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Just In! Moira del Torre is Home Credit's Official Ambassador for #ParaSaLife Campaign

Home Credit Philippines (HCPH), the country’s leading consumer finance company, introduced singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre as the brand’s ambassador for its “Para sa Life” campaign that aims to share a message of hope for a better life for Filipinos.

Moira, the most-streamed Filipina artist for bigness, performed the theme song “Para Sa Life” of Home Credit campaign video.

I loved it. It was so special to me,” Moira said, pertaining to the song. “I’m glad that Home Credit gives me the opportunity to be their ambassador so I can give voice to that wonderful song to inspire more Filipinos,” she added.

The singer-songwriter behind the hit songs “Malaya,” “Tagpuan,” and many more believes that Home Credit’s new campaign can touch the hearts of millions of Filipinos.

I really love that Home Credit allows us to have somebody to rely on. Back in college, I really wanted to buy a microwave for myself since I was living alone. But I knew that it was impossible for me to get one since I couldn’t afford it in cash,” Moira said laughing.

Now, I love that Home Credit provides us the accessibility to purchase the things we need in life while giving us the flexibility in our payment terms. And I’m happy that someone out there, who I once was like, can now buy their microwave because of Home Credit,” Moira added.

This campaign of Home Credit aims to inspire more Filipinos, be it the young professionals, couples starting a family, and those who have already established their lives - to pursue their life’s dreams, Para sa Life.

Bringing Home Credit Closer, Relatable to Filipinos

Sheila Paul, HCPH’s Chief Marketing Officer, expressed her delight in the song being an inspiration to individuals who aspire financial stability.

This new song of Home Credit encapsulates the brand’s promise of companionship through the use of our easily accessible and affordable financial products for our Filipino consumers. Also, the song relays that Home Credit is ideal for young families and starting individuals who aspire to establish their lifelong plans and helping them turn small dreams into reality,” she shared.

Homonym, an agency specializing in sonic branding and end-to-end music and audio marketing solutions, helped Home Credit’s “Para sa Life” campaign with an effective combination of sight and sounds.

Marketing strategies have turned to visual messaging these past two years and now, marketers are on the lookout to explore other senses that can work. This is where Sonic Branding comes in. It is a strategic, purposeful and consistent use of sound and music in branding and marketing to shape perception and behavior,” said Homonym founder and chief executive Mike Constantino.

By using studies that provide insight into the music habits of Filipino consumers, Homonym was able to determine Home Credit’s brand essence and fine-tuned it with the preferences of the target market to produce a melody that portrays a positive vibe and the feeling of trust and respect.

Sight targets the brain while sound targets emotions thus eliciting feelings. By creating that emotional connection with the brand’s own signature sound, it will create a long-lasting effect on the target audience and increase familiarity with the brand,” he added.

Paul believed that tapping Homonym in the campaign made Filipinos relate to the message Home Credit wanted to convey.

As a reliable financial partner of Filipinos, Home Credit has a greater mission of helping its consumers better manage their finances and promote financial inclusion. With music as a huge part of our lives, we at Home Credit saw the value of building our sonic identity and communicating our messages through music to make more people relate to the message of hope and trust that we are trying to convey,” said Paul.

Check out the official music video of Moira dela Torre for Home Credit's "Para sa Life" campaign by visiting the brand's official Facebook and YouTube accounts.

Miguel Tanfelix, Ysabel Ortega, and Yasser Marta Love Triangle featured in "What We Could Be" Series and Music Video

GMA and Quantum Films started July with the release of the music video of the official theme song of their inaugural collaboration project "What We Could Be" with the same title as that of the series.

The music video served as the first teaser of the series headlined by Miguel Tanfelix, Ysabel Ortega, and Yasser Marta.

The song "What We Could" is performed by Fl-Am singer Amy Vachal and is written and composed by spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo, with musical arrangement by Emerzon Texon.

It is published by UMG Phils Inc. and is produced by Quantum Films founder and COO Atty. Joji Villanueva Alonso.

The music video shows how two different worlds meet.

It highlights the simple yet happy family of Cynthia (Ysabel Ortega), and the extravagant life of Franco (Miguel Tanfelix).

The two meet in an unromantic way after Cynthia knocks her head on the gate before the intimidating Franco introduces himself to the clumsy lady who gets attracted to him instantly.

