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Universal Robina Corporation (URC) Brands a Consistent Favorite Among Filipino Consumers, Global Study Shows

Universal Robina Corp.’s (URC) segment-leading products are proving to be consistent favorites among Filipinos, as it once again ranked high among consumers’ most chosen FMCG brands.

Great Taste Coffee was ranked as the fourth most chosen beverage brand in the Philippines and ninth among fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) in Kantar’s Brand Footprint study for 2022.

The brand was also the fourth most chosen in 2021, but its FMCG ranking improved from 15th in 2021.

The study by influential consulting firm Kantar Group, uses a metric called a “consumer reach point” (CRP), which measures a brand’s strength based on how many shoppers are buying the brand and how often.

Great Taste chalked up 424 million CRPs in 2023 from 283 million in 2022. It was purchased by 75.8 percent of all shoppers and chosen 20 times a year.

The brand also continues to expand its line-up, recently adding the new GT Supreme.

Two other URC products made it to the list of the Philippines’ top 20 food brands.

Piattos was 7th, with 183 million CRPs, the third year in a row that it made it to the list. Nissin, a new entrant, landed in 19th, with 74 million CRPs.

Piattos continues to grow as it’s able to reach more shoppers, winning 1.2 million more homes in the past year, especially via sari-sari stores where it recruits more than 80 percent of its buyers,” said Pearl Benjamin, Senior Account Manager for Kantar Worldpanel.

URC’s C2 ready-to-drink tea rose in the ranking in the beverage category from 19th in 2022 to 16th in 2023,

"This study underscores the sustained quality, cost-effectiveness and lasting allure of our brands for consumers," said Mian David, URC’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Delighting people with good food choices has always been our foremost priority.

She added that the results of the study “demonstrate the resilience and adaptability of our brands”.

URC produces these iconic brands plus others like Maxx candy and Cream-O cookies, which have been part of Filipinos’ lives for decades. One of the country’s largest food and beverage manufacturers, URC also has significant, and growing, presence in ASEAN. Its leading regional brands include Fun-O, Tivoli and Lexus.

Founded in 1992, Kantar spans some 15,300 brands globally in 43 countries. It is the acknowledged global expert in shoppers’ behavior.

Star Pop Launches Philippines' Newest P-Pop Boy Group '1621BC'

Kapamilya record label Star Pop has officially introduced its newly formed boy band in the P-pop scene, 1621BC, who dropped their debut single “Laruan”.

1621BC is consist of members Pan, Win, Migz, DJ, JM, and JC. The number 1621 pertains to the angel number manifestation that one’s desires and goals are beginning to come true while BC stands for Beyond Complete, which means that the group always aims for perfection.

Being a new boy band in the P-pop scene, we only have one goal and that is to introduce our songs and music that will make everyone cry, smile, celebrate, dance and sing like it used to be before,” the group said.

Their first single “Laruan,” which was composed and produced by ALAS, tackles the toxicity of a relationship and protecting oneself from dealing heartbreaks.

Sa generation namin ngayon madami kasi na maling akala at taong paasa kaya no’ng narinig namin yung song, it has become a valid awareness of what is the reality of a relationship nowadays especially with our generation,” 1621BC shared.

As they release their debut single and mark the beginning of their journey as a boy band, the group felt mixed emotions looking back on how their efforts and hard work paid off.

Sa totoo lang po kahit excited kami, tumatagos pa rin po talaga ang kaba. Yun po siguro talaga ang normal na mararamdaman kasi dugo at pawis po ang binigay po ng lahat, including the people who made this possible for us,” they said.

Feel the energy of 1621BC’s first single “Laruan” available on various streaming platforms. For updates, follow 1621BC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Coffeeholic Alert: Discover the All-New, Deliciously Rich JOLLIBEE COFFEE BLENDS

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a delightful pick-me-up has emerged for the young and young at heart - the all-new Jollibee Coffee Blends! Crafted from freshly brewed 100% Arabica beans, the Jollibee Coffee Blends has a rich, delicious taste that will surely elevate one’s daily caffeine experience.

Whichever you’re in the mood for, Jollibee’s Coffee Blends line-up has something for you. It’s available all-day! 

The Hot Fresh Brew, priced at P45 (exclusive for breakfast hours), promises a rich and energizing start to your morning. 

