Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It’s All About Love in Tambayan 101.9

When it comes to love, people tune in to three Tambayan 101.9 DJs who are ready to coach, to give advice, and even to help people find their match.

They write to DJ Jasmin, talk to DJ Chacha, or go on a dating game through DJ Charlie.

“Usapang Tambayan,” hosted by DJ Charlie everday from 1 pm to 3pm, has paved the way for many listeners to find possible life partners. In fact, the daily dating game has touched the lives of its listeners and even produced two couples who have been blessed with children.

I was even invited to their weddings,” the bubbly DJ shared. “And mind you, I was actually a ninong.

In his program, DJ Charlie features a “hotseater” who shares with the public the kind of person he or she wants to meet. Four callers get to chat with the “hotseater” for five minutes on air. At the end of the program, the hotseater makes a decision and they are supposed to have an “eyeball” or meet in person.

DJ Charlie says his program doesn’t discriminate hotseaters. Anyone can join his show and he always does his best to make sure that both the “hotseater” and the callers are comfortable. “There are some who are shy at first, but I help them open up. That way, they can find the person who will really click with their personalities,” he said.

If DJ Charlie is Tambayan’s matchmaker, then DJ Jasmin is Tambayan’s love counselor. Her program ““Dear Jasmin,” which was recently adjudged the Most Development Oriented Program at the 2012 Gandingan Awards, features letter from listeners, whose stories are turned into radio dramas. It is the only radio drama which airs on the FM band.

DJ Jasmin is very much hands-on when it comes to her show. She not only narrates the letter, prepares the dramas, and plays the songs, but she also gives advice, which isn’t always easy.

There are days when giving advice just comes out naturally, but there also times when I am also going through something myself,” the KBP Golden Dove awardee and Gandingan Awards’ Best DJ for 2012 laughed. “Heartaches actually enable me to become a better advisor!

Her skills were put to the test when she encountered a case of a love triangle in the program. A balikbayan named Ben wrote to share how he went to the Philippines to confront his best friend, Morris, who impregnated his girlfriend.

Incidentally, Morris was actually tuned in to Tambayan 101.9 on the day that Jasmin read his letter. A month later, he also wrote to ““Dear Jasmin”” because he thought the program could be a way for him to explain his side to Ben and DJ Jasmin could be a way for him to reach out to his friend.

Sadly, the issue hasn’t been resolved yet. But I’m still in touch with both Ben and Morris and I’m hoping the time will come when they’ll both be ready to talk to each other,” DJ Jasmin said.

As for DJ Chacha, whose program “Ano’ng Meron” airs from 9 pm to 12 midnight, it’s all about being someone whom listeners can call to talk about their love life, including issues that cater to a more mature audience.

One time, a male called tried to turn the tables. He noticed how DJ Chacha was always the one giving advice and thought she might want to open up also since she might also have her own problems too. She found it cute and was touched by the caller’s effort.

Other callers though have different agenda like asking her out on a date.

All I can offer is a dose of ‘mwahmwah-tsuptsup’ for now,” DJ Chacha laughed.

So tune in to Tambayan 101.9 and connect with DJ Charlie, DJ Jasmin, and DJ Chacha by calling 924-2684 or 415-1111. Watch the live streaming at . Catch DJ Charlie in “Usapang Tambayan” from 1 pm to 3 pm, DJ Jasmin in “Dear Jasmin” from 11 am to 1 pm, and DJ Chacha in “Ano’ng Meron” from 9 pm to 12 mn only in the 2012 Gandingan Awards Best FM Station awardee, Tambayan 101.9 San ka pa!


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