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7 Tips to Overcome Heartbreak According to “How to Move On in 30 Days”

Sold on the “winarak girl” and “boyfriend-for-hire” hype in “How to Move On in 30 Days”? 

Viewers are gushing over Maris Racal and Carlo Aquino’s ‘hugot’ and ‘kilig’-filled love story as the series approaches its exciting finale.

The ABS-CBN Entertainment YouTube exclusive series is packed with useful tips and relatable love advice that will definitely help anyone overcome heartache and allow them to give love another shot.

In the last few episodes, Jen (Maris), with the help of the ever-reliable “Break App” and her charming fake boyfriend-turned-real suitor Franco (Carlo), has made significant progress in moving on from her ex, Jake (Albie Casiño). However, she is still torn on whether she’s ready to open up her heart to Franco or if she’ll give Jake another chance.

Here’s a list of insightful “moving on” tips that we can all learn from based on Jen’s experience in the series:

Focus on your self-growth

‘Balik-alindog’ is the way to go! Be like Jen and start mending your broken heart by freeing yourself of the stress and sadness. Going to the gym and exercising actually boost endorphins, which give us happy and positive vibes. Plus, a “revenge body” is always one way to make us feel good about ourselves. Who knows, you might even run into “the one,” just like how Jen ran into Franco during one of her workout sessions.

Be willing to meet new people

Don’t be afraid to get back into the dating scene. Jen followed the “Break App’s” advice by going on numerous blind dates. Although most of these dates were not how she envisioned it to be, Jen was able to let loose, meet new people, and be comfortable in talking about herself again.

Learn to let go of the past

What’s the use of holding on to something if it is now a part of your past? With the encouragement of her friends Anton and Sara (Kyo Quijano and Jai Agpangan), Jen decided to burn all of the items given to her by Jake. In doing this, Jen felt as if she was washing away all the negative vibes associated with her bad breakup from Jake.

Letting go of items that were once valuable in your life also gives you a fresh start. However, the “Break App” suggests that in order to avoid bitter feelings, it is best to keep just one item from your ex that reminds you of your happy memories together.

Be open to new possibilities

Be civil with your ex because you never know what the future holds - in short, “‘wag maging war freak.” Jen’s journey perfectly teaches us how to live a carefree life even with an ex meddling in our affairs, since she was forced to work with Jake and his girlfriend Anastacia (Sachzna Laparan). Although it was difficult for Jen at first , she had to swallow her pride in order to prove to Jake that she is no longer affected by their breakup and that she is indeed better off without him.

It’s perfectly okay to cry

No matter how hard we try to put on a brave face, we are still human beings who have real emotions. Jen realized that crying isn’t always a sign of weakness, but it could always be an effective coping mechanism. With the help of Franco, Jen found a shoulder to lean on as she shared the reasons behind her heartache and what’s keeping her from completely moving on.

Celebrate what’s beautiful

Do not dwell on “forgetting about your ex” because this might actually delay your moving on process. Instead, be the best version of yourself - what’s important is to celebrate the beautiful things and small victories in your life, just like what Jen learned to do. Jen pre-occupied herself with what she enjoys doing the most and this allowed her creative juices to flow.

Accept closure

It’s always good to settle your differences and set the record straight with your ex in order to free your mind from all the “what ifs” and “what could have beens.” In the series, the “Break App” tells Jen that closure will speed up her moving on process since she wouldn’t have to overthink what went wrong in her relationship with Jake.

Will Jen finally let Franco into her life or will she go running back to Jake?

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