way Liza is an actress and personality whose talent, drive, and skills definitely make her someone who’s out of the ordinary, the Crisscut Fries is an out of the ordinary fries experience thanks to its extra crispy and extra flavorful taste, as well as its unique crisscut shape, which makes it perfect for moments when you need to satisfy your cravings and grab a great snack.

I had so much fun working with my Jollibee family in creating this awesome ad. It’s true - the Crisscut Fries really is an out of the ordinary fries experience! It’s my new favorite snack!” said Liza.

Liza really is the perfect ambassador who’s truly out of the ordinary for the delicious and exciting Crisscut Fries. We absolutely love what she’s done in this new ad for Jollibee,” said Mari Aldecoa, Jollibee Marketing’s Assistant Vice President.

The Jollibee Crisscut Fries is now available in all Luzon Jollibee stores, as well as in stores in Visayas and Mindanao starting November 8, for PHP 65.00 solo. There’s also a bucket option that’s available for sharing at PHP 249.00 that comes with one (1) free dip of choice that comes in two flavors- sour cream or spicy Thousand Island. Dip add-ons can also be availed at P10.00 each. Have them safely delivered to you via the Jollibee Delivery App,, #87000, GrabFood, and foodpanda! Also available in Drive-Thru and Take Out!

For more info and updates on Jollibee products, like Jollibee on Facebook, subscribe to Jollibee Philippines on YouTube, and follow @jollibee on Twitter and Instagram.

Fall in Love with Kelvin Miranda's "Slow Dance" Now Streaming Worldwide

After winning the hearts of viewers as Marcus in “Stories from the Heart: Loving Ms. Bridgette” and as Chef Harvey in GMA Public Affairs’ fantasy-romance series “The Lost Recipe,” Kelvin Miranda goes back to his first love - music - as he releases his latest single "Slow Dance" under GMA Music.

"Slow Dance" tells the story of two young individuals transitioning from friends to lovers after their magical prom night.

Written by Jomari Felices Jintalan, this pop-ballad song holds a special meaning in Kelvin's heart since he dedicates it not only to everyone in a relationship but also to people from all walks of life who want to find hope and inspiration.

Everybody can relate to this song. This is not a love song for your special someone but a song you can also dedicate to your family and friends. I want this song to provide hope that someday we can all bond again together when this pandemic is over, and we will all just ‘slow dance,’” says Kelvin.

He also said that the song can be interpreted as getting to know that special person in your life, slowly but surely, taking it one step at a time.

The song also happens to be the one of the official soundtracks of Tagalized Korean series "Tale of the Nine Tailed" starring Lee Dong-wook, Jo Bo-ah, and and Kim Bum which is currently being shown on GMA Telebabad.

Tune in to Kelvin's “Slow Dance” on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and other digital stores worldwide.

Friends Get Haunted by a Strange Ghost in "The Truth About Jane"

This Sunday, October 31, prepare to get spooked by the spirit of an unusual ghost in the comedy-suspense episode of 'Regal Studio Presents: The Truth About Jane.'

The episode stars Kiray Celis as Paula, Ashley Ortega as Marcia, Anna Vicente as Iris, Dave Bornea as Duane, and Joyce Ching who will be portraying the role of an uncanny ghost.

Marcia invites Paula and Iris for a reunion in her family's old ancestral house which the two readily accept. Paula also brings along her boyfriend, Duane. While staying in the house, the reunited friends are tormented by eerie cries, things moving on their own, and the repeated sighting of an unknown woman.

Sensing they might be in danger, the girls try to flee the house only to find out that they might be running away from the wrong entity.

Find out the truth in ‘Regal Studio Presents: The Truth About Jane' this Sunday after ‘Dear Uge,’ 4:35 PM, on GMA-7.

Maymay Entrata "Amakabogera" Music Video Released

Maymay Entrata defies society’s toxic beauty standards in her self-empowering single “Amakabogera,” her latest release under Star Pop.

Everyone seems to have that same standard - to be beautiful according to what the trend is or what society tells you to be. ‘Amakabogera’ is a song about self-empowerment, being confident in who you are amid the high standards of the world,” said Maymay, whom netizens dubbed as the new solo star of the P-pop movement.

She added, “Don’t ever doubt and compare yourself with others. You are beautiful, you are unique, and you are strong. Don’t let their standards snatch your crown.”