The Iced Latte offers a refreshing blend of iced coffee, fresh milk, and sweet syrup. It starts at P50 for regular and P75 for large. For those who prefer a bolder flavor.

The Iced Sweet Black, a fusion of iced coffee and sweet syrup which is also available in regular and large sizes.

Adding a touch of star power to this caffeine sensation, Jollibee proudly announces Atasha Muhlach as the new endorser for Jollibee Coffee Blends. A fresh face in the Philippine entertainment scene but coming from a well-known family background, Atasha recently graduated with honors in the UK and is now embarking on a versatile career in hosting, modeling, singing, and partnerships with the brands she loves. Her vibrant energy perfectly complements the dynamic and delicious experience that the Jollibee Coffee Blends offer.

I’m thrilled to officially be part of the Jollibee family and to endorse the new Coffee Blends,” Atasha shared. “Their deliciously rich taste makes them the perfect choice for me as a coffee enthusiast. Just as each blend offers a unique taste experience that is fun to discover, my personal journey has also been about self-discovery and embracing my individuality. This collaboration with Jollibee is not just about promoting a product; it’s about sharing joy and elevating daily moments with every bite or, in this case, cup.”

The delicious, rich taste of the new Jollibee Coffee Blends will make it the go-to choice to kickstart the morning and to provide a much-needed boost during the day. There’s Hot Fresh Brew which is available during breakfast hours to wake you up in the morning. And now we have all day coffee offerings, the Iced Latte and Iced Sweet Black, so our customers can enjoy it anytime and anywhere be it on the way to work, during work breaks and even at the leisure of their homes!” said Luis Berba, Marketing Director for Complementaries.We are likewise thrilled to welcome Atasha, whose youthful energy and remarkable talent make her the perfect endorser for Jollibee’s most exciting new offering!

Watch Atasha’s first-ever Jollibee commercial which highlights her synergy with the all-new Coffee Blends HERE 

Whether it’s for an early morning fuel or a midday recharge, Jollibee is now your coffee destination to get a delicious caffeine fix. Try it now in your nearest Jollibee branch via dine-in, takeout, or drive-thru. You can also have it delivered via the Jollibee App,, #87000, GrabFood, and Foodpanda.

Puregold Channel's 'MY PLANTITO' Cast Kych Minemoto and Michael Ver Respond to Ultimate Fan Reactions

Days after Puregold Channel’s My Plantito wrapped up its wildly popular series on Tiktok, fans were still feeling heady from the emotional rollercoaster ride that was Charlie and Miko's love journey. Without a doubt, the show captivated viewers not just for its adorable boy-love narrative, but also for weaving in plot twists that dealt with relatable themes such as family, friendship, and meaningful life lessons.

My Plantito presented the heartwarming tale of aspiring content creator Charlie (Kych Minemoto) and his handsome neighbor, the young businessman and plantito Miko (Michael Ver). Through intriguing turns, wrong decisions, and kilig moments, followers eagerly awaited the answer they had craved for from the start: would Charlie and Miko get their happy ending?

In total, My Plantito episodes garnered an impressive 52.4 million views on Puregold Channel’s Tiktok and YouTube platforms.

As the series finale came to a head, My Plantito fans savored a satisfying conclusion to the beautiful narrative. Here’s what they had to say, and how some cast members reacted to them.

Bianca’s Controversial Advice

One character who stirred the pot and got tongues wagging on TikTok and YouTube was Bianca (Devi Descartin), Charlie's best friend. Some fans were furious, blaming her for steering Charlie in the wrong direction more than once. Comments from the fandom expressed their frustration:

"Ah, Bianca! Wrong again. And again. And again. Please send her to Botswana and have her bring back some exotic plants . . . two years from now." - @gnirolnamlerf593

"Only a friend like 'Bianca' is enough to destroy your peace of mind and to get delusional thoughts." - @user-um7to8rj6o

However, not everyone was quick to cancel Bianca. Some fans appreciated the complexity of her character:

"Bianca, she is a toxic friend but at the same time a caring soul." - @Joe.Ortega

"I don't know that girl; but for me, she isn't toxic. She's just being real. She's telling the truth that her best friend should prioritize work. Goals first." - @joeverclarion7813

Devi Descartin, the actress behind Bianca, sheds light on her character's intentions, saying, "As Charlie’s best friend, gusto kong makuha ni Charlie kung ano ‘yung matagal na niyang pangarap. Number #1 fan and supporter nga 'di ba. Though in the end, na- realize naman ni Bianca kung anong resulta ng plano niya. She learned her lesson."

