Friday, April 15, 2022

Channing Tatum Masters Physical Comedy in "The Lost City" Showing in Philippines Theaters on April 20

Channing Tatum takes on the role of Dash/Alan, the strikingly handsome model who graces the covers of Loretta Sage’s (Sandra Bullock) romance novels, in Paramount Pictures’ new romantic adventure The Lost City (in Philippine cinemas April 20).

Watch the featurette “Leeches Scene” at

Dash is machismo personified: handsome, debonaire, smart, and courageous. But his real-life alter ego, Alan, is, when we meet him, not Dash. But at his core Alan is honest, dependable, and loyal, and against all odds, becomes the hero he always envisioned Dash to be.

Dash is a swashbuckling character who rides in on the white horse or swings in on a vine and saves the day,” says Channing Tatum. “Alan is the farthest thing from that, but it’s not from lack of trying. I think Alan was a little embarrassed when he first got the modeling job, but then he had an epiphany and realized what a beautiful opportunity he had in playing this character who brings joy to so many people. What nobler job is there than the ability to make people happy?

Alan’s not totally crazy,” Tatum continues. “He doesn’t really believe he is Dash, but he’d like to believe he has some of those qualities, especially the fact that he has such a good heart.”

For Sandra Bullock, Tatum was the perfect foil. “Channing is so self-deprecating; there’s nothing about him that’s ego driven, which works for the role of Alan because he is such an innocent,” she says. “He is wide-eyed and sweet. Not many people can play that kind of a guileless, open person, but Channing had such comedic intuition about Alan.

Channing is a physical comedian who uses his body to convey the joke. We connected at once because that’s how I operate. It’s so nice to have a partner you’re comfortable with, and who has amazing timing. Moreover, we’re different enough that we complement one another,” Bullock adds.

A wonderful example of Tatum's flair for physical comedy was when he stripped down for a laugh-out-loud scene with Bullock. Tatum's character encounters leeches all over his backside, and Bullock inspects him to help with removal.

Tatum recalls filming the scene which was Day 2 of production, "Walking to set with a bunch of leeches super-glued to my butt and not having met everybody and just kinda being like, 'Okay, I'm gonna be butt-naked today, my name's Chan. This is just what it is,' " said Tatum. "And then not only that, but to have Sandra Bullock have, like, a two-page monologue with, uh, a certain part of my body."

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Piolo Pascual Serenades Zamboanga as He Endorses #50 Ang Probinsyano Party-List

Ultimate Heartthrob Piolo Pascual swept Zamboanguenos off their feet in a visit to the Zamboanga peninsula on Friday (April 8, 2022) – his first campaign show for the 2022 elections.

Pascual, who joined Number 50 Ang Probinsyano Party-List led by Rep. Alfred Delos Santos and Rep. Edward Delos Santos in their campaign sorties in Pagadian, Zamboanga del Sur; Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay and Sergio Osmena, Zamboanga del Norte, blew away the locals with his good looks and his signature charisma upon landing at Pagadian airport.

The actor is endorsing Ang Probinsyano, a party-list whose rural advancement advocacy he firmly believes in.

At the sortie venues, the cheering crowds also witnessed Pascual’s singing prowess, when he rendered big hits like “Mangarap Ka” and “Hawak Kamay” so much so that at one point, a seemingly mesmerized fan in Pagadian City breached security and ran to the stage to hug the celebrity.

Nandito po ako ngayon para ikampanya ang boses ng mga probinsyanong tulad ko sa Kongreso, ang mga totoong nagtatrabaho po para maiangat ang kalidad ng buhay natin – ang Number 50 Ang Probinsyano Party-List (I am here to campaign for the voice of probinsyanos like me in Congress, the one which is genuinely working to raise the quality of our lives – Number 50 Ang Probinsyano Party List),” Pascual told lively crowds and local executives who came in full force.

Iboto lang natin ang nararapat (Let us vote for deserving candidates),” he added.

Pascual, who is one of Philippines’ most prominent and bankable movie personalities but is known for his simplicity despite his stature, has been vocal in his interviews that ever since he lived in the province, he has been loving the lifestyle – which explains why he is very passionate in supporting programs that will benefit his fellow probinsyanos.

