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Singer's Dark Past in Holy Week TV Special "Wasak"

Singer's Dark Past in Holy Week TV Special "Wasak"

On Black Saturday, April 7 at 5:00 p.m. on GMA, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) Asia brings WASAK, the story of Jonaver Luklukan, played by actor/host Icko Gonzalez. It is about a gospel singer who’s dark past involves being hooked up with sex and drug addiction.

Jonaver was sexually-abused as a child so he grew up with a distorted view of love and sex. Because his family is poor, he uses his talent in singing to earn money as a singer in an afternoon show and eventually, became a Papuri singer. But temptations lure him back to his immoral lifestyle and vices, drugs, money and sex became his closest companions,” explains Icko.

Wasak is backed-up by veteran theater actors John Arcilla and Roselyn Perez. It also stars Gerard Pizarras, Minnie Aguilar, Jacque Oda and Tricia Jimenez among others.

He may be used to acting in front of an audience and seeing himself on TV because of his background in theater and his stint as “Kuya Bok” in Sineskwela, but Icko admits that he still has much to learn from his co-stars John and Roselyn who are both adept in the field of acting.

I have always admired and respected both actors. It’s such a thrill and an honor to work with two top caliber actors from the industry. John is effortless. Roselyn is intense. Both very intelligent actors, we discuss a scene before we shoot it, they don’t just memorize their lines in the script, they ask so many questions to make sure that the scenes are real to them. Actors should be life-long learners, while creating Wasak, I grabbed the opportunity to learn from them,” he shares.

Aside from being the lead actor in Wasak, Icko also wrote the script together with Don Gonzalez. The episode is directed by Derrek Adapon.

Icko also believes that this episode will encourage those people who have been silenced for years by their past abuses. “I hope Pastor Jonaver’s story will become an inspiration to many people who have been abused, whose lives have been broken, including mine, who need to hear that God wants to set people free and He wants to restore broken lives.”

Watch Icko as he plays the role of Jonaver in the Wasak episode of TANIKALA: ANG IKAAPAT NA YUGTO, on April 7 (Black Saturday), 5:00 p.m. on GMA.

TANIKALA: ANG IKAAPAT NA YUGTO is the Holy Week special of CBN Asia, the producer of weeknight inspirational TV program The 700 Club Asia. “LIKE” its official Facebook Fanpage for regular updates on Tanikala.


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