Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pinoy Explorer’s New Adventure Takes Aga Muhlach to Batanes

Pinoy Explorer’s New Adventure Takes Aga Muhlach to Batanes

Aga Muhlach never backs down on any adventure. Whether it’s swimming with whale sharks in Sorsogon or braving the freezing temperature of Alaska, Aga promises to take you to the greatest adventures and the most exhilarating travels. In this week’s new episode of Pinoy Explorer, the bubbly host adds yet another location for you to explore as he takes you and your whole family to the northernmost island of the Philippines: Batanes.

In Batanes, Aga gamely treks Torongan Cave in Itbayat Island—an ancient dwelling place of the Austronesian race. While here, Aga tries to live in one of the houses of an Itbayat to see if he can survive a day without city comforts like air conditioning and electricity. 

From Itbayat Island, Aga moves to Sabtang Island where he meets up with Noli Gabilo, a fisherman-turned-travel photographer whose photos have graced numerous websites and magazines here and abroad. In Sabtang, Aga explores the famed stonehouses of the Ivatans and the land’s equally famous lighthouse.

Aga took his own bike with him to better explore the beautiful sights of Batan Island. He ends his tour with a special presentation of the folk dance ‘palo-palo’ done by the Ivatan youths. Not to be bested, Aga joins the group and dances as well!

It’s surely another episode packed with fun and adventure. Be sure to tune in to a more exciting, more thrilling Pinoy Explorer this Sunday, April 22, 6:30PM on TV5.


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