Wednesday, August 09, 2023

Must Watch: Cinemalaya 2023 Movie Entry “AS IF IT'S TRUE” feat. Khalil Ramos and Ashley Ortega

Idea First Company, the maker of blockbuster and award-winning movies "Die Beautiful", "Barber's Tales," "Khalel 15" among others, brings another big screen masterpiece in Cinemalaya 2023 entry "As If It's True" starring Kapuso stars Khalil Ramos and Ashley Ortega.

The movie is about a fading social media influencer and a struggling musician exploiting each other in a not-so-fake relationship.

Gist: Gemma Watson (Ashley) is a social media influencer/content creator who's burning out from trying to maintain the interest of her followers. She meets James Alonso (Khalil) , a struggling musician suffering from depression. They enter into a relationship with the mutual intent to capitalize on the other. Gemma uses James for content by presenting him as a perfect aspirational romantic partner, while James leeches off Gemma's wealth and connections to further his own music career. But, as time passes, their intentions don't pan out as they expect and a blur forms between real love and exploitation.

Read Director John Rogers statement about the movie:

The story of "As if it's True" started out as a simple premise of a friends-with-benefits kind of situation but through the lens of internet fame and influencer culture. A full-on transactional relationship. The exploration of a romantic relationship being built as a brand. As years when on, how I saw the story constantly changed until I fully imprinted myself into the character of Gemma. She became the embodiment of my insecurities, fears, and hopes. Through her was my own lens of how I saw the relationships I have in my life, especially my parent's rather complicated relationship. When does love become conditional and unconditional? Is unconditional love even practical? Even after writing the story for almost 5 years, I still don't have answers to anything. But, I still love coming back to Gemma's headspace like it's my own diary.

"As If It's True" is showing until August 13 at the PICC Cinema Rizal, Cinema Bonifacio, Cinema Felipe Hall and at Ayala Mall Cinemas Manila Bay, Glorietta, Trinoma, and UP Town Center.


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