Monday, February 05, 2024

Say Hello To GOLI Nutrition's Newest Ambassador, Francine Diaz

If anyone knows how to conquer the demanding world of showbiz while staying healthy and looking flawless, it’s Francine Diaz!

Stepping into her role as the latest face of Goli Nutrition, the 20-year-old actress has perfected the art of self-care to stay looking and feeling her best. Francine gets real about personal wellness and her top tips for staying healthy this year.

On the importance of a routine

Francine spills her simple secret to maintaining balance in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life: sticking to a schedule. She starts her day at 4AM, getting in an early morning workout, meditating, and doing a bit of journaling. “Then I get ready for school. And then I get home before 5 PM. I'm strict with my time and routine,” she shared.

Whether it’s another day of filming on or an important test at school, Francine acknowledges that the key to maintaining her energy and focus is a good night’s sleep. When asked about her nighttime routine, she named Goli Sleep as an essential part of getting some shut-eye after a hectic day. “Parating late natatapos, nahihirapan ako makatulog kahit pagod na pagod ako kaya sobrang laking tuling ng Goli Sleep. Kahit isa lang, sobrang bilis effect ng sa akin at talagang mahimbing tulog ko.”

On keeping up with hobbies and self-care

Outside her busy schedule, Francine finds solace in hobbies that nourish her soul. She lists reading books and watching movies as her favorite ways to do so. “Because sometimes I can't really go to school or I can't do my online classes. So when I read books, my brain refreshes. And that's where I get knowledge,” she explained.

She also states that she is a big advocate for self-care. Sharing her go-to way to destress after a long day, “I eat a lot and I go to sleep. Pizza is my comfort food!

On starting one’s health journey

For those looking to adopt healthier habits into their routine, Francine offers practical advice:

“Start with your sleeping schedule, and then the next step would be your food, your diet.”

She emphasizes that taking the first step doesn’t have to be overwhelming; instead, it can begin with a focus on the basics. She also encourages a holistic and consistent approach to wellness, recognizing that habits in our routines should support each other. “Well, for me, it's not enough to just eat your food. It's important to have vitamins because your immune system gets better, it gets better and you can function better.

Watsons Health Expo 2024

As a believer in vitamin regimens, Goli Nutrition knew Francine was the perfect brand ambassador to convey the importance of holistic wellness, reinforcing the idea that beauty radiates from within. Taking center stage at the Watsons Health Expo, she shared more of her health and wellness philosophies with fans and fellow Goli Getters.

Throughout the event, attendees were treated to Goli discounts, vouchers, and freebies. The fun didn’t end there, as audience members were also given the chance to win free Goli products through a short game segment. Francine made a stunning appearance to engage in a Q&A session, where she spoke candidly on how Goli has become an integral part of her routine. She mentions using the vitamins to take care of her overall wellness in preparation for her busy schedule and upcoming projects and called for others to join her in prioritizing their health journey with the help of Goli.

Put your well-being in the spotlight

Join Francine Diaz in the movement towards a healthier and more vibrant you! Make wellness a priority in 2024 and start your glow-up journey with Goli today.

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