Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Alden Richards Advocates the Fight Against Plastic Pollution with Century Tuna "Saving Our Seas" Initiative

For the first time ever, Asia’s Multimedia Star and Century Tuna Ambassador Alden Richards dived the seas of Anilao in Mabini, Batangas to join the Century Tuna Saving Our Seas initiative, an advocacy that highlights the importance of preserving the local marine biodiversity and plastic waste management in the country.

I'm not going to scuba dive for leisure but I'm going to scuba dive to help protect the planet and to save our seas,” said Alden pointing out how important it is for celebrities like him to use their platform to influence and amplify the messages on pressing issues including plastic pollution, climate change and other environment concerns.

The Saving Our Seas program is an initiative of the local canned tuna brand, Century Tuna, that aims to raise awareness about the current challenges that we are facing because of plastic pollution that affects not only marine biodiversity but the human population as well. Century Tuna recognizes that the Philippines is part of the ‘Coral Triangle’ that is the center of the world’s marine biodiversity which is why the local tuna brand exerts efforts in addressing the ecological challenges that currently affects the Philippine seas. Century Tuna, through Saving Our Seas, encourages people to join the fight against plastic pollution and become part of the solution to conserving the environment. In partnership with Aling Tindera Waste-to-Cash program by HOPE, an impact organization, communities can collect plastic wastes that they can exchange for an amount of money. The Saving Our Seas project reinforces the Plastic Circular Economy which diverts collected and recycled plastic away from nature.

Alden Richards also revealed that Century Tuna Saving Our Seas is his first environmental advocacy project and that this initiative opened his eyes to the impact of plastic pollution on the ecosystem.

The superstar said, “This is the first and it’s saddening that people still take waste management for granted. Way back, I used to think that throwing a piece of wrapper wouldn’t hurt but when I saw the reef, it made me ask myself what would happen if 10,000 people thought the same? I believe that change starts in you. If you want to see change, be the change you want to see because the things that we take for granted will make an impact on the future generations.”

Through the Saving Our Seas initiative, Century Tuna hopes to help strengthen the Plastic Circular Economy which entails that all plastics collected and recycled will not leak back into the open environment. In partnership with HOPE, the Saving Our Seas project aims to collect 10 metric tons of plastic this 2023.

It's really about the cause that made me say yes – a combination of scuba diving and reef cleaning. I've never done that in this lifetime so I’m very honored. Thank you, Century Tuna for considering me to be a part of this,” said Alden.

Alden Richards was joined by Century Tuna executives including Century Pacific Food Inc. Executive Chairman Mr. Chris Po, Director & Treasurer Mr. Leo Po, EVP & COO Mr. Greg Banzon, VP & GM for Branded Tuna Business Mr. Carlo Endaya, HOPE Founder Ms. Nanette Medved-Po and Managing Director Ms. Ilusion Farias, Century Tuna Superbods winners and finalists together with volunteers from the community.

Century Tuna Ambassador Alden Richards joins the crowd of Brgy. Ligaya, Mabini, Batangas Coinciding with the celebration of Earth Hour, the commencement of the Saving Our Seas initiative was filled with environment-conscious activities including shore and reef clean up, community visit, and the observance of Earth Hour.

Aside from Asia's Multimedia Star Alden Richards, the newest Century Tuna ambassador Pia Wurtzbach also supports the Saving Our Seas advocacy.

For more information, feel free to visit the newest Saving our Seas microsite at https://centurytuna.ph/SavingOurSeas/ or visit Century Tuna Superbods on Facebook or @centurytunasuperbods on Instagram for more updates.

Bloodbath Action in Horror-Comedy Film "Renfield" Starring Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult Opens in PH Cinemas on April 26

A wildly inventive take on vampire mythology, “Renfield” stars Nicholas Hoult as the sad, perennially abused henchman of Dracula (Nicolas Cage) who, after dutifully serving his exploitative master for decades, is in the grips of a full-blown everlasting-life crisis. Renfield is unwilling to do Dracula’s bidding any longer but has no idea how to strike out on his own.

