Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mariel Roriguez Hosts New Clip Show ‘Video Incredible’ on TV5

Mariel Roriguez Hosts New Clip Show ‘Video Incredible’ on TV5

Mariel Rodriguez shares love gone wrong in the premiere of her new show “Video Incredible” on TV5 this Saturday.

While Wil Time Bigtime host Mariel Rodriguez is still noticeably on cloud nine with her actor-husband Robin Padilla, love is not always sweet for couples on the other side of the world. This Saturday (March 3) at 2:30pm, Mariel shares love which turned sour in the premiere episode of Video Incredible, TV5’s newest clip show that juggles information with entertainment through funny and sometimes irreverent documentary videos.

The perky and bubbly Mariel presents the world’s sweetest, funniest and most heartbreaking videos—all in the name of love on “Faces and Phases of Love” episode. Whether it’s on tears of joy or tears of sorrow, Video Incredible has got them covered.

In the following weeks, feed your mind and your heart at the same time with laughter with the line-up of thought-out episodes in store for Kapatids who look for intelligent but entertaining show every Saturday. Kapatid stars Wendell Ramos, Arnel Ignacio and Zoren Legazpi will soon grace the show to present videos with various topics including death-defying stunts, practical jokes and even dumb criminals.

Watch out for Video Incredible’s rich library of outrageous and mind-boggling videos every week starting on Saturday, 2:30-3:30pm after Paparazzi only on TV5.


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