The poor lady and the rich guy pretty much get along until another man enters the picture--he is Lucas (Yasser Marta).

Cynthia and Lucas often hang out and Franco can't help but feel jealous towards their closeness.

Premiering this August on GMA Telebabad, What We Could Be is Sparkle sweethearts Miguel Tanfelix and Ysabel Ortega's first series as a love team. It may not be airing yet, but many already notice the chemistry between them and think that they're an item.

Shopee Sellers Share Two Major Tips on How to Build a Successful Business Online

With inflation rising and economic recession looming, it may seem difficult for aspiring entrepreneurs to invest in an online business. Despite the economic situation and the challenges it poses, Davao-based Shopee sellers Shiela Reyes-Lao and Lou Putian prove that one can still manage to start an online business and become successful.

In a recent face-to-face event held by Shopee for Davao-based entrepreneurs, both sellers shared how easy it was to join and grow their businesses on Shopee, even in the face of economic uncertainty.

Tip #1: Just go online, digitize your business

SY Glow Cosmetics owner Lou Putian’s e-commerce journey started when her husband, an Overseas Filipino Worker, was sent home in 2020. “We had little to no income at the time. To continue paying our bills, I started selling bath and body care essentials haphazardly online until some of my loyal customers urged me to set up a Shopee store,” she shared.

In just 2 months after creating an account and learning how to market her products through the platform, her sales greatly increased. “From barely making ends meet then, I’ve now been able to fulfill my dream of purchasing houses for family members and even establishing my own warehouse,” she added.

Meanwhile, Shiela of Cacao Culture, already joined Shopee in 2017. However, she and her team only focused their efforts on the platform after the pandemic affected their operations. “Initially, our Shopee account was only meant to supplement our retail store sales. But when the pandemic hit, we were forced to close down our physical stores and outlets - prompting us to refocus our efforts on e-commerce,” she shared.

Since making the leap to e-commerce, Shiela grew her sales volume 7x. Cacao Culture’s growth and visibility on the platform also encouraged Shiela and her team to carry more Davao-based cacao brands and sell them nationwide.

Tip #2: Maximize Shopee’s convenience, seller tools, and nationwide logistics network

Besides the need to shift to a new income stream, what drew both sellers to Shopee was how easy it was to onboard into and sell on the platform. “With Shopee, all you need is a mobile phone and internet connection,” shared Lou. “The convenience that Shopee offers allows entrepreneurs like me to manage my own business and care for my family, all from the comfort of my own home.

Having benefited from the seamless Shopee experience to easily bring sellers online, Shiela also highlighted that growing and sustaining one’s business is another story and different kind of challenge. Fortunately, Shopee offers tools like insights and marketing solutions to help sellers further their business growth and visibility. Moreover, Shopee’s continuous logistics expansion nationwide also allows sellers like Shiela to reach more customers.

As a Davao-based seller, I found it challenging to sell my products online and attract more buyers at the beginning. Through Shopee’s establishment of more hubs in Mindanao and the tools on the platform’s Marketing Center, I was able to attract more customers nationwide by setting up promotions, discounts, and vouchers,” she said.

Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines said, “It is heartwarming to hear Lou and Shiela’s success stories as it is a testament to what sellers are capable of achieving on Shopee’s platform. Through seller education activities, continuous advancement of platform features, nationwide hub expansion, and other initiatives, we strengthen our commitment to deliver a safe and convenient online shopping experience for both our customers and sellers, no matter where they are in the Philippines.”

If you want to grow your business online and enjoy the numerous benefits of e-commerce, start your online selling journey with Shopee today. 

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

Smart Prepaid Empowers Subscribers with New Power All 99 Offer

Mobile services provider Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) is giving subscribers both the power to choose how they make the most of their day and the power to enjoy unlimited entertainment as it unveils the new Power All 99 and 149 offers for prepaid subscribers.

With Power All 99, Smart Prepaid enables subscribers to fluidly adapt to a hybrid world – needing online access to school, work, responsibilities, hobbies and everything in between. Because they cannot settle for bite-sized promos that feature only limited access to specific online activities, Smart Prepaid’s solution is to give subscribers the power to do what they want with Power All 99, which comes with 8 GB for all sites and apps, Unli TikTok, and Unli Texts to All Networks valid for 7 days for only Php99.