That all changes when he meets New Orleans cop Rebecca (Awkwafina), a principled officer with some unresolved anger issues, who is determined to bring down the city’s most powerful crime family, led by Bellafrancesca Lobo (Shohreh Aghdashloo) and her son Tedward (Ben Schwartz). Inspired by Rebecca’s willingness to stand up for what’s right, Renfield begins to imagine a brighter future for himself, one where he might escape the drudgery of his nightly existence and enjoy walking among the living once more.

After more than a century of servitude, Renfield longs to be away from all-powerful Dracula, but the vampire has no intention of allowing Renfield to walk free. It’s a situation that’s left Renfield feeling largely hopeless and unhappy. The role is portrayed by Emmy nominee Nicholas Hoult. Hoult immediately zeroed in on Renfield’s emotional core. “Renfield’s just exhausted with the prospect of continuing to do Dracula’s dirty work,” Hoult says. “He’s worn down, beaten down and looking for an escape or some sort of spark to return to his normal life and what he misses. It’s a toxic relationship between Renfield and Dracula - they’ve been together for so long and they really know how to push each other’s buttons and work against each other.”

Few actors commit to a role the way Academy Award®-winner Nicolas Cage does, and his outsized presence made him an obvious choice to take on the iconic role of Dracula. Not to mention, he had previously embraced his inner bloodsucker very early in his career, for the 1988 cult favorite Vampire’s Kiss. For Cage, the challenge lay in tapping into the complicated dynamic between his character and Hoult’s - finding the nuances of their rapport while remaining true to both the horrific and comedic moments. “The subject matter itself is not funny, it’s disturbing,” Cage says. “But at the root of it, there is a kind of love there. And then there are moments where it’s just abuse. It’s the dark side of human relationships that we’re exploring in this. That’s not an easy subject to take on, and certainly, to give it the spin of comedy, it’s tricky.”

Renfield might be trapped in a toxic relationship at the start of Renfield, but New Orleans police officer Rebecca is facing troubles of her own. The role is portrayed by Awkwafina, who’s known for her work in such acclaimed films as Crazy Rich Asians, The Farewell and Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings. Their rapport feels so natural largely because the two performers genuinely enjoyed working together. “Nick Hoult is the perfect leading man,” Awkwafina says. “His energy is magnetic, and what he’s bringing to this character is a level of humor that is really hard to embody. I found myself cracking up all the time when I was working with him.”

A Universal Pictures International release, Renfield will open in PH cinemas on April 26.

HORI7ON First Fan Meeting “Hundred Days Miracle” Sold Out!

Hundred Days Miracle,” the highly-anticipated first fan meeting of the newly launched global pop group HORI7ON, is sold out just days five days after tickets started to sell.

Fans have been on a frenzy over the HORI7ON members Jeromy Batac, Marcus Cabais, Kyler Chua, Vinci Malizon, Reyster Yton, Kim Ng and Winston Pineda will be meeting their fans on April 22 at the New Frontier Theater.

Both hashtags #HORI7ONFirstFanmeeting and #100DaysMiracle trended on Twitter on the first day of ticket sales last Saturday. As of this writing, only balcony tickets are available.

Meanwhile, the music video of HORI7ON’s second debut single "Salamat" has already earned 2.2 million views within six days after its release last April 5. Itfeatured the recording of HORI7ON membersand some of the group's pictures during past mall tours. It is the newly minted group's song for the fans who supported them since their "Dream Maker" journey.

The seven-member group's first pre-debut single "Dash" has also hit more than 100,000 streams on Spotify.

Things have been looking great for the group since it was just a month ago when Jeromy, Marcus, Kyler, Vinci, Reyster, Kim, and Winston were announced to be members of HORI7ON after they won the country's first idol survival show, "Dream Maker."

ABS-CBN Film Restoration Screens Its Digitally Restored Classics 'Nunal sa Tubig,' 'Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos,' and 'Dekada '70' at the 29th Vesoul International Film Festival

ABS-CBN Film Restoration continues to take centerstage overseas as it featured its digitally restored classics at the 29th Vesoul International Film Festival, an annual filmfest highlighting Asian cinema, which happened recently in France.

