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Self-Love Advocates Heart Evangelista and Kotex #DareToLoveYourselfMore

Women are appreciated for being natural caregivers and, as a society, we have always applauded them for it. However admirable though, it is often at the expense of caring for others that these same women are found in an all-too-familiar situation of not having enough time or energy for themselves. That is why feminine care brand Kotex Philippines and self-love ambassador Heart Evangelista have once again teamed up in challenging women to #DareToLoveYourselfMore. Together, they aim to remind every woman to keep prioritizing self-love and encourage them to start celebrating those who actively choose to.

We are forever grateful for the mothers, wives, and sisters in our lives who constantly take care of us but as much as we praise them for this, still not enough is given to women who make the conscious choice to love themselves. Kotex is a believer of self-love and we encourage all women to dare to love yourself unapologetically simply because you deserve it,” said Ann Avellaneda, Brand Manager of Kotex Philippines.

For this year’s challenge, Kotex released a limited-edition #LuxeWithLove kit that contains packs of its luxuriously comfortable pads and panties. Wrapped in a specially designed painting made by Heart Evangelista, the curated kit invites every woman to fill up their box as a reminder to never let themselves run on empty.

With every purchase, shoppers can also get a chance to win a self-love weekend getaway and a meet and greet with Heart Evangelista - all while experiencing the luxury of comfort with Kotex because they deserve nothing less. To join, they must simply scan the QR code found inside every kit, fill out the form, post a self-love letter to themselves on Instagram or Facebook, tag the official Kotex page, and use the official hashtag #DareToLoveYourselfMore. Complete promo mechanics can be found here:

Much like Kotex, Heart Evangelista has been a self-love advocate for years now. While it has taken a while for her to not feel ashamed about prioritizing herself, she has finally learned to put herself first.

Along with staying in shape, eating the right food, and being healthy, Heart has also found an amazing way to practice self-love through her art.

Painting plays a huge role in my self-love advocacy. It’s my time for myself. It’s my time to express myself freely without anyone giving me instructions. It makes my soul happy in a way,” Heart shares.

With painting as her main avenue of expression, each work often tells a different story. Her favorite muses are women, painted in different canvases whether it’s on bags, murals, clothes, and now in a box. The design of the #LuxeWithLove kit is a beautiful representation of this advocacy as it was inspired by her self-love journey, travels around the world, and the many women that she’s met along the way.

No matter what form, shape or size, they were beautiful so that’s why I wanted to come up with that painting. Women, just proud of being themselves,” Heart adds.

Heart stresses that daring to love yourself is something we need to be constantly reminded of but hopes one day it will come as naturally as taking care of others. Whether it’s writing little daily affirmations, going out on a solo date, or simply getting pads that are a little more expensive but works wonders for you - spoiling yourself with better things will always pay off. Always be proud of who you are and how you take care of yourself because the most rewarding love is still the one from within us.

As Heart says, “Self-love isn’t being selfish. It’s having self-worth. It’s building yourself up. It’s preparing you for greater things and it’s preparing you to love other people in a better way.”

To date, hundreds of women have already come out in support of this self-love advocacy; each sharing how they’ve learned to love themselves more everyday and pledged to continue doing so. Patricia Basmayor said, "I learned to love myself more amidst my mental health issues. I became kinder to myself. I feel you should too." Maureen Agaren also shared, "It's alright to give yourself more. Remember the value of being ‘YOU’ and the LOVE that yourself deserves.

All women were recognized and awarded for their contributions in spreading this important advocacy. Now, it’s your turn.

The #DareToLoveYourselfMore challenge runs until July 30. Join today when you get your own #LuxeWithLove kit that is now available for purchase online via Lazada and Shopee. Remember, with every purchase, shoppers can also get a chance to win a self-love weekend getaway and a meet & greet with Heart Evangelista. Complete promo mechanics can be found here:

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