Power All 99 comes at a crucial time when many Filipinos have taken their daily activities online and therefore need a value-packed offer that gives them the power to choose and enjoy all their favorite digital activities however they want. This is just one of the many ways we empower subscribers to live more on the back of our superior network,” said Francis E. Flores, SVP and Head of Consumer Business Wireless – Individual at Smart.

Power to choose with data for all sites and apps

Subscribers can use Power All 99 for a wide range of productivity apps at work or school, or for their choice of entertainment on-the-go – whether through streaming videos, listening to music and podcasts, or playing mobile games.

They can also use their huge open access data to browse their favorite websites, share content on social media, make video calls using their favorite apps, and access essential digital services such as e-banking, food delivery, and online shopping.

Power to enjoy unlimited fun with Unli TikTok

Power All 99 also comes with Unli TikTok, so subscribers can enjoy the widely popular app to watch trending videos and uploads by of their favorite content creators – from dance and song covers, food and product reviews, DIY projects, funny pet reels, and mini-vlogs, among other interesting content.

With Unli TikTok, they can access all the fun and enjoyment the app has to offer practically anytime and anywhere – during their commute, mini-breaks, between errands, or their me-time at the end of the day.

Power All 99 also features Unli Text to All Networks so subscribers can stay in touch with their loved ones and friends all the time, no matter their service provider. Subscribers can also enjoy a bigger data allocation of 12 GB of data for all sites, Unli TikTok and Unli Calls to All Networks when they register to Power All 149.

Smart Prepaid subscribers may register to Power All 99 by logging into the GigaLife App or their go-to mobile wallet app, by dialing *123#, or by heading to the nearest retailer or convenience store.

Philippines’ fastest 5G mobile network

Smart offers Power All 99 powered by the country's fastest 5G mobile network, as certified by Ookla, the global leader in mobile and broadband network intelligence.

Smart also dominated the latest Opensignal Mobile Network Experience Report in 11 out of a possible 16 categories covering the essential aspects of service, including speed, coverage, and experience.

Know more about how Smart Prepaid empowers subscribers with Power All 99 by following Smart’s official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

BGYO Latest Song “Tumitigil Ang Mundo” Relates World-Stopping Effect of Love

BGYO makes hearts swoon anew with its electric new song “Tumitigil Ang Mundo,” the first single off the group’s upcoming sophomore album.

“Tumitigil Ang Mundo” accentuates the perfect blend of Gelo, Akira, JL, Mikki, and Nate’s vocals over an upbeat and vibrant melody that encapsulates the song’s romantic theme. It also brings out intense ‘kilig’ through its lyrics that illustrate how falling in love and being with the right person can magically feel like everything in the world just stops.

The song was composed and produced by several musicians and producers from local sound production house FlipMusic and released under Star Music.

Meanwhile, the music video for “Tumitigil Ang Mundo” has also been released, which shows the boys having fun in a theme park. They also perform the endearing and bubbly choreography for the track, which will surely brighten up the day of their fans.

Prior to its drop, BGYO’s loyal fandom ACEs made sure to share their anticipation for the song on social media, landing “TUMITIGIL ANG MUNDO RELEASE” among the top 5 trending topics on Twitter Philippines.

“Tumitigil Ang Mundo” follows the P-Poy boy group’s recent single “Best Time,” which serves as the theme song of “He’s Into Her” season 2.

BGYO is set to heat up the stage tomorrow (July 15) with its sibling group BINI and other P-Pop groups at the Tugatog Music Festival at the MOA Arena as well as at the “Be You” benefit concert on July 22.

Freeze a moment with your loved one in time by streaming BGYO’s “Tumitigil Ang Mundo” on various digital music platforms and watching its music video. 

For more details, like Star Music on Facebook ( and follow it on Twitter and Instagram (@StarMusicPH).

Pain and Struggle Before the Happy Ending: The Love and Success Story of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Trisha Geronimo of Aqua Skin Philippines

They may be new in the business. But Jeff Geronimo and wife Trisha Fabros-Geronimo have already dominated a fair share of the beauty and wellness market in the Philippines.

