Tuesday, November 13, 2012

LRT Video: Upset Lady Passenger Make a Scene at LRT Station #AMALAYER

LRT Video: Upset Lady Passenger Make a Scene at LRT Station #AMALAYER 

An LRT lady passenger identified as Paula Jamie Salvosa - who seemed so upset with the lady guard that she made a scene inside the LRT 2 - Santolan station has gone viral in social networking sites after a video of the incident was posted by Facebook user Gregory Paulo Llamoso.

In the video, Salvosa was heard as saying “So you’re telling me I’m a liar? I’m a liar?” which sounded like “amalayer? amalayer?

The incident started allegedly after the guard admonished the passenger for using the wrong entrance.

Watch the video below:

The said video raised several reactions from netizens. According to  on Twitter: "The Difference between "Well Educated" and "Well Mannered". While Twitter user  said: "Omygad. Kuya she's a lier! Ohmygad." - You may speak English but that DOES NOT mean that you have class."

User  posted an unsolicited advice saying: "Haven't seen the video about the supposedly 'humiliated' guard at the LRT. Whether you're a student or a guard, be respectful of others."

Others, who opted not to take sides said: "I jst watched the "LRT Video". All I can say is there r two sides in every story. & we dnt know wht happnd. Stop being 2 harsh dun sa babae." said Twitter user . While  said: "A nice quote to ponder by St. Augustine of Hippo: "Hear the other side." God Bless Everyone!


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