Monday, October 01, 2012

DoJ Implements Cybercrime Prevention Act Law Starting October 2, 2012

DoJ Implements Cybercrime Prevention Act Law Starting October 2, 2012 

The much-questioned Cybercrime Prevention Act Law of 2012 will be implemented starting today as confirmed by Department of Justice (DoJ) Secretary Leila De Lima unless it is declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court (SC).

De Lima said: 
Right now we have the law and it is our duty to implement it unless declared unconstitutional by the SC or amended by Congress.

“Any power or authority granted by the law to Department of Justice and Secretary of Justice will be exercised judiciously and prudently, within the standards or parameters set forth in the law and with due regard to fundamental, human rights of individuals.”

De Lima further said that the DoJ will create a new office to prosecute cybercrimes identified in the law to be manned by 100 state prosecutors who have been trained on cyber forensics.

Under this law, the DoJ has the authority to restrict or block access to computer data found to have prima facie violation of cybercrimes defined in RA 10175.


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