Some fans also commended Descartin's performance. For instance, @romulus.evales.futureteacher remarked, "Effective pala ang gumanap na Bianca dito, ang daming nanggigigil."

Janong: The Best Dad Ever

On a brighter note, the character of Janong (Ghaello Salva), Charlie's dad, stole the spotlight as the series' beloved father figure. Fans showered love on Janong for his unwavering support and genuine affection for his son:

"Who agrees with me that his dad deserves someone to love him as much as he loves his son? Best dad." - @sandrablack4197

"Nakakatuwa ang daddy niya. Napakabait and supportive. Cool lang na daddy." - @chubzyhatz3135

"Isa sa pinakagusto ko sa series na ito ay ang napaka-supportive na father." - @philipmanansala8855

Ghaello Salva, who plays Janong, basks in the overwhelming love: "Actually, knowing the viewers of My Plantito were millennials and Gen Zs, I didn't expect them to give Janong more than casual attention. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for welcoming Janong and my son Charlie into your hearts."

Salva also shares some valuable advice for parents: "Support and open communication are crucial. We need to show selfless love to them. And as parents, let's educate ourselves about LGBTQ+ issues and create a safe space where they may feel accepted and understood."

Miko: The Heartthrob of My Plantito

Miko’s character, portrayed by the dashing Michael Ver, generated a huge swoonfest among followers who fell for his good looks and strong appeal.

"I keep viewing all of Miko's scenes over and over AND OVER again . . . but I can't get enough of my plantito Michael Ver!" - @fmaximo1979

"Miko? There isn't a straight girl or gay guy who would reject you. It's cute that Miko doesn't realize that, though." - @gnirolnamlerf593

While Miko received tons of compliments and heart-eyed emojis, Michael Ver doesn’t let this go to his head. Sharing his perspective on the series and his role, he says, "I felt excited and nervous in creating My Plantito because I have never been in a boy-love series ever. I accepted this project because I love the story and the reality that it tackles.”

Michael also expresses his gratitude to My Plantito viewers. “I was overwhelmed by how the fans took to the love team of Miko and Charlie. I really appreciate their positive responses and reactions!

Miko-Charlie Chemistry: A Love Team to Remember

Amid the cheers for Janong's parenting style, the arguments over Bianca's moves as BFF, and the collective sighs over Miko's charm, there is one aspect of My Plantito that fans can't stop talking about - the undeniable chemistry between Miko and Charlie. As the series finale leaves fans yearning for more, the call for more projects featuring the beloved duo echoes across social media.

"The chemistry is so good. More projects for Miko and Charlie, please!" - @iamkennethic

"I'm starting to love the chemistry between Miko and Charlie. In fairness, pareho silang neophytes pero magaling silang umarte. Sana mabigyan sila ng mas malaki pang projects. Finger crossed! Love you both!" - @amirprince68

Fans are not shy about expressing their desire for more Miko-Charlie collaborations, and the lead actors are equally touched by the overwhelming support. Kych Minemoto, who brought Charlie to life, is immensely grateful for the warm reception to their love team:

"Sobrang thankful po talaga ako na maging part ng My Plantito. Ngayon, bawat paglabas ko may nagpapa-picture na at nagsasabi na napanood nila ako sa My Plantito. May mga nagsasabi na naka-relate sila sa kwento. Fan meet pa lang dama na namin ang suporta ng fans. Sa online, lagi tayong trending."

Adding a touch of kilig, Minemoto sends a heartfelt message to his on-screen partner, Michael Ver, who plays Miko:

"Message ko for Michael: ‘Ituloy mo lang ang pagiging masipag mo sa trabaho, at ang grabeng dedication mo.’ Makikita mo na pursigido talaga si Michael sa ginagawa niya. Mami-miss ko ang mga kulitan at kwentuhan namin pagkatapos ng mga eksena. ‘Michael, message ka lang dahil nandito lang kami para sumuporta sa iyo.’ "

While the romantic thrill has not waned following the show’s last episode, Kych Minemoto teases fans for a possible second season: "I'm wishing na sana magkaroon ng Season 2 at matuloy natin kung ano pa kaya ang nangyari kina Miko at Charlie. Abangan!"