Number 50 Ang Probinsyano Party-List Rep. Alfred Delos Santos vowed to pursue projects for the country’s geographically isolated areas.

Kung kami po ay muling papalarin, sisiguraduhin po namin na patuloy na maibibigay ang mga kinakailangang tulong ng mga malalayong probinsya (If we will be given another chance, we will make sure that our country’s remote areas will continue to be accorded the necessary assistance),” he said.

This was echoed by Rep. Edward Delos Santos, who reiterated their commitment to facilitate rural progress.

Kami po ay tatlong taon pa lang sa Kongreso. Pero sa maikling panahong ito, kami po ay nakapagpagawa ng mga kalsada, tulay, mga multipurpose buildings at evacuation centers sa buong bansa, bukod sa educational, livelihood, health at food programs para sa ating mga kapwa probinsyano (We have been in Congress for only three years. But in such short time, we have built roads, bridges, multipurpose buildings and evacuation centers around the country, apart from educational, livelihood, health and food programs for our fellow probinsyanos),” the lawmaker said.

Meanwhile, in Samar, local officials led by Gov. Reynolds Michael Tan and second district Rep. Sharee Ann Tan also formally endorsed Number 50 Ang Probinsyano Pary-List in a rally at the Catbalogan provincial capitol, graced by celebrity supporter JC de Vera.

In his speech, Number 50 Ang Probinsyano Party-List third nominee Michael Chua reiterated the collective effort needed in navigating a challenging recovery from the pandemic.

Recovery of rural areas is among the key starting points for our post-pandemic comeback so rest assured that we will help enable these communities to go back to their normal lives,” Chua said.

MNL48 Returns with 7th Single "No Way Man"

After a year of tough preparations, MNL48 finally returns with its 7th single “No Way Man,” a dance-centric song with a message that mirrors the girl group’s can-do attitude in the midst of challenges.

“No Way Man” is led by center girl MNL48 Abby with Senbatsu members Sheki, Jamie, Ruth, Ella, Jan, Andi, Jem, Yzabel, Princess, Lara, Coleen, Rianna, Lyza, Dana, and Dian. The single has been a long time coming for the girls due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing restrictions it entailed for big groups.

MNL48 coach Angel referred to the single as “unforgettable” not just because of its difficult choreography but also for what the girls went through while rehearsing for the song.

We've been training for a year for this and it's really hard for them to catch up because we had to do it online. They've experienced a lot of things and the lyrics really speak of everything that we've been through,” she said.

Meanwhile, center girl MNL48 Abby gave props to her members and their MNLoves for inspiring her to do her best.

I witnessed every member gave their very best for a quality comeback. At first I doubted if I could do this but I always kept in mind that I have a good support system in my sisters, co-members, and the MNL48 fans who kept encouraging and believing in me.”

For rank 2 MNL48 Sheki, “No Way Man” truly exhibits their growth as performers. “This single features our talent in a different genre in dancing. Aside from that, it also highlights our vocals and the character of each member. The song has a beautiful meaning, it really reflects our life as MNL48 idols.”

The music video for “No Way Man” is now up on MNL48’s YouTube channel, which shows off the group’s intricate choreography in a rooftop and in fiery and elegant sets with 395,000 views as of writing. MNL48’s last single was 2020’s “River.”

MNLoves, the fanbase of MNL48, can also look forward to the release of a music card with mini photobook and a handshake ticket that will be available soon.

For more updates about MNL48, follow the group’s official Facebook (, Twitter (@mnl48official), Instagram (@mnl48official), and YouTube (

Stephen King’s Classic Thriller "Firestarter" Set to Ablaze Summer's Heat in Cinemas

Summer’s about to get even hotter with the upcoming latest adaptation of Stephen King’s classic thriller "Firestarter" starring Zac Efron, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Sydney Lemmon, Kurtwood Smith, John Beasley, with Michael Greyeyes and Gloria Reuben.

In Firestarter, a girl with extraordinary pyrokinetic powers fights to protect her family and herself from sinister forces that seek to capture and control her. For more than a decade, parents Andy (Efron) and Vicky (Lemmon) have been on the run, desperate to hide their daughter Charlie (Armstrong in the titular character, previously played by Drew Barrymore) from a shadowy federal agency that wants to harness her unprecedented gift for creating fire into a weapon of mass destruction.

