Saturday, August 21, 2021

iQiyi’s “Sweet On” Collection Attracted over 59 Million Global Views

In the second half of 2021, iQiyi released the “Sweet On” collection, with seven Chinese dramas, putting the spotlight on sweet romance series. 

Included in the collection are “Moonlight”, “The Day of Becoming You”, and “Make a Wish” that made the iQiyi Popularity Ranking Chart every time new episodes were released during their run. As of the end of July, these three dramas have already attracted over 59 Million views in the international markets.

The influence of sweet dramas cannot be underestimated. “First Love Again” which is currently airing has started a school romance drama wave. With time travel elements mixed into the drama, drama fans are not only interested in seeing the sweet scenes between the leads, Patrick Shih and Amy Chen, but the mind-boggling plot also creates more buzz.

Due to the popularity of the “Sweet On” collection, iQiyi International especially invited Bai Lu, who is popular with the overseas audience and filmed a promotional video in time for her upcoming “Sweet On ”collection drama, “Forever and Ever”. Bai Lu’s past works and her image have always given the audience blissful and happy vibes. Her well-known dramas such as “Arsenal Military Academy” and “Jiu Liu Overlord” are very popular with the iQiyi audience. 

Last year’s sweet drama “Love is Sweet” even made her the female icon of the new generation’s sweet romance dramas. This time, she filmed a TV commercial to promote her drama in advance. With “Love Lessons” as the opening, the sweet and beautiful Bai Lu wanders freely in a colorful and romantic scene while immersed in a blissful atmosphere where she is surrounded by the words “I love you” in different languages. Food from different countries is also incorporated, representing how iQiyi has various sweet romance dramas in different languages.

Bai Lu also shares that she has seen some of the titles in the collection, “Moonlight” for one where her good friend Esther Yu plays the lead role. She praised her friend for her role in the series and is also interested and fascinated in Liang Je’s role in “The Day of Becoming You”, which is also part of the collection. She also thanked all her overseas fans for their support and called on everyone to experience sweet romance in iQIYI’s “Sweet On ” collection together.

In “Forever and Ever”, Bai Lu plays a top voice actress. One day, she runs into a refined chemistry professor, Zhou Shengchen (played by Allen Ren), who has just returned from overseas. As they spend time together, the chemistry between them gradually develops and the two join hands to preserve his family’s traditional handicraft. After experiencing several obstacles, the two decide to be together forever. Their appeal as a couple is to be highly anticipated. Aside from that, the upcoming dramas of “Sweet On” collection include “Sweet Teeth”, “Love Under the Full Moon”, and other great romance dramas.

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