Jeff is the founder of Japanese beauty brand Aqua Skin in the country. With his hardwork, perseverance, and his wife Trisha's love and untiring support, Aqua Skin has now become a household name. Jeff also received numerous recognitions including the Asia Leaders Award, the most prestigious award-giving body in Asia. He was chosen out of more than 1,000 nominees who rose and succeeded amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

But do you know that the road for success was not easy for Jeff and Trisha whose company was built in the middle of the pandemic? They even left with no choice but to postpone their wedding because of the fear and uncertainty brought about by the pandemic. Their business partners even tricked them. There were even an instances of loss of sales. But they never stopped.

"Our road to success was not an easy one, but thanks to the untiring efforts of all our partners, wholesalers, and distributors, we have solidified our ground and achieved success for Aqua Skin Philippines," Jeff said as he recalled their humble beginnings.

Here is a narrative of their inspiring story as shared by Jeff himself:

Trish and I’s original wedding date was supposed to be March 18, 2019. But then we all knew what happened during that time. The pandemic hit, and because of it, we decided to postpone our plans move the date later when things are a bit better. Of course, you can imagine how hard it was to actually visualize when are we supposed to move it. At that time as we tried reaching out to our wedding suppliers, we had a lot of questions and uncertainties I’m sure other engaged couples had because of COVID-19. It was partly challenging but when Trish and I focused on the present situation, we grew even closer together, we got to know ourselves better in times of crisis and limitations too. And then it clicked to me, that maybe it was God’s way of reassuring us that we are where we’re supposed to be, that because we were just so sure of getting married, we would be able to wait for that perfect time. And thinking of it now, we are more confident and sure of our next step in life together.

Looking back when the surge came, sales were starting to go not-so-good. It went to the point that our passbook for the business account reached the negative figures. Raw materials were getting harder to find because of the trouble with importation of goods. Almost all of our suppliers struggled greatly in this pandemic.

I had good, industrious, and hopeful people with me, and I just couldn’t let them down because of the worldwide health crisis. As their leader, I needed to do something. So what I did was, I used my personal savings meant for our Church Wedding and to-be-constructed house. In short, aside from our wedding, being postponed, even our future home was put on-hold. What motivated me to do this is my Team. We even added more employees before COVID-19 came. To think that during the peak of the pandemic, a lot of people lost their jobs. Why would I allow my employees to experience the same hardships? No one wanted this pandemic to happen. Unlike other companies that closed down for good or retrenched their workers, I made sure they were kept well and safe. Their welfare is more important than the material things I dreamt of in that moment. And once I was able to establish keeping them, I spent the remaining of my savings in producing Aqua Skin products. It was as if we were all starting from scratch all over again. With that challenge, I was able to see how each and every one of the team pursued to make the brand work. I saw their dedication, loyalty, and trust not only with the brand but with me as well.

Up until now, our team is complete - growing in fact! I am utterly grateful for these individuals for putting so much of their heart and soul in Aqua Skin. And whenever I look back at the ordeal we’ve been through and I can never express the pride I have in them.

Aqua Skin’s success story is always worth telling. For just 5 employees working in an apartment unit years back, all that we have now has been a dream come true. We started out having little to nothing to invest, as well as no connections to aid us in climbing the market. My beginning was just from a humble home. All the success you are seeing now is the fruit of love, trust, and hard work of everyone from the team. Success never comes pouring instantly, it needs to take its time and flourish.

Despite the hurdles of being tricked by business partners, instances of loss of sales, and the grandest of them all: the pandemic, we never stopped. The moment you stopped working, you lose twice of what was already made in your craft. It’s okay to pause and to recollect, but never stop thriving if you want to be successful in business. Actually, the pandemic became our motivation to move forward. It works to focus on the solutions rather than the problem. Be proactive, as the say. That’s the best takeaway we can ever give anyone. Giving up is never an option, there will always be solutions coming your way. You just need to trust the process.

Aqua Skin Philippines is a Japanese brand focusing on improving beauty and wellness. Through extensive research and development, the company came up with premium products that became a hit on the market while providing the clients with a high-end and satisfying consumer experience.

Among its popular products were Aqua Skin Philippines Glutathione Capsules, Aqua Skin Gold, Aqua Skin Amino Collagen Powder, Aqua Skin Kagayaki Drink, Tsubaki Soap, Aqua Skin Lipstick, and its newest product, Kaizen C+.

