Thursday, May 24, 2012

‘Aryana’ Finds New Love

‘Aryana’ Finds New Love

Newest Kapamilya primetime princess Ella Cruz has truly captured the hearts of TV viewers as her drama series “Aryana” soars higher in the national TV ratings.

According to the latest data from Kantar Media, ABS-CBN’s newest fantaserye has reached 19% national TV rating, its highest national TV rating so far, compared to the 11.5% of of its rival program in GMA, “Alice Bungisngis.”

“Aryana”s magical ‘tail’ is off to entice its avid viewers even more with the exciting twists and turns in the lives of the well-loved tween mermaid Aryana (Ella). Now that Aryana’s attention was caught by her new classmate Hubert (Dom Roque), played by newest Kapamilya teen star Dom Roque, will she be caught in a love triangle between Dom and her best friend Marlon (Paul Salas)? What change will Hubert bring in Aryana’s life? How will he affect the relationship of best friends Marlon and Aryana?

Meanwhile, as fate brings Aryana closer to her father Victor (Tonton Gutierrez), will she be recognized as a true Mendez? Will Megan (Michelle Vito) finally accept her as a sister or will the revelation only spark a huge rivalry between the two?

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