Andy has taught Charlie how to defuse her power, which is triggered by anger or pain. But as Charlie turns 11, the fire becomes harder and harder to control. After an incident reveals the family’s location, a mysterious operative is deployed to hunt down the family and seize Charlie once and for all. Charlie has other plans.

From Universal Pictures International, Firestarter will soon open in local cinemas on May 11.

What’s Your Working Style? Answer this Shopee Payday Quiz and Find the Perfect Items For You

Did you know that your personality can reveal a lot about how you work? Extroverts like to socialize and meet new people in the office while introverts tend to be more reserved and keep their inner circle small. Ambiverts are able to strike the balance of enjoying being in the company of others while relishing much-needed alone time.

Curious to know your working style and the best items to complement it? Take the quiz below to find out if you're a social butterfly, a productivity veteran, a silent warrior, or an overly organized worker. Check out the many items on amazing deals in the upcoming April 15 Payday Sale!

1. Which of the following describes your ideal office desk set-up?
A. Personalized with accessories and trinkets 
B. Full of post-it reminders and to-to lists 
C. Just your work laptop and a notebook
D. Stacked with organizers, containers, and filed folders

2. How would your colleagues describe you?
A. Sociable and outgoing 
B. Independent and driven 
C. Soft-spoken and observant 
D. Detail-oriented and patient

3. How do you usually start planning projects?
A. Brainstorming with peers and teammates 
B. Plotting goals for the weeks and months ahead 
C. Coming up with an initial plan by yourself first 
D. Identifying team roles and setting key processes

4. How do you spend your day off from work?
A. Catching up with friends and going out 
B. Starting the day early to make time for errands 
C. Playing games and binge-watching series/movies 
D. Fixing next week’s schedule and doing some house cleaning

5. What’s the first thing you would likely spend on during payday?
A. Fashion and personal care items to to look good and feel good 
B. Workstation gadgets that help you accomplish your tasks 
C. Self-care staples for your non-negotiable “me” time 
D. Desk essentials such as pens, stationeries, label markers, and planners

If you answered mostly A’s, you are a Social Butterfly

You are terrific at creating relationships - a true "people person" who has friends all around the office. For busy days packed with multiple meetings and catch-ups, you’ll need to keep this QuiFit Daily Tumbler close at hand. It’s made of premium PETG material, has a versatile design, and motivates you to stay hydrated throughout the day. You can also bring this functional and lightweight Leather Folding Wallet from whenever you go out for lunch or have drinks with officemates. Keep your mask on you at all times and avoid misplacing it with a Mask Lanyard from - a very practical must-have in today’s new normal.

If you answered mostly B’s, you are a Productivity Veteran

In most cases, you are the type to do multiple tasks at the same time. You are also willing to take the reins and regularly deliver high-quality work without being pushed to do so. Boost your productivity with a Logitech M330 Wireless Mouse that has a comfortable rubber touch and responsive controls to help ease your daily tasks. Upgrade to a MageGee Mechanical Keyboard that has a unique layout and design, while remaining functional for typing those important emails and messages. Another great option to consider is a Popcorn Folding Laptop Stand which allows you to work with better posture as you spend hours in front of your screen.

If you answered mostly C’s, you are a Silent Warrior

You achieve your personal objectives and contribute to the company's growth but are often quiet and take a while to come out of your shell. For you, a good work day is being able to enjoy the peace and quiet of your sacred space and finish all your tasks with minimal interaction. Try this Home Zania Electric Mug Warmer that will make your cup of coffee last much longer with a built-in thermostat. Tune out the noise around you when you wear this VIVAN Wireless Headset that delivers clear sound quality and bombastic bass. Stay connected with this trusty Garmin Smart Watch that lets you access your work notifications instantly, on top of all its other exciting fitness features.

If you answered mostly D’s, you are Overly Organized

You have extensive organizational skills and like to maintain everything in order. You have a clean desk, a well-established routine, and initiative to lead the nitty gritty of project planning. You thrive when you have a sense of control over your work. This Deli File Organizer will be your best friend in storing all your necessities neatly. Track of your schedule and plan long-term with 2022 Spiral Notebook Planner from People like you would still appreciate a 2022 Stand Up Desk Calendar from to complete the list of your workspace essentials.