The track, written by Loriebelle Darunday and Elmar Jan Bolano who composed the song with Justin Ian Catalan, encourages listeners to be unapologetic and confident in embracing their own beauty, regardless of what cynics say. It was produced by Star Pop head Rox Santos.

Aside from its infectious beat and bold lyrics, “Amakabogera” also showcases Maymay’s range as a vocalist, proving that the Kapamilya all-rounder has a dynamic sound and impressive artistry.

Meanwhile, the music video of “Amakabogera” has also dropped, which shows Maymay in her element - strutting down a runway, dancing to a commanding choreography, slaying in a captivating red dress, and embracing her natural beauty with a just-woke-up look. The video directed by Amiel Kirby Balagtas has so far accumulated over 500,000 views since it premiered last Friday (October 22).

Last May, she released the single “’Di Kawalan,” another self-assuring track about realizing one’s own precious worth. The song currently has over 243,000 Spotify streams while its music video has over 1.3 million views.

This November 26 (Friday), Maymay is also set to hold her first digital concert "Mpowered," with special guests Darren Espanto, AC Bonifacio, Mimiyuuuh, and Nyoy Volante that will be livestreamed via, iWantTFC, and TFC IPTV. SVIP and VIP ticketholders will also enjoy an after party with Maymay, DJ Jhai Ho, and Edward Barbers.

Embrace your uniqueness by listening to Maymay’s “Amakabogera,” out now on various digital music services and watching its music video on ABS-CBN Star Music’s YouTube channel.

For more details, follow Star Pop on Facebook ( and on Twitter and Instagram (@starpopph).

Thursday, October 28, 2021

8 Reasons Why Janine Gutierrez and Paulo Avelino's "Marry Me, Marry You" Gives the Ultimate Korean Drama Vibes

If you’re into K-dramas, we found the perfect Pinoy teleserye that’s as equally romantic and heartfelt as your favorite Hallyu series - ABS-CBN’s “Marry Me, Marry You”!


All the essential components that you love in K-dramas can be found in the Paulo Avelino - Janine Gutierrez starrer. As the story soon reaches its climax, Andrei and Camille (Paulo and Janine) will have to find a way to overcome their relationship problems before their families, who are slowly unraveling a complicated history, totally tear them apart.


Here are the themes in “Marry Me, Marry You” that got us hooked thanks to its K-drama vibes:

1.    Janine and Paulo’s bickering dynamic

No matter how many times we come across shows with male and female protagonists who fall in love despite their clashing personalities, we still always end up loving every little bit of their story. Thankfully, Camille and Andrei give this dynamic justice.


Camille and Andrei couldn’t stand each other when they first met. But all of that changed when Camille’s undeniable charm became too much for Andrei to resist. The cutest moments so far in “Marry Me, Marry You” are when Andrei flashes a rare smile as Camille effortlessly sweeps him off his feet with her bubbly and caring personality.

Camille introduces Andrei to her mother

Camille gives her support to Andrei


2.    The snobbish rich guy and the smart, quirky female lead

Andrei seems to have it all - good looks, a rich family, and a successful business. Despite Andrei’s stuck-up attitude, viewers instantly fell in love with Andrei’s character because of the ‘prince charming’ vibe he gives off. To top it all off, viewers also develop a soft spot for Andrei when he becomes vulnerable as he comes to terms with his personal struggles that stem from his distant relationship with his family.


Camille, on the other hand, radiates positivity and warmth. Unlike Andrei, Camille comes from a simple family and is almost always ready to lend a helping hand to someone who needs it. Camille also never loses sight of who she is – she knows her strengths, is fiercely smart, and is great and passionate at what she does. In fact, it was Camille who helped Andrei secure approval for a major business proposal.

Camille sympathizes with Andrei

Camille is confident that Andrei will succeed


3.    Cute yet simple gestures that make for a picture-perfect scene

Some of the subtle elements that complete a true romantic K-drama are the cute gestures between the couple, which consist of heart-fluttering back hugs and dramatic moments when the guy shields the girl from the pouring rain.


As someone who isn’t fond of outright expressing his feelings, Andrei shows his love to Camille through his actions. The scene wherein Andrei gave Camille an unexpected back hug as they stood by the beach made for a swoon-worthy moment. Another fan-favorite was when Andrei arrived in slow-mo like a true ‘knight in shining armor’ to share his umbrella with Camille when she was drenched from the rain. 