Aqua Skin celebrity endorsers include Max Collins, Julie Anne San Jose, and Kelvin Miranda

For more information and to order Aqua Skin Philippines products, check out on Facebook, or @aquaskin_ph on Instagram.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

TV5’s “Iba’ng Saya Pag Sama-Sama” Campaign Station ID Features the Brightest Kapamilya and Kapatid Stars and Line-up of Exciting Programs

This July, TV5 has launched its newest Station ID which resonates with the network’s all-encompassing message of inclusivity, content variety, and endearing Filipino values. With the new campaign tagline of “Iba’ng Saya Pag Sama-Sama,” TV5 takes pride in gathering its talented artists, producing high-quality shows that caters to Filipino audiences from all over the country, and bringing in the best television programs from Cignal Entertainment, Brightlight Productions, ABS-CBN, Sari-Sari Network, Inc., and many more.

The “Iba’ng Saya Pag Sama-Sama” Station ID highlights new and upcoming shows to air on TV5, led by the cast of Oh My Korona with Majestic Superstar Maja Salvador; Suntok Sa Buwan with Aga Muhlach, Elijah Canlas, and Maris Racal; and ABS-CBN’s Darna with Jane De Leon, Joshua Garcia, Janella Salvador, and Zaijan Jaranilla.

Featured as well are Kapatid hosts, celebrities, news anchors and athletes from the network’s flagship shows Sing Galing, News5, Frontline Pilipinas, and PBA

Adhering to its campaign message in bringing everyone together, the Station ID also showcased programs concurrently airing on TV5 such as Brightlight Productions' Lunch Out Loud, Sari-Sari Network, Inc.’s Rolling In It Philippines Season 2, and ABS-CBN’s FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, 2 Good 2 Be True, A Family Affair, Love in 40 Days, and ASAP Natin ‘To.

It is such a groundbreaking feat to finally bring together all these talented stars in a way that was never thought possible before. We are proud to achieve this in TV5, and it truly gives more meaning to the network’s new ‘Iba’ng Saya Pag Sama-Sama’ campaign. This Station ID serves as a glimpse of what we have in store for our viewers in the coming days and months, showcasing TV5 as the platform that features the stars and programs from some of the industry’s top content producers,” shared Cignal TV and TV5 President and CEO Robert P. Galang.

Adding to the network’s groundbreaking feats is the unprecedented back-to-back airing of two powerhouse shows that will change the landscape of Philippine TV. Set to happen this July 16, Brightlight Productions’ Lunch Out Loud and ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime will power up the new Lunchtime Saya block of TV5 and will definitely be something viewers can look forward to for their daily noontime entertainment.

Catch the new “Iba’ng Saya Pag Sama-Sama” Station ID on TV5’s Facebook page and YouTube channel or via this link:

Don’t forget to tune in to TV5 to catch the upcoming shows and surprises to be announced by the network soon.

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Ayanna Misola and Diego Loyzaga's "Ang Babaeng Nawawala sa Sarili" Streaming July 15, 2022 on Vivamax

An aspiring model named Albina loses her inhibitions and innocence with three men. But as she finds sexual pleasure, she also seems to be losing her mind.

Ang Babaeng Nawawala sa Sarili” was first published as a series under Hiwaga Komiks. The story was popularized when prime actress Dina Bonnevie gave life to the character in its 1989 movie adaptation.

A reimagination of a classic, Albina is played by Vivamax A-lister Ayanna Misola. Misola has become one of Viva’s most in-demand actresses since her launching movie, “#Pornstar2: Pangalawang Putok” in 2021, followed by “Siklo”, “Kinsenas, Katapusan”, “Putahe”, and the hit series “L” and "Iskandalo."

The three men in Albina’s life are Lawrence, Wendell, and Greg.

Lawrence, played by Diego Loyzaga, is a photographer who takes notice of Albina at a party. It doesn’t take long before she becomes his girlfriend.

Wendell, played by Adrian Alandy, is the ex-boyfriend who is still obsessed with Albina. Despite him cheating on her, Albina’s parents are still in favour of him.

Greg, played by Mon Confiado, is a designer and owner of the prestigious Manos Fashion House. He has the power to fulfil her dream of being a model.

All these men make Albina’s life colorful, but there’s a dark force, by the name of Olivia, played by Ava Mendez, that’s hell-bent on possessing her body. What madness will this spirit bring?

Cult director Roman Perez, Jr. believes that this movie adaptation is more progressive than the 1989 version because it's more grounded to the current sensibilities of the characters and he believes that there is no one who can play the role Albina, but Ayanna Misola.