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Smart Infinity Rewards Members with a Luxurious Escape at Shangri-La Boracay

Smart Communications, Inc.’s luxury postpaid brand, Smart Infinity, is about to send members to a piece of indulgent paradise as part of its commitment of providing limitless possibilities, rewarding experiences, and exclusive lifestyle privileges.

A complimentary 3 day and 2 night stay in a Deluxe Room for two (2) at Shangri-La Resort & Spa, Boracay - one of the island paradise’s must-visit destinations - is available to Infinity members when they sign up for a Smart Infinity Limitless Plan 5000 or 8000 from April 8 to June 8, 2022.

Part of the perks of the stay at the Shangri-La include daily breakfast for two, plus roundtrip land and speedboat transfers from Caticlan, so that members get to fully enjoy their leisure experience on the beautiful and pristine island.

As the summer season draws even closer, the time also draws near to take that luxurious and revitalizing vacation that you deserve. There’s no better destination for a getaway than the clear waters and fine white sands of Boracay Island, and no better place to stay in than the Shangri-La Boracay. Smart Infinity’s limitless possibilities allow its members to enjoy the perks and pleasures that come with their lifestyle,” said Sofia Borromeo-Alvarez, Smart Infinity Brand Head.

Limitless rewards made simple, possible

This exclusive reward is but one of the many possibilities available to Smart Infinity members, which they deserve as high-powered individuals that make big waves and leave lasting impacts on society.

On top of limitless support and dedicated service, Smart Infinity also gives members the power to keep making the world better. Smart Infinity members can also make a positive impact on the world with a few taps on their smartphone through the Infinity Gives Back program. In the Infinity Gives Back program, members can choose to donate to a wide variety of advocacies focused on rebuilding communities, providing quality education and safety to children, and more.

To sign up or renew your Smart Infinity plan and to learn more about its various offers, as well as the limitless perks and privileges available to members, visit the Smart Infinity website at, and follow Smart’s official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Philippines’ fastest 5G mobile network

Limitless meets the fastest 5G with every Smart Infinity account as it is powered by Smart, the fastest 5G network in the Philippines as reported by Ookla®, the global leader in mobile and broadband intelligence.

Ookla recently declared Smart as the country’s fastest 5G mobile network and the winner of its Speedtest Awards for Q3-Q4 2021 with a Speed Score of 201.95, while its closest competitor posted a Speed Score of 116.08.

To bag this award, Smart posted a median download speed of 218.82 Mbps and a median upload speed of 22.46 Mbps, while its closest competitor posted a median download speed of 116.92 Mbps and a median upload speed of 10.81 Mbps.

Klima Film Festival (KFF) Best Film Awardee "“Viridescent" About Climate Change Now Stream for Free in the Philippines

A compelling movie about a woman scientist who goes to Mars to save planet Earth that won Best Film and three major awards in the 2021 Klima Film Festival (KFF) is one of the new movies highlighting the effects of climate change streaming for free in the Philippines on iWantTFC.

Viridescent,” which also won Best in Climate Advocacy, Best Production Design, and Best Cinematography in the film festival competition, tells the story of a visionary woman scientist and a software engineer who must work together in a mission on Mars to retrieve crucial biological data. When serious conflict arises between the two, the scientist is forced to go on a one-man mission to preserve planet Earth for humankind.

The KFF is a competition for the Filipino youth launched by the Climate Change Commission and the Oscar M. Lopez (OML) Center in June 2020 which aims to mainstream the effects of climate change through compelling storytelling and cinematic techniques. It is part of the OML Center’s “Balangay Project” which seeks to chronicle the stories of climate change in the context of the Filipino experience.

Also streaming on iWantTFC is KFF first runner-up “Sigalot sa Pagitan ng Tao at Kalikasan,” which follows the story of three siblings who make a difference in their community by doing good deeds for the environment. However, their advocacy earns harsh criticism from their peers and neighbors.

Meanwhile, “Tanaw,” which won second runner-up, is about a young girl who grows passionate about the concept of quarrying after she does intensive research about climate change.

