Thursday, August 03, 2023

Janine Gutierrez Drops Truth Bomb on Francine Diaz as “Dirty Linen” Nears Finale

Dirty Linen” is dropping one bombshell revelation after another now that Mila (Janine Gutierrez) finally revealed her true identity to Chiara (Francine Diaz) and the truth that they are biological sisters, as the hit revenge series approaches its heart-stopping finale.

Mila’s emotions got the best of her when she blurted out the shocking truth - that she and Chiara have the same mom, and that she is in fact Alexa Salvacion, one of the ones seeking justice and revenge against the Fieros, Chiara’s family.

The revelation now puts Mila and her accomplices’ lives and their quest for justice in great danger as Chiara swears to reveal Mila’s secret to the family and make her suffer for fooling them. Before this, Mila’s husband, Aidan Fiero (Zanjoe Marudo), was already suspicious of her actions and began investigating her family background.

Mila and Chiara’s real relationship wasn’t the only shocker because it was also revealed that Feliz (Angel Aquino), the only daughter of Doña Cielo (Tessie Tomas), wasn’t given a single cent of inheritance because she is not a real Fiero due to her mother’s secret illicit affair with a still unidentified man.

Will Mila survive the evil doings of the Fiero family? Who is the biological father of Feliz?

Witness the gripping tale of “Dirty Linen” on weeknights at 9:30 PM on Kapamilya Channel, A2Z, TV5, iWantTFC, and Kapamilya Online Live on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. Viewers who use any digital TV box at home such as the TVplus box only need to rescan their device to be able to watch “Dirty Linen” on TV5 and A2Z. The show is also available to viewers in and out of the Philippines on iWantTFC, while viewers outside of the Philippines can watch on The Filipino Channel (TFC) on cable and IPTV.


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