Thursday, March 08, 2012

TV5 Achieves International Goal for David Archuleta's ‘Nandito Ako’

TV5 Achieves International Goal for David Archuleta's ‘Nandito Ako’

What seems to be a simple move for TV5 to boost its popularity in the Philippines turns out to have a bigger objective.

By bringing over American Idol sensation David Archuleta to star in its primetime series Nandito Ako, TV5 has been successful in its aim to tap a global market as proven by the tremendous popularity the show has gained in different countries since it premiered last February 20.

Nandito Ako and other Nandito Ako-related phrases and hashtags (i.e., “Oh My Josh Bradley,” “Watch Nandito Ako Marathon,” “David Archuleta in Bunny Suit,” “Run Josh Bradley Run,” “Nandito Ako Week 2,” “David Archuleta is Josh Bradley,” among others) have been consistently figuring every night in Twitter trending topics not only in the Philippines but also worldwide. The show has also ranked high in Twitter trending topics in different countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam as well as in various states in the US. Further, David Archuleta’s first drama venture via Nandito Ako landed on the pages of international newspapers, magazines and online sites.

With TV5’s international expansion through Pilipinas Global Network (PGN), Nandito Ako has proven to be an effective vehicle in attracting potential viewers and supporters worldwide. Due to Nandito Ako’s international popularity, TV5 now has a following of Filipinos overseas as well as non-Filipinos who were initially David Archuleta fans but have learned to love the show and its cast.

The move also paved the way for Filipino artists, particularly home-grown TV5 talents Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Eula Caballero, to be recognized in the international scene.

Now on its third week, Nandito Ako keeps viewers hooked with its relatable and compelling story. In his attempt to find his long lost mother, Josh Bradley (David Archuleta) and Anya (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) end up in a coastal province far from Manila. Here, they are forced to be together all the time despite their mutual dislike. For Josh, it’s the only way for him to find his mother; and for Anya, a fulfilment of the promise she made to her best friend Holly (Eula Caballero). Will the two stand each other’s presence? Or will their mutual dislike brew something sweeter?

Nandito Ako airs weeknights at 9pm after Wil Time Bigtime on TV5.


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When are they going to find out the same fire incident that both had experienced as a kid ?

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