Andrei drives Camille home

Andrei gives Camille a back hug


4.    A love square that complicates the romance 

The ‘second male lead syndrome’ is a recurring theme in K-dramas when the equally charming second male lead attempts to woo the female lead. But just to spice up the already complicated love story, a love square makes everything better. 


In the series, Andrei faces a brotherly rivalry when his best friend, Cedric (Jake Ejercito), passionately declared his love to Camille. However, Cedric’s efforts came up short when Camille put him in the friendzone. Andrei’s ex-girlfriend, Patricia (Iana Bernardez), on the other hand, is nowhere close to giving up her love for Andrei as she grows more jealous of his blossoming romance with Camille.

Camille strikes back at Patricia's clothes

Cedric confesses his feelings to Camille


5.    Disapproving in-laws 

Romantic relationships are never really smooth-sailing at the beginning because of disapproving in-laws who make it their goal to tear the relationship apart. In Andrei and Camille’s case, LaviƱa (Teresa Loyzaga), Andrei’s conniving step-mother, pursues her evil schemes to destroy their romance just for the sake of giving Andrei a hard time.


Then there’s also Emilio (Edu Manzano), Andrei’s estranged father, who will do everything in his power to break up the two especially after finding out that his ex-girlfriend Elvie (Cherry Pie Picache), is Camille’s godmother and second mom.

Emilio offers Camille money to break up with Andrei

Lavina reveals the truth about Camille to Patricia 


6.    Heartwarming storylines and characters

K-dramas can instantly put you in a good mood because of its quirky vibe, but most of them also offer heartfelt stories that play with our emotions. “Marry Me, Marry You” strikes the perfect balance between light-hearted, fun moments and heartwarming developments that surely tug at the heartstrings of viewers. 


Aside from the uncontrollable laughs we experience thanks to the cheerful trio of godmothers Elvie, Paula (Sunshine Dizon), and Marvi (Vina Morales), the three of them also highlight important family values that leave viewers weeping because of how much they resonate with us. Another major highlight is how Camille is slowly helping Andrei with his personal issues, which underlines his character development throughout the series.

Elvie and Marvi tease Paula about being in love

Andrei blurts out his anger at Elvie


7.    Male and female lead characters already met during their childhood

Destiny plays a big part in K-dramas wherein the male and female lead characters discover later on that they actually already met during their childhood - giving them all the more reason to believe that they are truly destined for each other.


The same is true for Andrei and Camille, who recently found out that Camille was the little girl who saved Andrei from drowning at a resort. This discovery proved to be a turning point in their relationship because this was also the blissful moment when they shared their first kiss.

Andrei and Camille learn about their childhood

Camille saves Andrei from danger


8.    A gripping “impossible love” conflict

Is it really a K-drama without underlying conflict to the point that the main characters have to make life-defining decisions? “Marry Me, Marry You” tackles intertwining and interesting plot twists that are very much complicated.


Andrei loves Camille, but holds a grudge against his mom Elvie for abandoning him when he was younger. Unfortunately, Elvie also happens to be Camille’s godmother and her second mom. Because of their complicated relationships, Andrei struggles in deciding whether he should save his relationship with Camille and overcome his deep-seated anger by finally forgiving Elvie. Camille, on the other hand, loves her family unconditionally and would definitely choose her loved ones over Andrei if she was forced to choose between them.

Camille is having a hard time with her situation with Andrei

Andrei clarifies his decision to Elvie


Don’t miss “Marry Me, Marry You” airing weeknights at 9:25 PM on Kapamilya Channel, A2Z, TV5, Kapamilya Online Live on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel and Facebook page, iWantTFC, WeTV, and iflix. Viewers who use any digital TV box at home such as the TVplus box only need to rescan their device to be able to watch “Marry Me, Marry You” on TV5 and A2Z. For viewers outside of the Philippines, catch it on The Filipino Channel on cable and IPTV.


For updates, follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok or visit

Follow These Self-Care Tips to Keep Yourself Happy and Healthy While Doing Your Christmas Shopping Spree

The holidays bring us joy, but the season also marks one of the busiest and most demanding times of the year. While we look forward to our loved ones’ company, there are still plenty of tasks at hand: virtual parties to plan, a holiday shopping list to organize, and work to wrap up before we go on vacation.

If you want to maximize the holiday festivities, take some time to focus on your well-being. This is supposed to be the happiest time of the year, after all! Take it slow, decide which tasks to prioritize, and ask for help if you’re struggling with all the responsibilities on your plate. 

