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The New Era of Freshness Has Arrived: TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Inverter Air Conditioner Now on Sale!

TCL, a leading consumer electronics brand and one of the world's top two TV brands, is happy to announce that the TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool 'Inverter Air Conditioner is finally available. Get ready to experience the invigorating comfort of breathable freshness with the latest innovation.

Dubbed as the coolest and freshest innovation, the The TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool 'Inverter Air Conditioner is set to give you the clarity of comfort like never before.

The TCL FreshIn Series Inverter Air Conditioner offers a comprehensive and advanced solution compared to conventional air conditioners from other brands. It aims to enhance the brand's reputation by focusing on freshness, health and comfort in living spaces.

Healthy Air for Healthier Homes

The TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool 'Inverter Air Conditioner is designed to improve the freshness and atmosphere within the indoor environment, promoting healthier living conditions with its innovative features.

The Two-way Fresh Air feature is a temperature balancing technology between the intake of new air and the exhaled portion of old air that prevents unpleasant variation in temperature by reducing or increasing new air as it passes through the heat exchanger and returning it to the same temperature as the interior stays at its most effective and healthy. There are two varieties of this device that are replicated as Internal Air Purification and Fresh Air System.

While the QuadruPuri filters provide incredibly effective air filtration and a healthy supply of fresh air by passing fresh air through four distinct layers (preliminary filter, silver ion antibacterial layer, HEPA high-efficiency filter, and high-density filter) and have excellent quality.

The function, Visible Air Quality Display, gives an immediate awareness as it gives the real-time air quality display. Users can easily determine whether the air quality in your room is at its ideal level by using the color code.

The TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool 'Inverter Air Conditioner has also FreshIN + Function, an effective indoor air purifier that keeps your home or place at work feel great! With its four convenient modes namely Breathing Mode, Fresh Air Mode, Exhaust Mode, and Purification Mode this sort of device is an excellent choice to enjoy this coming summer season.

Don’t get worried with the air flowing out because the TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool 'Inverter Air Conditioner is also crafted with a Gentle Breeze feature that gives people the comfort of a mild, natural wind in addition to the cooling benefits of air conditioning.

The 4 - Step Auto Clean feature helps in efficiently cleaning away dust, dirt, and other impurities. The process from drewing, frosting, sterilizing to drying; this deep clean function utilizes water molecules in the air to clean away. Giving a superior way to enjoy cleaner air with just one hit of the button.

Meanwhile, the Indoor Temperature Control Expert makes the temperature in the room more manageable because of its consistency. Thus, the most efficient method to staying cool inside your room.

If you’re into smart appliances, then you’ll love the Smart Control feature that has the ability to remotely operate using an app or with basic voice commands. The fresh air volume in real time may also be shown to you by the TCL home app. With the electricity control feature, it effortlessly keeps an eye on your usage and gives you a clear picture of what you're using on AC. Additionally, alter Your Sleep Experience's settings to suit the requirements of various age groups, including adults, seniors and children.

The TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool Air Conditioner is now available in all authorized TCL Dealers nationwide. For more information, visit the TCL website at

Marc Logan Signs Up with TV5, Headlines New Show Titled "Top 5 Mga Kwentong Marc Logan"

Renowned broadcaster Marc Logan officially joined the roster of TV5 talents in a recent contract signing attended by the Kapatid Network’s top executives. The popular “Pambansang Pantanggal ng Umay” will soon be seen on TV5 via his new show "Top 5 Mga Kwentong Marc Logan" which will start airing on April 6.

Known for his wit, charm, and unique brand of humor, Marc Logan promises to deliver a program that will provide audiences with much-needed laughter and relief from the stresses of daily life.

In Top 5 Mga Kwentong Marc Logan, he will be taking viewers on an amusing journey from trending topics to interesting stories of people, places and events. This exciting new show offers a unique blend of humor, entertainment, and insightful storytelling, showcasing Marc Logan’s undeniable talent and charm to a wider audience.

Aside from the featured top 5 stories, the program will also have three special segments: “Taba ng U-Talk” Naisip mo pa yun? which highlights the Filipinos’ sense of humor, ManOpet! which showcases people or pets with extraordinary talents, and Pakitalk-kitalk which gives a rundown of social media’s weekly viral videos.

As a seasoned broadcaster and host, Marc Logan knows how to captivate viewers and keep them coming back for more. Whether he's interviewing celebrity guests, exploring quirky news stories, or engaging in hilarious skits, viewers can expect lots of laughter and fun-filled moments in every Marc Logan signature presentation.

Get ready for more hilarious stories in Top 5 Mga Kwentong Marc Logan which will premiere this coming April 6 on TV5! For more information and updates, follow the official social media pages of TV5 on Facebook, Instagram, X app, and YouTube, or visit their website at

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