KFF finalist “Modern Stray,” on the other hand, centers on an individual who is determined to be an advocate for the environment when she comes across a stern realization about her province.

Aside from these top four entries, viewers can also watch the top ten film finalists of KFF 2020 namely “Drawings,” “Grow My Mind,” “Jeremiah at ang Bayan ng Gomorrah,” “Liham,” “Litrato,” “Our World,” “Resilience,” “Si Hiraya at ang Diwa,” “Tinig,” and “Verdant.”

These films are available for free in the iWantTFC app (iOs and Android) and website ( Viewers can get easy access to iWantTFC's content library with its "watch now, register later" feature. Additionally, iWantTFC is available via Chromecast and Airplay. Visit for a complete list of compatible devices, sign-in instructions, and account activation.

For updates, like and follow @iwanttfc on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to For inquiries and concerns about the service, users can also send a message on iWantTFC’s Facebook page or e-mail

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Young Teacher from Quezon Wins Brand-New Car in Smart’s GigaMania Promo

Amid a year of ongoing challenges and uncertainty, one teacher’s life changed with GigaMania, the annual thanksgiving promo of Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) for subscribers nationwide.

Ivannah Vhey Torres, a 24-year-old licensed teacher from Polillo, Quezon, woke up one day to find out that she had won a brand-new Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid - the grand prize of GigaMania.

A loyal TNT subscriber since 2018, Ivannah used the GigaLife App to register to data packages for her online teaching needs.

She started using mobile internet and the GigaLife App more frequently during the height of the pandemic to conduct her lessons and research online. She said that her go-to data package is GIGA Stories 99, which comes with a total data allowance of 16 GB, valid for seven days. These transactions earned GigaPoints, which automatically qualified as GigaMania raffle entries.

I don’t normally join promos because I know that I’m not that lucky. So when I joined GigaMania, I really didn’t expect to win. I was just after collecting GigaPoints for the perks,” Torres said.

More rewarding experiences for subscribers

So when a Smart agent called to tell me the news, I couldn’t believe it at first. I thought it might be a scam and was scared that my number might have been hacked. I had to verify it first. The brand new car is truly a big blessing for my family,” she said.

Keep surprising us, Smart! You helped me realize that nothing is impossible,” she said. “I hope there will be more rewarding experiences like this for Smart and TNT subscribers. Thank you so much and more power to you!” added Torres.

We congratulate Ivannah and the hundreds of lucky GigaMania winners around the country! We are always grateful to our subscribers for their continued support, and this is why aside from bringing them closer to their passions through our innovative services, we also delight them with our GigaManila promo and regular treats and rewards on the GigaLife App,” said Jane J. Basas, SVP and Head of Consumer Wireless Business at Smart.

“Being with Smart truly comes with a lot of rewarding experiences, and our subscribers can definitely expect more,” Basas added.

Hundreds of lucky GigaMania winners

Aside from Ivannah, hundreds of Smart subscribers also won exciting prizes from GigaMania.

On top of the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid, GigaMania grand raffle winners included 10 subscribers who won a premium Samsung set that included the Galaxy Flip 5G smartphone, Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Watch 4, and Galaxy Buds Pro.

Moreover, five subscribers won a coveted Apple set comprising a MacBook Air, Apple Watch SE, iPhone 12, and iPad Pro.

More than 500 lucky subscribers also won gadgets like smartphones, laptops, bicycles and more in the weekly draws as well as thousands of freebies including data, call minutes, SMS, Paymaya vouchers, Giga Points, etc.

Download the GigaLife app now

Smart subscribers can expect more rewarding experiences and lifestyle perks on the GigaLife App, which is downloadable on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei Mobile Services.

Through the GigaLife App, subscribers enjoy a smart and simple way to take control of their digital lifestyle: prepaid customers can track their data usage and register conveniently to GIGA promos, while postpaid users can monitor their plan usage, pay their monthly bills, and link all their other accounts, among other innovative features.

Moreover, for every promo registration or bill payment through the GigaLife App, subscribers can earn and accumulate GigaPoints, which can be used to redeem exclusive data treats, lifestyle perks, and exciting promos on the app.

Philippines’ fastest 5G mobile network

GigaLife App is powered by Smart, the country’s fastest mobile data network as reported by Ookla, the global leader in mobile and broadband intelligence.

