Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Richard Gutierrez Joins Romi Garduce in GMA Special ‘Pito sa Pilipino’

Richard Gutierrez meets his idol and fellow environment advocate – Romi Garduce – in a special television event to be presented by GMA News and Public Affairs.

Richard Gutierrez joins Romi Garduce, the first Filipino to climb the seven highest mountains in each of the seven continents of the world, in a documentary special titled “Pito sa Pilipino.”

Aside from their initials (RG), Richard and Romi have more things in common: they participate in environmental work on and off camera, and both are outdoorsmen who love to explore nature. According to a press release by the Kapuso network, the special “Pito Para sa Pilipino” will feature Richard Gutierrez and Romi Garduce in a mountaineering adventure where the younger RG gains valuable insight from the seasoned climber.

“Pito Para sa Pilipino” tells us the stories behind Romi’s Seven Summits quest. Using seven select mementos from his seven successful summits, Romi reveals little known details about his journeys as a mountaineer. And as they exchange stories, Richard finds out about an “omen” in Romi’s dream days before his Antarctica expedition. Richard also discovers what life could be like at icy mountain camps, including some of Romi’s strange “souvenirs” from Antarctica. At the close of their adventure, Romi finally reveals what is perhaps the most meaningful memento from his decade-long quest to create a world record for the Filipino.

Don’t miss this rare television moment. The GMA News and Public Affairs special “Pito Para sa Pilipino” airs on Sunday, March 4 at 9 p.m.


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