Thursday, June 28, 2012

‘Luv U’ Barkada to Visit Jose P. Laurel High School this Friday, June 29

‘Luv U’ Barkada to Visit  Jose P. Laurel High School this Friday, June 29

Your best Sunday Luv teams will visit Jose P. Laurel High School in Project 4, Cubao this Friday, June 29, as part of their Campus Tour.

The entire “Luv U” barkada will be present to spread fun and love to students. Along with their other surprises, they have song and dance numbers in store.

The “Luv U” Campus Tour gives way to the love teams of Marco and Miles, CJ and Angeli and the wacky pair Igi-boy and Kiray to visit their fans and avid viewers. During this visit, they will also perform tunes from their fun-filled album “Tweens of Pop” featuring the “LUV U” theme song, “Crush Kita”.

Don’t miss school this Friday and bond with your “Luv U” barkada! Also joining the fun are Rhap Salazar, Alfred and Vanjo.

Meanwhile this Sunday on “LUV U”, Boom (CJ) and April (Angeli) will celebrate their monthsary. Angeli feels certain that her boyfriend’s present for her is her favorite perfume as she will see it inside his bag. During the couple’s special day however, Boom will only give her a greeting card.

What about the perfume inside Boom’s bag? Did he give it to someone else? Find out in “Luv U” this Sunday (July 1) after “ASAP 2012” on ABS-CBN. To be updated on the latest happenings, follow “Luv U” on Twitter – @LUVUBarkada and on Facebook –


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