In its latest report, Ookla has declared Smart as the country’s fastest 5G mobile network and the winner of its Speedtest Awards for Q3-Q4 2021 with a Speed Score of 201.95, while its closest competitor posted a Speed Score of 116.08.

PoPinoy Winners Join KZ Tandingan and Darren Espanto for Upsized Saya from TNT

Value mobile brand TNT is gearing up for more positivity and inspiration for Kabataang Pinoys as it launches its ‘Tropang Malakasan’ campaign that highlights ‘pangmalakasang saya’ and connection that a reliable and well-bonded tropa brings.

TNT introduced the campaign with an upbeat ‘Tropang Malakasan’ music video led by TNT endorsers KZ Tandingan and Darren Espanto and featuring PoPinoy winners Versus and Yara, who are the latest ambassadors to join the growing TNT tropa.

With ‘Tropang Malakasan,’ TNT captures the upsized saya of being in a bonded group, which serves as a much-needed source of motivation and inspiration to power through life’s triumphs and challenges.

TNT has always promoted pangmalakasang saya and encouraged Kabataang Pinoys to take on life’s daily challenges and achieve their dreams, but this wouldn’t be possible without a fun and reliable tropa behind you. Our Tropang Malakasan campaign is a tribute to every tropa that is a positive force in the lives of our subscribers to achieve their dreams,” said Jane J. Basas, SVP and Head of Consumer Wireless Business at Smart.

What better way to do this than with our growing TNT tropa, who now include PoPinoy winners Versus and Yara? These two promising Pinoy Pop groups rose to the challenge and proved that Kabataang Pinoys can achieve their dream if they put their heart and soul into it.” she added.

Tropang Malakasan

Versus and Yara shared that they are all pumped up to be part of the TNT tropa and thankful to have their groups to enjoy the ride with.

It feels surreal because we just used to dream about it but now, we are living it. We are grateful and excited to have this opportunity to become the newest ka-tropa and experience an amazing adventure with our TNT family” said Ken Huroichi of Versus, whose members also include Kheene Salas, Josh Van Gozo, Joerell San Juan, and Gabriel Luis Pascual.

Asked about how her group has been helping here, Yara member Christa Leiechano said, “I always see Yara strive to bring out the best in everyone. Like a true Tropang Malakasan, we inspire and motivate each other to keep leveling up our skills as performers.” Christa is joined by Gelou Villanueva, Kim Natividad, and Rocher Joyce Villa to complete Yara.

Inspiring words for Kabataang Pinoys

Asked about their advice for Versus, Yara, and the rest of Kabataang Pinoys carving their path toward their dreams, TNT endorser and Asia’s Soul Supreme KZ Tandingan shared: “Have ambitious dreams, but make sure you’re working towards that goal. One day at a time! Be patient with yourself, and you will get there someday.

TNT endorser and Filipino-Canadian singer and actor Darren Espanto added, “Trust in God’s timing. If something is meant for you, it’ll happen eventually. Don’t try to rush it and don’t be disappointed if things don’t go your way. Don’t give up, even when it feels like nothing’s happening. Stay confident and be yourself, always.”

Gelou of Yara is grateful for the opportunity to work with the two OPM hit artists for the TNT TVC. “It was a great experience for all of us. We learned a lot about how they work and their professionalism," she said.

Gab of Versus added, "They were both friendly and accommodating to us. We felt their energy and positive presence during the shoot. We are looking forward to bond with them more next time."

Upsized saya with SurfSaya 30

To make sure Kabataang Pinoys can enjoy an upsized saya while reaching for their dreams, TNT recently boosted SurfSaya 30, which now comes with 1.2 GB (up from the previous 1 GB) plus Unlimited All-Net Call and Text for the same price of P30!

With SurfSaya 30, TNT subscribers can enjoy 450 MB for all sites for three days, plus 250MB per day for Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media apps to bond more with their tropa and cultivate their dreams online.

TNT subscribers can register to SurfSaya promos via the GigaLife App, or by dialing *123# and choosing SurfSaya.

TNT is powered by Smart, the Philippines’ fastest 5G mobile network according to Ookla, the global leader in mobile and broadband intelligence.

