Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nomer Limatog Guests on Tropang Potchi

Nomer Limatog Guests on Tropang Potchi

Nomer Limatog, the youngest contestant in the talent search Protégé: The Battle for the Big Break, will guest this Saturday in GMA’s educational morning program for kids Tropang Potchi.

Nomer portrays Sab’s friend but unknown to Sab, he’s got a crush on her. He tries to impress her by helping her out in her school homework and projects. Sabrina feels Nomer is such a great help, but Sab’s ka-potchi Julian Trono, Miggy Jimenez, Bianca Umali, Liane Valentino and Lenlen Frial think Sab’s already going too far – she’s beginning to take advantage of Nomer’s kindness and makes him do all her assignments. What will her ka-potchi do to correct her attitude?

Also this Saturday, Sab and Miggy will take viewers to Negros, where they embark on a nature trip, discover the province’s rich artistry and history, and visit its century-old houses.

Have fun while learning this Saturday on Tropang Potchi, 9:00am on GMA-7. Tropang Potchi is sponsored by Columbia International Food Products, the makers of Potchi, V-Fresh, My Juiz, Champy and So Lucky Crackers.


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