Among the digitally restored titles screened from its Sagip Pelikula initiative are the 1976 family-drama classic "Nunal sa Tubig" starring Elizabeth Oropesa, the period-drama film "Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos" featuring Nora Aunor, and Star Cinema's historical-drama "Dekada '70" top-billed by Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon, and Piolo Pascual.

Apart from its screenings on the international big screen, ABS-CBN Film Restoration head Leo Katigbak had the opportunity to share the state of Philippine cinema and film restoration today with the international film audience as one of Vesoul's guest speakers.

Leo also shared his delight in international attendees' interest in taking digitally restored classics to more international film festivals, following the screenings of the featured titles during the Vesoul Filmfest.

"It's also been heartwarming to receive many inquiries for our restored films to participate in festivals. I think our restored classics are finding an audience that remembers, discovers, or rediscovers these films by virtue of the fact that even some five decades ago, we were already getting noticed in foreign festivals. I feel that the foreign attention will also benefit us here since it gives the films prominence and a higher profile," Leo added.

Despite the clamor of bringing more restored Filipino classics to global shores is much evident today, he then added that there's more work needed to be done locally in promoting the withstanding legacy of Philippine cinema through restoration efforts, and that is what Sagip Pelikula, alongside partner organizations including the FDCP, has been working on for the longest time.

As to what to expect from ABS-CBN Film Restoration and its Sagip Pelikula initiative, Leo said they are continuing their efforts despite ABS-CBN's recent struggles as they dig deeper into their archive and restore older titles ranging from pre-World War II to the golden age of Philippine cinema during the 50s, with soon premiering the digitally restored version of the 1950 melodrama classic "Mutya ng Pasig" this April among others.

Today, Sagip Pelikula has restored and remastered over 200 titles since its launch, with inclusions of marquee titles such as "Himala," "Oro, Plata, Mata," "Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon," "Kakabakaba Ka Ba?," "Ibong Adarna," among many others.

For more details on its upcoming film showings, follow ABS-CBN Film Restoration on Facebook (facebook.com/filmrestorationabscbn), Twitter (@ABS_Restoration), and Instagram (@abscbnfilmrestoration).

Puregold Channel’s Newest Digital Series "Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile" Opens on April 22

Puregold, a leading retail company in the Philippines and a pioneer in retailtainment, continues to rock digital spaces through its hit series on social media platforms, YouTube and Tiktok. After the success of its YouTube series “GVBoys” and “Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask,” and the first Tiktok series “52 Weeks,” Puregold is back at it with its newest digital show, “Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile,” which releases its first episode on April 22.

Boasting an impressive cast of talented actors like Wilbert Ross playing the lead role of Bryce, and Yukii Takahashi playing the co- lead Angge, “Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile” will surely snag the hearts of more netizens all over the country with yet another relatable and feel-good story.

The series’ supporting cast features Kat Galang as Genski; Migs Almendras as Ketch; Marissa Sanchez as Bessie (Bryce's mom); Star Orjaliza as Yaya Aimee; Moi Marcampo as Chili Anne (who has a crush on Bryce); TJ Valderrama as Cyrus (Angge's brother); and Anjo Resurreccion as Jerry (Angge's ex).

For Episode 1, viewers will witness how Bryce navigates life, his video-game interest and expertise, and how his mother, Bessie, constantly nags him to look for a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Angge is recovering from Toxoplasmosis, a brain infection that currently limits her movement. In the first episode, the two leads will cross paths on a digital platform called Talkverse.

Directed by Victor Villanueva, the same award-winning director behind Puregold’s hit series “Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask,” this new digital series’ conflicting turns will set the stage for an exciting and emotional journey for Bryce, Angge, and their friends.

Utilizing social media as vital to its narrative, “Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile” is set to depict realities that young Filipinos can relate to. With a seasoned director, a talented cast, and a compelling story, it’s a series that Puregold Price Club President, Vincent Co, is happy to share, saying, “We are excited to deliver another Puregold Channel original content to our customers and audiences.”

Do you want FREE entertainment? Subscribe now to Puregold Channel on YouTube. For more updates, like @puregold.shopping on Facebook, follow @puregold_ph on Instagram and Twitter, and @puregoldph on TikTok.

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