Wednesday, May 30, 2012

John Lloyd Cruz, Dolphy and Vilma Santos - StarStudio Magazine June 2012

John Lloyd Cruz, Dolphy and Vilma Santos - StarStudio Magazine June 2012

Star Studio’s June 2012 issue pays homage to three showbiz royalties, namely the King of Comedy Dolphy, Star for all Seasons Vilma Santos and the King of Contemporary Cinema, John Lloyd Cruz.

Friends, family and past and present collaborators of these three icons share what John Loyd was like growing up, Dolphy‘s checkered personal and professional lives and how movie queen Vilma Santos rode out the different challenges in her life, including her career-defining rivalry with superstar Nora Aunor. Carefully researched photos from the three stars’ life and times adorn each of their stories.

Emerging primetime princess Julia Montes also allows us an exclusive peek into the house that she built for her family. Find out about Walang Hanggan’s Katerina’s struggles to become the sought-after star that she is now. Star Studio also offers a special feature on new Kapamilya Iza Calzado who is touted by many to be the next drama queen in the tradition of such revered dramatic actresses as Lolita Rodriguez, Hilda Koronel and the late Charito Solis.

Controversial couple Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla also share with us souvenir snaps from their Morocco trip.

All these make Star Studio’s June 2012 issue something to keep and cherish.


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