Saturday, September 08, 2012

Nora Aunor and Brillante Mendoza Win Awards at the 69th Venice International Film Festival

Nora Aunor and Brillante Mendoza Win Awards at the 69th Venice International Film Festival 

Nora Aunor has just won the Bisato d' Oro Award from the Premio Della Critica Indipendente, a jury of independent film critics in Venice for her superb portrayal in the film “Thy Womb (Sinapupunan).”

Nora is the first Pinay actress to win the award.

Meanwhile, "Thy Womb" director Brillante Mendoza, was also honored with a special award called "The La Navicella Venezia Cinema Award" by the Rivista del Cinematografo also in France.

Written by Henry Burgos, this independent fim tells of a Badjao couple: Shaleha Sarail (Nora), a midwife, and her husband, Bangas An (Bembol Rocco), who both had to deal with Shaleha's sterility; and a young fertile woman, Mercila (Lovi Poe), who Bangas An took for a second wife, with Shaleha's consent, in the couple's desire to have Bangas An sire his own child.

"Thy Womb" is among the 18 films from all over the world vying for the prestigious 69th Venice International Film Festival Golden Lion Award for Best Picture which is also regarded as among the most distinguished in the film industry at large.


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