Here are a few other tips to help you take it easy during the holidays:

Get enough sleep

A good night’s sleep equips you with enough energy to face the day. Wake up to better mornings by indulging in a luxurious at-home massage with Rest Easy Massager, which comes with an advanced heating function. Then snuggle in bed and relax any tense muscles with the ergonomic Hosh Memory Foam Pillow. Lastly, improve the air quality and add a relaxing ambiance to your room with the Fresh Air Wooden Humidifier.

Get your mind off work

It’s difficult to relax when your phone keeps pinging. If you can, disable notifications after working hours and try out new hobbies to take your mind off work. For instance, spend more time outdoors and try gardening. Ace Hardware Garden Tool Set, which includes a trowel, transplanter, and pruning shear, is perfect for budding green thumbs. If you’ve always wanted to explore the art of baking, Oster 6-Speed Hand Mixer will make each culinary experiment easier with its powerful 250-watt motor and chrome-plated beaters and dough hooks. Meanwhile, those interested in dabbling in photography should invest in Paperang Portable Thermal Printer for high-quality instant photos.

Build a self-care routine

Each day, take the time to pamper yourself and melt the stress away with personal care products. With glowing, hydrated skin, you’ve got one less thing to worry about! Start your skincare routine with the Garnier Cleanse Glow Trio. This serum, micellar water, and day cream set contains a concentrated Vitamin C formula to help even out your skin tone. Don’t forget to treat your legs and arms to some loving too. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion protects dry skin with natural colloidal oatmeal blended with rich emollients.

Indulge in guilt-free me-time

Sometimes all you need to destress is leisurely me-time. Take a much-needed breather and release your pent-up stress using Nintendo Switch Console V2. Its new system features a vibrant seven-inch OLED screen, wide adjustable stand, dock with a wired LAN port, 64 GB of internal storage, and enhanced audio. Or sit back and binge-watch your favorite K-dramas on Avision Smart Digital LED TV, which features a 1366x786 display resolution. For quality audio, you can’t go wrong with Xiaomi 11T Pro. With its Dolby Atmos dual speakers, you can unwind while listening to your relaxation playlist.

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Thai BL Series "Bad Buddy" Streams in PH for Free via iWantTFC

iWantTFC brings a charming boys’ love (BL) version of Romeo and Juliet as it premieres the new Thai series “Bad Buddy” in the Philippines tonight (October 29) at 9:30 PM simultaneously in Thailand.

The series features the first BL team-up of Thai stars Ohm Pawat and Nanon Korapat, with a new episode in its original language with English subtitles streaming for free every Friday at 9:30 PM. Starting November 4, Filipino-dubbed episodes will also become available every Thursday at 8 PM on the iWantTFC app and website (

“Bad Buddy” follows the romantic enemies-turned-lovers story of neighbors Pat (Ohm) and Pran (Nanon), who grow up hating each other as a result of their fathers’ hostile rivalry in basically everything.

As kids, Pat and Pran will inherit their parents’ competitive nature, allowing the feud to continue and even thrive. Fate will bring them back together in college, where they try to one-up each other in terms of achievements and milestones.

Eventually, Pat and Pran will grow tired of their beef and decide to become friends instead, except that they should keep it a secret from everyone they know, especially their parents.

As they continue to meet in secret and become closer to each other, a forbidden romance will blossom between Pat and Pran. What happens when being enemies and being friends are no longer enough?

Watch “Bad Buddy” for free on the iWantTFC app and website ( Enjoy watching iWantTFC on a bigger screen through select devices on VEWD, ROKU streaming devices, Android TV, select Samsung Smart TV models, Telstra TV (in Australia), and VIDAA for select countries. iWantTFC is also available via Chromecast and Airplay. For the complete list of compatible devices, sign in instructions, and account activation, visit

For updates, like and follow @iwanttfc on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to

For inquiries and concerns about the service, users can also send a message on iWantTFC’s Facebook page or e-mail

Neo Rivera and Jericho Arceo Team Up for Inspirational Single ‘2AM Wide Awake’

Actor and singer-songwriter Neo Rivera and social media influencer Jericho Arceo have teamed up for Neo’s uplifting new song, 2AM Wide Awake

Inspired by the story of The Prodigal Son in the Bible, Neo penned his first single for 2021 as a message of God’s love, grace, and forgiveness. The lyrics tell the story of a person who's wide awake at 2 AM, wondering how God can still love someone like him who has failed countless times.