The series has ended but the kilig lives on: fans can watch My Plantito on Puregold’s official YouTube and Tiktok channels.

Do you want FREE entertainment? Subscribe now to Puregold Channel on YouTube. For more updates, like on Facebook, follow @puregold_ph on Instagram and Twitter, and @puregoldph on TikTok.

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Unleash Your Personality and Style this Holiday Season with HONOR 90 5G

The incredible HONOR 90 5G extends its versatility with the introduction of new limited-edition Peacock Blue color. Now available in four colors, HONOR 90 5G reflects the consumer’s personality and needs – suitable for every style of the tech-savvy generation. Great news for HONOR Fans, the leading smart devices provider will also have exclusive deals this Black Friday Sale from November 24 to 26, 2023!

HONOR 90 5G has launched its limited-edition Peacock Blue, in addition to its current 3 stylish colors designed to cater to and match the preferences and personalities of each user. HONOR 90 5G is favored for its features and advanced technology, but it is also competitive in the aesthetic standards of the technology market,” said Stephen Cheng, HONOR Philippines Vice President.

Peacock Blue for those who are not afraid of Color

Peacock Blue is the perfect color for avant-garde enthusiasts. It is unique and sleek, making it a great option for those who channel an energy that stands out among the crowd. HONOR 90 5G Peacock Blue is a limited-edition with a FREE HONOR Gift Box worth Php 2,499 until supplies last.

Midnight Black for the Always-on-the-Go

For the athletic and on-the-go avid users, the longer battery life of HONOR 90 5G can match their energy for up to 2 days, styled with the sleek Midnight Black finish – a classic color for enthusiasts of minimalist taste.

Diamond Silver for the Chic and Classy

Diamond Silver, on the other hand, is a great choice for consumers looking for phones that can match their chic and sophisticated style, with HONOR 90 5G’s triple camera system featuring a 200MP Main Camera with a 1/1.4-inch sensor, a 12 MP ultra-wide and macro camera with a 112° field of view, and a 2MP Depth Camera.

Emerald Green for the Preppy and Earth-tone lovers

There’s also a color for the preppy and earth-tone lovers, the HONOR 90 5G in Emerald Green. As much as green is refreshing to the eyes, HONOR 90 5G is also TÜV Rheinland Certified, passing the low-blue light, flicker-free, refresh rate, color gamut, color accuracy, and ambient light management smart device industry standards.

HONOR Gadgets on Sale this Black Friday!

Consumers can get a whopping Php 9,000 discount on HONOR 70 that comes with a FREE Gift Box worth Php 2,499. While HONOR X6 gets a slash of Php 3,000 – from its original price of Php 6,990 down to just Php 3,990! Moreover, HONOR X9a 5G will be priced at Php 16,340 from Php 16,990 this Black Friday Sale and HONOR Pad X9 will also a great steal at Php 11,590 with a free Magic Keyboard worth Php 2,499.

Lastly, the crowd-favorite HONOR 90 5G will be available for only Php 23,990 from its original price of Php 24,990 with a FREE HONOR Gift Box worth Php 2,499.

Don’t miss out on these exciting deals this Black Friday Sale from November 24 to 26, 2023, available on Shopee (, Lazada (, TikTok Shop (, and HONOR stores nationwide.

For more announcements, you may visit HONOR’s website or social media platforms: Facebook (, Instagram ( and TikTok: ( To check out HONOR’s complete list of retail stores, go to

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Global Pop Superstar DUA LIPA Releases MV for New Single “HOUDINI”

Global superstar Dua Lipa has returned with “Houdini” – the highly anticipated track introducing the beginning of a new chapter following her 2020 smash Future Nostalgia. The track is out today alongside its official music video, which you can watch here.

"Houdini" kickstarts the narrative thread that weaves its way through Dua’s upcoming project. Dua notes that “Houdini,” “embodies that 4 a.m. feeling when the night is coming to a close and you're a bit sweaty, but you just don't want the party to end.” The official music video, directed by Manu Cossu with cinematographer André Chemetoff, sees Dua post-rehearsal in a dance hall, revising her choreography under fluorescent lights. The lights reflect in the room’s mirrors, creating an optical illusion as the energy begins to swell.

“This track represents the most light and freeing parts of my singledom,” says Dua. “’Houdini’ is very tongue in cheek, exploring the idea of whether someone is really worth my while or if I’ll ghost them in the end. You never know where something may take you, that’s the beauty of being open to whatever life throws your way. I’m looking forward to sharing that feeling of defiant bliss with my fans.”

