Sunday, May 14, 2023

TNT's Clever and Creative Video for SIM Registration Goes Viral

Think missing the SIM registration deadline is no big deal? Think again.

Mobile brand TNT's new online video takes viewers on a thrilling ride to show just what might happen if you fail to register your SIM before the April 26 deadline.

In the witty and catchy ad, which has gone viral with over 14 million views on TikTok and 8 million views on YouTube in just two days, what starts as a cozy night for a family quickly turns into a nightmare when a stranger appears at their door.

The tension mounts as the son cautiously opens the door to a woman who identifies herself as “09854980233". The father's suspicion kicks in, accusing the stranger of being a scammer and urging her to leave. But as the woman persists, the family barricades themselves inside, terrified of what might happen next.

Unable to prove her identity, the woman is found alone and rain-drenched on the sidewalk, despite the fact that she is the family's actual mother. 

Watch the videos here:

‘Mag-SIM Reg Para Hindi SIM Dead’

The mom’s identity in the TNT video represents her SIM, which she had failed to register and was therefore permanently deactivated. Although delivered in a funny way, TNT sends a strong message about the importance of registering one’s SIM to avoid permanent deactivation and all its hassles.

With your SIM being permanently deactivated, you won’t be able to receive one-time passwords (OTPs) for your banking apps or mobile wallets, and therefore won’t be able to access or use your savings and wallet credits. You also won’t be able to access all the apps linked to your mobile number like your social media apps, messaging apps, and delivery apps, or recover a forgotten password linked to your mobile number.

"As the April 26 deadline for SIM registration approaches, we want to remind our customers of the critical need to register their SIM. Failure to do so will lead to permanent SIM deactivation and therefore disconnection from the digital world we rely on daily," said Francis E. Flores, SVP and Head of Consumer Wireless Business – Individual at Smart.

"TNT has always been fun-loving brand that delivers 'saya' to Filipinos, which is why we thought of coming up with a public service announcement that is both informative and entertaining to effectively show the dangers and hassles that come with failing to register your SIM," added Flores.

Viewers of the TNT video have praised it for its creativity, effectively convincing them to finally register their SIM. As of April 16, Smart and TNT continue to lead SIM Registration in the country with 35.6 million registered subscribers.

To avoid permanent SIM deactivation, register your SIM in three easy steps: 

1. Go to or to the GigaLife App available on Google Play and Apple App Store; 
2. Input your info and upload your valid ID; and 
3. Wait for confirmation and your FREE 3 GB data.

Register with the Philippines’ Best Mobile Network

TNT is powered by Smart, the Philippines' Fastest and Best mobile network, according to Ookla, the global leader in mobile and broadband intelligence.

Smart is the first and only Philippine mobile operator to win Ookla’s Best Mobile Network award.To get this rare and prestigious citation, Smart won both the Fastest Mobile Network and Best Mobile Coverage awards within Ookla’s Q1-Q2 and Q3-Q4 2022 reporting periods.

To learn more about TNT, follow its official accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, or visit its official website at


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