“We’ve been a Prodigal Son or Daughter at some point. My journey with Christ isn’t perfect. Many times, I’d question my worth, I couldn’t sleep because of fears. I’d ask, ‘Lord, will Your promises come true? Am I late? If I didn’t rebel, would I be in a different place? Would I meet You?’” Neo said.

The singer-songwriter continued, “That’s when I remind myself of God’s grace, and His plans and timing always prevail. It’s a collection of those moments that made up the song.”

Neo’s personal story and musings from the timeless parable, together with Jericho’s intricately crafted Tagalog rap verse and some smooth, laid back beats, gave birth to the masterpiece that is 2AM Wide Awake.

This relatable song is a perfect anthem for anyone seeking God’s grace and comfort during these trying times.

You are not alone. I get you. I understand your struggle of having so many questions for God. Sometimes, we ask for answers but what He shows us is His love for us. Even though we have many mishaps in life, He’s ready to bring us back in His arms. He alone is enough,” Neo shared.

2AM Wide Awake is produced by Reverb Worship PH, CBN Asia’s music arm. It is the third on the roster of fresh Christian Contemporary songs that the record label is releasing this year.

I am excited for 2AM Wide Awake! As we thrive to bring songs about our faith to a wider audience, 2AM’s pop sound will surely be popular among today’s music lovers. I pray that as they hear this song, they will also think about God’s endless love for all of us,” said John Valdes Tan, CBN Asia’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Pre-save 2AM Wide Awake by Neo Rivera and Jericho Arceo, and stream it on October 29 on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Soundcloud, and YouTube!

Look: Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil 7th Anniversary Celebration Photos

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil celebrate their 7th anniversary as a couple with an intimate dinner at The Farm at San Benito in Lipa, Batangas.

On Instagram, Liza proudly expressed her love and admiration of Enrique. She posted, "I love you forever and always! Thank you for always making me feel extra special."

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Jeremiah Lisbo Replaces Rhys Miguel in Cathy Garcia-Molina's Star Cinema Movie "Love at First Stream"

Fast-rising Kapamilya young actor Jeremiah Lisbo is joining the cast of Star Cinema film "Love at First Stream" replacing Rhys Miguel who will no longer join the cast due to "personal matters". 

Read ABS-CBN's statement below:

Under the direction of blockbuster director Cathy Garcia-Molina, the film also stars other Kapamilya young stars in the cast are Daniela Stranner, Anthony Jennings, Chico Alicaya, and Amanda Zamora.

Erik Santos Exclaims Deep Sorrow and Faith in "Sigaw ng Puso"

Filipino balladeer Erik Santos expresses a poignant plea for help in his uplifting rendition of worship song “Sigaw Ng Puso.”

A collaboration between Star Music and Wish FM, “Sigaw Ng Puso” was written at a time of grief, narrating deep sorrow and full submission to God’s will.

This inspirational song composed by Kuya Daniel Razon is very timely. Napakasarap kantahin at pakinggan ng mga awitin na tulad nito lalo na sa panahon na kung saan na tanging ang Panginoon lang ang ating kakapitan,” Erik who is known as today’s Pop Ballad Royalty said.

It gives so much hope and courage to all and I feel so blessed to have been given the chance to record this beautiful masterpiece,” he added.

Music fans welcomed the latest release and hailed its timely message as well as Erik’s beautiful rendition. “Full of hope and love.. so beautifully sang. Always best rendition @eriksantos,” said MJ1723 on YouTube.

Nakakadurog naman yan Erik,” commented Riza de Guzman.

Also known as the King of OPM Theme Songs, Erik is one of the mainstays of ABS-CBN Entertainment’s Sunday noontime variety show, “ASAP Natin ‘To.” He celebrated his birthday this month and was given a special birthday tribute on the show.

Listen to Erik’s “Sigaw Ng Puso” version, out now on various music streaming platforms. For more details, like Star Music on Facebook ( and follow it on Twitter and Instagram (@StarMusicPH).

Gerald Anderson Gives Advice to "Hello Heart" Leading Lady Gigi de Lana: "Kailangan mo ng stamina. Ako ang coach mo!"

Cameras start to roll for the production of ABS-CBN and IQiyi's first joint venture “Hello, Heart” starring veteran actor Gerald Anderson and newcomer Gigi de Lana.

