Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Plantitas Unite in FYE Channel’s New Gardening Show “Let’s Plant Happyness”

Plant parents and wannabes can learn more about gardening and sowing good vibes in FYE Channel's new show "Let's Plant Happyness," streaming on Pinoy community app kumu every Saturday at 9 am.

Hosted by Plant Happyness owner Leah Tinoco, "Let's Plant Happyness" is a weekly show that tackles the favorite hobby picked up by many Filipinos during the community quarantine. Leah will share her own take on urban gardening, plant care, and hacks perfect for newbies and advanced plantitos and plantitas.

Meanwhile, sports enthusiasts can now enjoy the "Game, Set, Match" online show hosted by sportscaster Migs Bustos, streaming every Friday at 7:30 pm. Get the latest updates in local and international sports and catch Migs' engaging conversations with Pinoy athletes and other exciting sports personalities on kumu.

FYE Channel also brings rousing relationship talks in another weekly livestream dubbed "Chacha Tonight." Hosted by well-loved radio personality DJ Chacha, the show tackles various couple woes and offers much-needed love advice for lovestruck viewers every Sunday night at 6 pm.

Don't miss the weekly inspo on gardening, sports, and relationships in these new livestreams on FYE Channel. Download the kumu app and follow @fyechannel.

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