To know more about TNT’s Tropang Malakasan and SurfSaya offers, visit and follow TNT’s official accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Shopee, Shopee Xpress Partner with Brands and Charities to Provide Aid for Taal Evacuees

The continued unrest of the Taal Volcano forced over 1,000 Filipino families to evacuate to nearby communities in Batangas last March. With Alert Level 3 still in place, these families continue to spend their days in evacuation centers across the region.

As part of its commitment to better the lives of the underserved, Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, partnered with several brands and charity organizations to provide aid for Taal evacuees.

Shopee Philippines Director Martin Yu said, “As we remain steadfast in our commitment to be a force for good, especially in times when Filipinos need it the most, Shopee will work closely with our partners to help provide immediate relief to the evacuees. Our thoughts are with those affected and we hope that the situation in Taal will recover soon for these families to be able to return to their homes.”

Together with Shopee, partner brands such as Universal Robina Corporation, Colgate, and Monde Nissin, donated essentials such as drinking water and food items to affected residents. Through the help of its Shopee Xpress fleet and volunteers, Shopee transported and coursed donations through the ABS-CBN Foundation for the latter’s ongoing on-ground efforts.

These Shopee Xpress volunteers also helped collate and distribute potable water donated by the Luzon Clean Water Development to evacuation centers in Batangas.

Shopee also invites users to donate to those affected by the taal eruption and other emergencies through its partner charities found on the app.

Users simply need to:

1. Head to the Shopee app homepage
2. Click Load, Bills, and Travel
3. Click E-vouchers
4. Click Charity
5. Choose and purchase the e-voucher of their preferred charity

Users can also contribute to the ABS-CBN Foundation’s on-ground efforts through Shopee’s Scan-to-donate feature. Just scan ABS-CBN Foundation’s QR code, choose the donation amount, and donate via ShopeePay.

Download the Shopee app via the App Store and the Google Play store today.

Regine Velasquez and Kim Chiu's Birthday Celebration on "ASAP Natin 'To" this Easter Sunday

There are more reasons to celebrate the Easter weekend as your favorite stars come together for a star-studded concert experience this Sunday (April 17) on "ASAP Natin 'To" on Kapamilya Channel, A2Z, and TV5.

It's celebrations galore on the ASAP stage as the one and only Asia's Songbird, Regine Velasquez, prepared a heartfelt birthday act together with OPM idols Martin Nievera, Zsa Zsa Padilla, KZ, Moira dela Torre, and your all-star "ASAP Natin 'To" family. Meanwhile, continuing to sizzle the dance floor is ASAP's queen of the dance floor Kim Chiu as she celebrates her upcoming birthday together with the G-Force.

Before its highly-anticipated second season premiere, groove along with the stars of "He's Into Her" Belle Mariano, Jeremiah Lisbo, Kaori Oinuma, Vivoree Esclito, Criza Taa, Joao Constancia, Ashley del Mundo, Dalia Verde, Gello Marquez, Limer Veloso, Rajo Serrano, River Joseph, CJ Salonga, Zach Castañeda, JC Alcantara, and Shanaia Gomez, with a special introduction from Donny Pangilinan.

Celebrate the Easter holiday with a jampacked performance from AC Bonifacio, Janella Salvador, Enchong Dee, Krystal Brimner, iDolls' Lucas Garcia, MNL48, and your "ASAP Natin 'To" family. Plus, don't miss the new single launch of Maris alongside rising rapper Raven.

Continuing the stellar 30th anniversary celebration of Star Magic, another star-studded treat comes viewers' way with a rocking band treat from Jed Madela, Janine Berdin, Robi Domingo, Maris Racal, Isaiah dela Cruz, Nyoy Volante, and Kim Chiu in the latest edition of "Star Magic Presents."

The music continues with more astounding vocal treats from your favorite ASAP stars, including another rock hits sing-off from New Gen Birit idols Janine Berdin, JM Yosures, Reiven Umali, FANA, and Elha Nympha; a senti collab from Darren and This Band; plus, a Toto hits medley showdown from Ogie Alcasid, Jed Madela, Nyoy Volante, Kyla, Yeng Constantino, and Erik Santos.

