Thursday, February 23, 2023

SKYBIZ Shares Five Business Trends to Help Upgrade Your Business this 2023

As we unravel 2023, businesses are now getting back on track in terms of maintaining and growing their ventures while adapting to the necessary changes brought about by years of unprecedented circumstances and the transition toward the digital age.

Business owners from various sectors continue to strategize in today's times to see which methods can deem fit for achieving their target goals of brand presence, work productivity, and organizational longevity. With these re-calibrations in place, entrepreneurs and corporate institutions keep a keen eye on yearly trends that would help boost their businesses, in terms of sales and customer feedback, among others.

SKYBIZ, the business solutions arm of SKY Cable Corporation, can help keep track of the hottest trends this 2023 for its partners to grow their ventures, as aligned to its ongoing "Grow Together" campaign.

Here are SKYBIZ's five picks for this year's trends worth considering to help boost your business to greater heights:

1) Utilizing hybrid working arrangements

As community restrictions caused by the pandemic continue to loosen, various business activities slowly return to their usual state. Despite this, people still find hybrid working arrangements favorable to their overall productivity, which is why the set-up is still a trend across many ventures and companies.

Apart from businesses saving costs when it comes to utilities and employees not having to spend much on their day-to-day expenses, another advantage of the hybrid set-up is that real-time collaboration has not been hampered - given a multitude of productivity apps still helpful in getting the job done and communicating with workmates seamlessly. This then leads to better work-life balance, boosting employees' morale and productivity in the process.

2) Artificial intelligence (AI) as a reliable partner for efficiency

Today's digital times have indeed changed the way we do business. One of which is integrating artificial intelligence into our day-to-day activities of communicating with our clientele, organizing various data, business monitoring, etc., with the help of reliable AI software - a testament to improved work efficiency.

Conversing with customers and clientele has been more efficient with the introduction of automated chats that not only serve their purpose of communication but also help further promote other services via call-to-action prompts. AI can also help monitor, organize, and interpret vital data, which business owners can easily translate to actual solutions for achieving their goals.

3) Utilizing the biggest digital social platforms

Social media continues to be on the rise in the digital age. Apart from its use for communication and entertainment, social platforms online serve as an ingenious marketing tool, whether for advertising, transacting, or customer feedback - all of which can be achieved without breaking the bank.

Recently, many social media platforms have also provided advertising solutions to further one's product or service globally through a single post.

Although social media can be a breeze to use, reaching more audiences/users can be quite tricky to analyze. Fortunately, employees and owners can consult with digital media experts to fully utilize its potential as an all-in-one business tool.

4) Collaborating with other businesses

As they say, "Teamwork does the dream work!" And this is where collaboration enters the picture, especially for businesses that are looking to maximize brand presence through beneficial partnerships.

Partnering with other businesses can deem helpful for the parties involved, including sharing resources to ensure the overall quality of a collaborative product/service and sharing a customer base to amplify all brands.

5) Investing in digital security

Lastly, as the digital age continues to trailblaze the way we do business, it is also important to invest in cybersecurity measures to avoid compromising vital information, funds, and other resources from all types of digital perpetrators.

The last thing any business owner wants is to lose all of these with just a click of a button from hackers and phishers alike. But investing in cybersecurity tools can go a long way to maintaining the trust of clientele and securing valuable assets.

These are among the trends to consider this year. And to fully maximize its benefits, SKYBIZ is there to help with its array of reliable internet service plans, including its BizBB Pro and BIZTastic BunDeals offerings, that can help actualize these trends seamlessly in one's business.

With its BizBB Pro Double Up promo, subscribers can experience SKYBIZ's business-grade internet with boosted speeds from 100 Mbps to 200 Mbps, plus personalized account management and 24/7 technical support for the same price of only P2,299.

Meanwhile, businesses can also opt for its BIZTastic BunDeals promo to enjoy additional perks along their high-speed internet plans, featuring a Microsoft 365 subscription plus vouchers from Grab.

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