On the sidelines of shooting, Gerald and Gigi shared their first day experience on the set.

Gigi: "Totoo ba to? Sa puso ko excited ako, kabado.First time ko eh. Ang partner ko pa Gerald, maintimidate ako."

Gerald: "Masasabi ko lang sa kanya [Gigi], enjoy. Pace yourself. Kailangan mo ng stamina sa trabahong ito. Stamina physically and emotionally. Ako ang coach mo."

Shopee Leads Vaccination Efforts to Pave the Way for Economic Recovery

In early 2020, the onset of the pandemic posted big challenges as businesses struggled to stay afloat due to strict lockdowns and social distancing measures. Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, responded accordingly by helping MSMEs shift online easily and seamlessly. And with vaccination programs ongoing, Shopee continues to aid economic recovery by mounting community initiatives focused on increasing vaccination education and uptake to fight against COVID-19. These programs include Shopee’s Vaccination Center Support drive, Shopee #FullyVaxxed Package, and the Department of Health’s (DOH) Resbakuna campaign.

With fewer cases during the first half of 2021, the country saw great potential for a rebound as there were less restrictions allowing mobility and economic activity. Because of this, the Philippines continues to push for the health and safety of its community through its vaccination efforts, with more than 51 million doses administered. When the health of the population improves due to the vaccine, it serves as an avenue for educational achievement, growth in work opportunities, improved social functions, and a better chance in economic recovery.

Shopee, in partnership with different brands and organizations, launched vaccine-centric initiatives to support the country’s journey towards a healthier and safer Philippines.

Vaccine Education through Resbakuna: Kasangga ng Bida

During the first quarter of 2021, many Filipinos were resistant to the vaccine due to three key reasons: concerns about potential side effects, uncertainty about efficacy, and skepticism. In partnership with DOH, Shopee educated the community about COVID-19 vaccines through a dedicated in-app microsite and social media initiatives. Through Shopee Live, DOH representatives Dr. Dominic “Meng” Maddumba and Beverly C. Ho, MD, MPH, Director IV, at the DOH Health Promotion Bureau, raised vaccine awareness to combat vaccine hesitancy and also discussed the facts about the vaccine’s safety and efficacy. Shopee recorded almost a total of 50,000 unique views for both live stream sessions.

Providing a more pleasant inoculation experience with Vaccination Center Support

Shopee partnered with local government units of Makati and Taguig to provide Filipinos with a more comfortable vaccination experience. Residents and frontliners from both cities received food and health kits from partner brands. These included snacks from Del Monte, Perfetti Van Melle, Dutchmill Soy, Monde Nissin, and Rebisco; bottled water from Hope in a Bottle; and health kits from Mighty Clean, Colgate, and Cosmetique Asia; and units of Symphony Air Coolers. With the positive reception of the public for the first two initiatives, Shopee aims to roll out the same project in Quezon City later this year with a total of 4,500 potential beneficiaries for all three cities.

Incentives for the fully-vaccinated with the #FullyVaxxed Package

From July to September 2021, the Shopee #FullyVaxxed Package offered fully vaccinated Filipinos a special bundle they can use for personal needs and encourage others to complete both doses. With more than 15,000 sign-ups, users enjoyed free shipping, discount vouchers from Shopee, and discount vouchers from various brands such as Manuka Health, Photobook, Bo’s Coffee, KonsultaMD, Uni-Care, The Smile Bar, Converse, Planet Sports, Globe, and Marketplace sellers such as Bella’s Online Store, ED.Kids, Flagship Store, and more.

Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “Shopee is committed to helping the nation’s efforts towards positive economic recovery as much as we can so that everyone can benefit from a safer and healthier society. We would also like to extend our gratitude to all our partners who have lent their support in many ways. Together our efforts can make a bigger impact.

Buy Load, Pay Bills, and Scan to Pay with ShopeePay. Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

Kim Chiu Celebrates 1st Year on ""It's Showtime" with a Show-Stopping Performance

Kim Chiu celebrated her 1st anniversary as an "It's Showtime" host with a trending show-stopping performance wherein she danced a Chinese instrumental song to Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" while drenched in the rain shower effect last Saturday (October 23).

Kim admitted that she never expected to stay for long in the program but she overcame the challenges, and now she is happy to serve her purpose to bring joy to the madlang pipol.

