Sunday, February 19, 2012

‘Pilipinas News (P-News)’ Changes Late-Night Newscast Landscape Starting Monday on TV5

Recognizing that compelling stories are no longer confined to traditional sources, NEWS5 introduces a new kind of late-night newscast that presents news from all platforms bannered by Paolo Bediones, Cherie Mercado and Jove Francisco starting Monday (February 20) at 11pm on TV5.

Pilipinas News (P-News) gives a full and balanced account of all that’s happening in and around the country today. The national late-night newscast will report on solutions and ask questions instead of solely delivering issues and problems. As Filipinos grow tired and weary of bad news and political deadlock, P-News will aim to deliver untold stories of citizens finding ways to change their lives and impact on the lives of others.

NEWS5, the fastest growing and most aggressive news organization in the Philippines, is geared up to present to the late-night viewing public all the news that defined the day. Led by its anchors who don’t just read but also gather news - Paolo, Cherie and Jove - Pilipinas News banners the current events gathered by its anchors and more than 50 reportorial teams that are deployed across the country. The late-night newscast also takes a look at the gripping stories that highlight NEWS5 Imbestigasyon, the public affairs block of the organization.

Aimed at keeping the public safe through information and action, Pilipinas News also presents stories that wrap up a day’s work at RESCUE5, the very first specialized and trained news organization-based group of emergency response teams that roam around the roads of Metro Manila to gather stories and at the same time respond to victims of road mishaps or any calamities as the need arises. Paolo, whose almost two decade-TV career involves a lot of extreme challenges and in-depth stories of survival, gives face to RESCUE5.

As host of CNN Konek (airs Monday-Friday, 9:45pm on news channel Aksyon TV), Cherie has been adept with international views that could one way or another affect global Filipinos. On P-News, Cherie gives a round-up on the world scene through NEWS5’s existing partnership with the world’s number one cable news provider

With the advent of technology, the local social media landscape in itself is growing influence from tech-savvy Filipino netizens. Jove, whose 15-year media portfolio includes assignments covering the health, politics and social media beats, is in charge of delivering online contents from (online news portal of TV5), influential blogs, sites and the social media.

Keep yourself abreast with the latest news from all fronts on Pilipinas News, airing weeknights at 11pm after NEWS5 Imbestigasyon block on TV5.


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