Portraying her role has been a great challenge for Ayanna Misola. The scenes were so intense that her anxiety was triggered on the first day of shooting. Ayanna Misola’s performance in “Ang Babaeng Nawawala sa Sarili” is a must-see, and we’re not just talking about her sexy scenes. Catch it on Vivamax on July 15, 2022.

To stream this movie, go to or download the app and subscribe via Google Play Store, App Store, or Huawei App Gallery.

For payment thru website, you may choose from EC Pay, 7 Eleven, All Day, All Day, Pay Mongo, GrabPay, GCash, or PayMaya. For payment thru app, you may choose from Globe, Smart, GCash, Paypal, Visa, or Mastercard. For payment thru Ecommerce, you may choose from Lazada, Comworks, Clickstore, or Paymaya. For payment thru authorized outlets, you may choose from Load Manna, Comworks, Cebuana Lhuillier, Palawan Express, and Load Central. VivaMax’s cable partners are SkyCable, Cable Link, Wesfardell Connect, Fiber, BCTVI, Cebu Cable, Zenergy HD, Cotabato Cable Television Network Corporation, and Concepcion Pay TV Network, Inc.

In UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar, Vivamax can be accessed for only AED35/month.

In Europe, Vivamax can be enjoyed for only 8 GBP/month.

Vivamax is also available in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Brunei, Macao, Vietnam, Maldives, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.

Indeed, Vivamax is not stopping to entertain more people across the globe!

Vivamax, atin ‘to!

7 Tips to Overcome Heartbreak According to “How to Move On in 30 Days”

Sold on the “winarak girl” and “boyfriend-for-hire” hype in “How to Move On in 30 Days”? 

Viewers are gushing over Maris Racal and Carlo Aquino’s ‘hugot’ and ‘kilig’-filled love story as the series approaches its exciting finale.

The ABS-CBN Entertainment YouTube exclusive series is packed with useful tips and relatable love advice that will definitely help anyone overcome heartache and allow them to give love another shot.

In the last few episodes, Jen (Maris), with the help of the ever-reliable “Break App” and her charming fake boyfriend-turned-real suitor Franco (Carlo), has made significant progress in moving on from her ex, Jake (Albie CasiƱo). However, she is still torn on whether she’s ready to open up her heart to Franco or if she’ll give Jake another chance.

Here’s a list of insightful “moving on” tips that we can all learn from based on Jen’s experience in the series:

Focus on your self-growth

‘Balik-alindog’ is the way to go! Be like Jen and start mending your broken heart by freeing yourself of the stress and sadness. Going to the gym and exercising actually boost endorphins, which give us happy and positive vibes. Plus, a “revenge body” is always one way to make us feel good about ourselves. Who knows, you might even run into “the one,” just like how Jen ran into Franco during one of her workout sessions.

Be willing to meet new people

Don’t be afraid to get back into the dating scene. Jen followed the “Break App’s” advice by going on numerous blind dates. Although most of these dates were not how she envisioned it to be, Jen was able to let loose, meet new people, and be comfortable in talking about herself again.

Learn to let go of the past

What’s the use of holding on to something if it is now a part of your past? With the encouragement of her friends Anton and Sara (Kyo Quijano and Jai Agpangan), Jen decided to burn all of the items given to her by Jake. In doing this, Jen felt as if she was washing away all the negative vibes associated with her bad breakup from Jake.

Letting go of items that were once valuable in your life also gives you a fresh start. However, the “Break App” suggests that in order to avoid bitter feelings, it is best to keep just one item from your ex that reminds you of your happy memories together.

Be open to new possibilities

Be civil with your ex because you never know what the future holds - in short, “‘wag maging war freak.” Jen’s journey perfectly teaches us how to live a carefree life even with an ex meddling in our affairs, since she was forced to work with Jake and his girlfriend Anastacia (Sachzna Laparan). Although it was difficult for Jen at first , she had to swallow her pride in order to prove to Jake that she is no longer affected by their breakup and that she is indeed better off without him.

It’s perfectly okay to cry

No matter how hard we try to put on a brave face, we are still human beings who have real emotions. Jen realized that crying isn’t always a sign of weakness, but it could always be an effective coping mechanism. With the help of Franco, Jen found a shoulder to lean on as she shared the reasons behind her heartache and what’s keeping her from completely moving on.

