Thursday, February 16, 2012

“Toink! Sino ang Tama?” - TV5’s Newest Comedy Gameshow

TV5 will definitely make Sunday afternoon more fun and exciting as it introduces its newest comedy game show with a very unique Pinoy flair – “Toink! Sino ang Tama?” airing every Sunday afternoon.

“Toink! Sino ang Tama?” is a TV5 co-production venture with KB Entertainment and hosted by Kapatid primetime princess Alex Gonzaga and basketball star player/TV host Chris Tiu.

The funny duo of Gene Padilla and Pretty Trizsa will provide man-on-the-street (MOS) insights as they scout the streets for random interviewees who could possibly provide the correct answers.

Two studio contestants will each have a celebrity contestant as partner as they go through the three exciting rounds of “Toink! Sino ang Tama?” – the “Sino ang Toink?” round wherein contestants guess who among the three MOS volunteers gave the correct answer, the “Toink! Sino ang Tama?” round which is similar to the first but contestants need to guess who gave the wrong answer instead, and the “Toink! Master!” round wherein contestants will have to choose one MOS and guess whether he or she gave the right or wrong answer.

The pair with the highest points will proceed to the jackpot round wherein they will be given an MOS anser and they will need to guess what the question is.

Directed by Kitchie Benedicto, “Toink! Sino ang Tama?” promises to be a source of laughter and great fun that will surely entice viewers to make it their new Sunday afternoon TV habit. Don’t miss this hilarious comedy game show every Sunday from 2:00-2:30pm on TV5.


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