"It's a roller coaster ride of emotions pero mahilig ako sa extreme rides. I'm here for the ride sa harap pa ako nakaupo. Ang daming nangyari. Hindi ko alam na aabot ako dito ng isang taon sa 'It's Showtime.' Ang daming balakid pero ito tayo nakangiti. Ganoon talaga kapag may pinagdadaanan, dadaanan lang. Kaya tuloy ang buhay, tuloy ang pagbibigay saya," she remembered.

The Chinita Princess shared that she learned a lot from the show, and she thanked the bosses and her co-hosts for giving her a chance to join the "It's Showtime" family.

"Salamat, 'It's Showtime.' I've learned a lot. Every day is a learning experience. Every day may binibigay kayong chance sa akin dito sa 'It's Showtime' at dito sa entabladong ito. Ang gusto ko lang naman magpasaya at mag-inspire ng tao. May this show continue its purpose na magbigay ng saya at inspirasyon, tagumpay, and hope sa lahat ng madlang pipol na patuloy na nagbibigay support," she added.

Aside from Kim Chiu's powerful performance, viewers tuned into the weekly finals of "Reina ng Tahanan." Lina San Antonio was hailed as the Reina ng Tahanan weekly winner after receiving the highest score of 93.3% from judges Ruffa Gutierrez, Gelli de Belen, and Karylle.

Don’t miss the fun and excitement on “It’s Showtime” on A2Z, Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel and Facebook page, and on the iWantTFC app (iOs and Android) and Viewers outside of the Philippines can also catch it on The Filipino Channel on cable and IPTV.

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SMART Champions Creativity in BaiCon InFest 2021 on October 30 to 31

Leading mobile services provider Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) continues its commitment in nurturing and championing Filipinos’ creativity and passion for content creation by powering BaiCon InFest 2021, the biggest gathering of content creators and influencers from all around the Philippines, to be streamed on Facebook Live on October 30 and 31.

BaiCon InFest 2021 is expected to bring in more than 100 creators from all over the country and some parts of the world, seeking to connect them to their fans and audience, as well as various brands and agencies. The sessions will help the youth take on the different demands and challenges of the digital lifestyle.

Among the featured creators are:

AC Bonifacio
Kween Yasmin Asistido
Dimples Romana and her husband
Boyet Ahmee
Kimpoy Feliciano
Angie “Anghet” Cayetano
Mikey Bustos
Gino Quillamor
Bogart D’Explorer
Medyo Maldito
Snake Princess
Kean Cipriano
Ramon Bautista
Jen Barangan
Ady Cots
Xavier Gonzales Solis
Erwan Heussaff

Also included in the roster are:

Mark del Rosario
Renz David
Ian Mauricio
Kit Digno
Dr. Dex Mallari
Dr. Zeke Albaria
Ninong Ry
Phillip Te Hernandez (Davao Conyo)
Kim Charlie Cruz
Gandang Morenx
Deedee Villegas
Clare Inso
Chezka Carandang
Inka Magnaye
Dom Guyot
Justine Luzares
Nana Silayro

Win a 5G Phone when you join Smart’s social media challenges

Access to the Baicon InFest 2021 Facebook Live stream is FREE. Fans may watch today's top creators with Smart Prepaid Unli GIGA data offers — choose from Unli GIGA Stories, which comes with Unli Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Kumu; or Unli GIGA Video, which comes with non-stop YouTube, iWantTFC, NBA League Pass, and Cignal Play. Both promos come with 2 GB of open-access data for seven days for only P149. To subscribe to UNLI GIGA, simply log into the GigaLife App then choose UNLI GIGA.

Attendees of the Baicon Infest 2021 also have a chance to win a 5G phone when they post their y2K OOTD on Facebook, or by sharing their favorite y2K memories on Instagram. To join the contest, simply use the official hashtags #SmartBaicon2021 #UnliGigaStories and #PoweredBySmart.

Philippines’ fastest 5G network

Filipinos can stay updated with their favorite creators and create their own content with the next-level speeds of Smart, the country’s fastest and most reliable 5G mobile network as reported by Ookla®, the global leader in internet testing and analysis. To date, Smart has fired up over 4,400 sites in more than 4,000 locations nationwide making it the country's first, fastest, and widest 5G network.

Smart has also reasserted its dominance as the Philippines' fastest mobile network for the fourth year in a row, based on analysis by Ookla of tests taken with Speedtest® covering the first half of 2021.

For more information on BaiCon InFest 2021, visit and follow Smart on Facebook, and Twitter and Instagram @LiveSmart.

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