Friday, September 10, 2021

Anne Curtis, Pia Wurtzbach, and Aga Muhlach Share Why They Love Chickenjoy in a Special Jollibee FB Talk Show

Three Filipino icons talking about one of the ultimate symbols of Filipino pride around the world, and why they love it - that's exactly what happened on this special talk show produced by Jollibee, Our Joy and Pride: A Chickenjoy Special.

Household names and Chickenjoy ambassadors Anne Curtis, Pia Wurtzbach, and Aga Muhlach - each representing the Chickenjoy's Joy of Famous Taste, Joy of Pride, and the Joy of Family through the years - got together on the talk show, presented by host Karla Aguas, last September 10 on Facebook Live. They shared fondly about their love for that Crispylicious and Juicylicious fried chicken that's both beloved in the Philippines and undoubtedly made waves around the world.

On the talk show, the three spoke at length about their memories and experiences involving the Chickenjoy, such as Anne's showbiz discovery at a Jollibee store in Metro Manila, Pia getting nicknamed "Jollibee" by her peers at Miss Universe because of her love of Chickenjoy, and Aga being a huge part of the Jollibee family for 30 years, among many other stories they told.

"I think ever since I tasted Chickenjoy as a kid, it was a done deal, it became the best-ever fried chicken for me. Crispylicious, Juicylicious, nothing could compare to it," said Anne.

"I've had birthday parties as a kid sa Jollibee and I just have so many memories of it. Sa pagkabata ko pa lang, even sa Miss Universe, hindi ako nahohomesick kasi palagi kaming dumadaan doon sa Jollibee sa New York," said Pia.

"I feel so privileged, really. I have been with Jollibee for the last 30 years, and to be an endorser of the number one product in the Philippines, and soon to be number one product in the world. Isipin mo binata pa lang ako when I did my first endorsement for Jollibee, hanggang sa nag-asawa na ako, nagkaroon ng mga anak, we're still here. I'm happy and grateful that my wife and kids are part of the Jollibee family," said Aga.

Viewers of the talk show also had fun watching the three tell their stories, and many definitely got a craving for some Chickenjoy. You too can watch Our Joy and Pride: A Chickenjoy Special on Facebook.

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