Monday, April 02, 2012

David Archuleta Releases 'Forevermore' Music Video

David Archuleta Releases 'Forevermore' Music Video

The music video for David Archuleta‘s first OPM single “Forevermore” has been released!

Off of his first Pinoy album of the same title, Forevermore is released in the Philippines by IVORY Music. The music video has just been released on Yahoo! Philippines.

There are times
When I just want to look at your face
With the stars in the night

There are times
When i just want to feel your embrace
On a cold night

I just can't believe
That you are mine now

You were just a dream that i once knew
I never thought i would be right for you
I just can't compare you with anything in this world
You're all i need to be forevermore

All those years
I long to hold you in my arms
I've been dreaming of you

Every night I've been watching
All the stars that fall down
Wishing you will be mine

Time and again
There are these changes that we cannot end
As sure as time keeps goin on and on
My love for you will be forevermore

As endless as forever
Our love will stay together
You are all i need to be with forevermore
(as endless as forever)
(our love will stay together)

You are all i need to be with forevermore.


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