"Houdini" was written by Lipa, along with Caroline Ailin, Danny L. Harle, Tobias Jesso Jr., and Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, a group who served as core collaborators throughout the project, and was produced by Parker and Harle. “A lot of this album was written in those joyous moments of absolute chaos and how I moved through the world with lightness and optimism of whatever the outcome may be,” says Dua.

About Dua Lipa

3x GRAMMY and 6x Brit Award-winning international pop powerhouse Dua Lipa closed out 2022 as one of the top performers of the year, with both Variety and Billboard naming her Future Nostalgia World Tour among the best live shows of the year. The tour’s namesake album solidified Dua’s position as both a critical success and top radio performer. Future Nostalgia is certified platinum in the US and UK, was the longest running top 10 album by a female artist on the Billboard 200 in 2021, and has spawned multiple worldwide hit singles, with “Levitating” earning certified diamond status and the title of Billboard’s No. 1 Hot 100 Song of 2021. In addition to breaking solo records, Dua proved to be a formidable collaborator, with Elton John’s “Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)” landing them the honor of Variety’s 2022 Hitmakers of the Year.

Dua has found superstar status on stage and off, thanks to her many passions outside the world of music. 2022 saw Dua launch Service95, a global style, culture, and society editorial platform inspired by her lifelong habit of curating extensive recommendations lists. The accompanying podcast, Dua Lipa: At Your Service, features thoughtful conversations with high-profile guests from fellow performers and artists to authors and activists, and has been lauded in publications including The Sunday Times, Vogue, The Guardian and was named one of the Best Podcasts of 2022 by Spotify. Dua’s passion for reading and affinity for storytelling led her to launch the third and latest branch of the platform, the Service95 Book Club.

As a fashion icon, Dua has graced the cover of every major fashion magazine worldwide from Vogue and Elle to W and Dazed. Most recently, Dua co-designed Versace’s “La Vacanza” collection, alongside the iconic Donatella Versace herself. The womenswear collection debuted at a fashion show in Cannes in May 2023 which Vogue called, “the hottest collaboration of the summer” while Vogue Runway’s review of the show hailed it “an instantly desirable, flattering summer wardrobe.”

Dua’s eponymous 2017 debut album is certified platinum, spawned six platinum tracks, and made her the first female artist in Brit Awards history to pick up five nominations in a single year. Dua has a total of 8 Grammy nominations, with three wins for Best Pop Vocal Album, Best New Artist and Best Dance Recording. Across platforms globally, she has amassed over 38 billion streams and holds the record for having the top two most streamed albums by a female artist of all time on Spotify.

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3 Valuable Lessons on Courtship and Commitment from “Love Letters: Kwento Mo Kay Dan”

From the creators of the hit online show “Dear MOR,” the new online drama-advice program “Love Letters: Kwento Mo Kay Dan” brings relatable stories of love and real-life lessons on YouTube via MOR Entertainment and ABS-CBN Star Music channels.

Kapamilya digital content producer and voice actor Dan Capucion tackles engaging accounts of letter senders and also gives his two cents as the cool ‘tito’ everyone wants to approach for love advice. Here are the love lessons Dan highlighted in the first three episodes of the show:

1. Accepting one’s fate in the episode “Almost the One”

“Love Letters’” pilot offering “Almost the One” featured the love story of Anton, who looked back to the time he met the perfect girl who showered him with unconditional love but he eventually realized that he was the wrong guy for her.

Respecting one’s limits in the episode “The Problem with LDR”

The online show’s second episode titled “The Problem with LDR” centers on the story sent by Mac, who fell in love at first sight with a girl and developed a long-distance relationship with her. Pink flags and surprises appeared but Mac still pursued his love, only to be met with the greatest challenge in their affair.

Finding the courage to shoot one’s shot in the episode “Kwentong Torpe”

In the third episode of “Love Letters” called “Kwentong Torpe,” Dan shared the love problem experienced by John, who admitted to being in love with a girl for years since college before he finally found the courage to fess up his feelings.

Tune in for more inspiring accounts of relationship and situationship problems in “Love Letters: Kwento Mo Kay Dan,” which streams new episodes every Friday at 7pm on MOR Entertainment and ABS-CBN Music YouTube channels.

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