And culminating the 100-day fund-drive campaign "Tulong-Tulong sa Pag-Ahon: Isang Daan sa Pagtutulungan" of ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN Foundation for the benefit of Typhoon Odette victims, the finest OPM singers join together to sing songs of hope and gratitude to every Kapamilya, featuring Martin Nievera, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Regine Velasquez, KZ, Klarisse de Guzman, Moira dela Torre, Jason Dy, Nyoy Volante, Ice Seguerra, Jona, and Juris.

Also joining them are Kyle Echarri, Anji Salvacion, Maris Racal, Marlo Mortel, JM Yosures, Elha Nympha, Janine Berdin, Sheena Belarmino, Sam Mangubat, Reiven Umali, Lara Maigue, Jeremy G, Jordan Andrews, Shanaia Gomez, SAB, Lian Kyla, Luis Gragera, FANA, Angela Ken, and JM dela Cerna.

Spend your Easter holiday with the brightest Kapamilya stars on the country's longest-running musical variety show, "ASAP Natin 'To," this Sunday, 12 NN on local TV via Kapamilya Channel, Jeepney TV, A2Z, and TV5, online through Kapamilya Online Live and iWantTFC, and worldwide via TFC.

Viewers who use any digital TV box at home, such as the TVplus box, only need to rescan their device to watch "ASAP Natin 'To" on TV5 and A2Z.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Coco Martin’s AP Partylist Shows All-Out Support for Leni Robredo's Presidential Bid

Since officially announcing their support for the presidential run of Vice President Leni Robredo during the #Pasiglaban Grand Rally held last March 20, Sunday in Pasig City, Coco Martin’s AP Partylist continued their campaign for Robredo at the Reporma Davao People’s Grand Rally in Tagum, Davao last week April 7. AP Partylist campaigned with Moira and Jason, serenading the crowd before Robredo’s arrival at the event.

AP Partylist #AkoyPilipino is the new partylist of primetime king Coco Martin. While previously affiliated with another partylist with the same name as his primetime show, Coco Martin is now all-out in supporting his new partylist with first nominee Rep. Ronnie Ong, also previously-affiliated with Martin’s old partylist. Ong and Martin decided to represent a new partylist after working together during the pandemic in helping the transport and livelihood sector.

Coco Martin says, “‘Wag nang mangamba, nandito na ang AP Partylist. Dito na tayo sa biyaheng aasenso ang lahat ng Pilipino,” in encouraging his fellow Filipinos to join him in his new partylist, AP Partylist.

During the introduction of the new blended learning system, or online and module classes last August 2020, Ong worked with VP Leni Robredo’s office for their e-learning project. “We also had similar projects with her. We also launched a Libreng Sakay program for health workers and frontliners, as well as establishing E-skwela Hub e-learning centers all over the country to help learners and students adapt to the new normal of classes," Ong said. "How we work, how we serve, and how we care for our kababayans at AP Partylist aligns with hers, and that’s why AP Partylist, together with our whole family which includes Coco Martin and the Taskforce Agila, supports the Leni Robredo presidential campaign."

Ong further stated, “Naniniwala tayo na kapag tinawag ka, tumindig ka. At tumindig si VP Leni. At ngayon, tumitindig ang buong 164 AP Partylist kasama niya. Tumindig tayong lahat hindi lang para ipanalo ang eleksyong ito, kundi para ipanalo ang taumbayan sa isang biyahe ng gobyernong tapat na aangat ang buhay ng lahat.”

Aside from Coco Martin, AP Partylist is also supported by Julia Montes and the famed “Taskforce Agila” which includes Angel Aquino, John Prats, Raymart Santiago, Michael de Mesa, John Medina and Marc Solis

Meanwhile, the inspiring Ako’y Pilipino anthem of AP Partylist was created and performed by rapper artists Bryan “Smugglaz” Lao, Lordivino “Bassilyo” Ignacio and Muriel “Sisa” Jamito. With barely a month to go until election day, AP Partylist has vowed to continue their support for VP Leni Robredo’s campaign. As what AP Partylist chanted to the crowd in the Davao People’s Grand Rally, “Dito na tayo sa biyaheng aasenso ang lahat ng Pilipino… dahil sa gobyernong tapat, angat-buhay ang lahat!


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