Celebrate what’s beautiful

Do not dwell on “forgetting about your ex” because this might actually delay your moving on process. Instead, be the best version of yourself - what’s important is to celebrate the beautiful things and small victories in your life, just like what Jen learned to do. Jen pre-occupied herself with what she enjoys doing the most and this allowed her creative juices to flow.

Accept closure

It’s always good to settle your differences and set the record straight with your ex in order to free your mind from all the “what ifs” and “what could have beens.” In the series, the “Break App” tells Jen that closure will speed up her moving on process since she wouldn’t have to overthink what went wrong in her relationship with Jake.

Will Jen finally let Franco into her life or will she go running back to Jake?

Watch all of the episodes of “How to Move On in 30 Days” on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel. For updates, follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok or visit

BTS’ Kim Tae-hyung Spotted Having Fun Singing Paolo Sandejas Song “Sorry” on His Drive Vlog

After being the only Filipino artist chosen to perform at the GMA (Golden Melody Awards) in Taiwan last June 26, 2022, Paolo Sandejas has a new milestone on his music career.

The young Universal Records Philippines singer-songwriter can’t believe his eyes when Kim Tae-hyung aka V of world-renowned South Korean boyband BTS included his song “Sorry” on his DRIVE VLOG playlist, uploaded today (July 09, 2022) just in time for ARMY Day.

The video, which runs for almost one hour, is the first episode of the boyband’s vlog series for their BANGTAN TV YouTube channel. From the looks of it, V really knows the song by heart as he enthusiastically jams to Paolo’s original single while driving his car.

Paolo Sandejas’ “Sorry” is part of his 2020 Purple Afternoon EP and now has over 405,000 streams and counting. Likewise, he has an exclusive performance video for the said song off his online EP Launch plus a Wish Bus performance video. (WATCH HERE)

Of course, Filipino ARMYs felt proud after finding out this exciting news. #PinoyPride #ProudFiloArmy

Moreover, Paolo Sandejas himself is undeniably amazed by this super big blessing. In fact, he is honored for this “surreal experience” this weekend, in time for ARMY Day.

The fact that one of the biggest artists in the world knows my name AND listens to my songs is insane to me! This is a surreal experience, and I have no words to express how honored I am that he enjoys a song I worked so hard on.” he explains. 

Our very own “Paolo Sandejas” suddenly becomes a trending topic on Twitter under Music as of this writing.

Stream “Sorry” on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms.


Instagram: @paolosandejas
Twitter: @paolo_sandejas
TikTok: @paolosandejas

“Lunch out Loud” and “It’s Showtime” Air Back-to-Back on TV5, A2Z, and Kapamilya Channel

Filipino viewers are getting twice the fun and entertainment every day at noon as “Lunch out Loud” and “It’s Showtime” air back-to-back on TV5, A2Z, and Kapamilya Channel starting July 16 (Saturday).

A new viewing experience awaits viewers who will enjoy four hours of noontime entertainment, beginning with “Lunch Out Loud” from 11 am until 12:45 pm, followed by “It’s SHOWTIME” from 12:45 pm until 3 pm.

The tropang LOL will enjoy the fun and games in “Lunch Out Loud” that will surely brighten their days, such as “H.O.P.E.” dating game, “Maritest” showbiz quiz, “Beat The 2” battle of the wits, “Pera Usog” cash prizes, and “Sagot Mo, Sagot Ko” that fulfills viewers’ wishes.

It’s SHOWTIME” will also continue to bring happiness and hope as the noontime companion of the Madlang Pipol. For the past 13 years, viewers have proudly witnessed the incredible talent of Filipinos through “Tawag ng Tanghalan.” The show also brings out delightful, heartwarming, and inspiring stories of contestants in various segments like “Sexy Babe,” “ReINA ng Tahanan,” “Miss Q and A,” and “MiniMe.” The fun and camaraderie of the hosts of "It's SHOWTIME" will continue to be felt as they remain committed to serving our Kapamilya, Ka-A2Z, and Kapatid audiences.

The collaboration among ABS-CBN Entertainment, Brightlight Productions, Zoe Broadcasting Network, and TV5 provides Filipino viewers with more fun and entertainment and brings an extended and enjoyable midday TV viewing experience.

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